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Game Data

General Data
System:Super Famicom / Super NES
Developer / Publisher:Capcom, Square [NA]
Release:1993 [JP], 1994 [NA]
Followed By:Breath of Fire 2
Versions:Japan, North America

Breath of Fire: 竜の戦士

Japanese Version
Name:Breath of Fire: 竜の戦士
->Romanized:Breath of Fire: Ryuu no Senshi
->Japanized:ブレス オブ ファイア ~竜の戦士~
->Translated:Breath of Fire: Dragon's Soldier [?]
MD5: 8396dbb5c335b76e3578ec95e1e8e3b4
SHA1: 0c1708953683fac3429838e512667fd6cbfee6a0
GoodSNES 3.14Breath of Fire - Ryuu no Senshi (J) [!]
No-Intro 20100910Breath of Fire - Ryuu no Senshi (Japan)
NSRT 3.4Breath of Fire (J)
Alternative Japanese Version
MD5: a8421d749da1510df9a37fed5909e129
SHA1: 3ab85ee92f5e2c9069e3d2fa595fab3d452c5d99
GoodSNES 3.14-
No-Intro 20100910Breath of Fire - Ryuu no Senshi (Japan) (Rev 1)
NSRT 3.4-

Breath of Fire

North American Version
Name:Breath of Fire
MD5: cdef890e99a0fb62c4d449d867c4244a
SHA1: b8a9e3023b92e0f4139428f6d7a9e0f9db70f60e
GoodSNES 3.14Breath of Fire (U) [!]
No-Intro 20100910Breath of Fire (USA)
NSRT 3.4Breath of Fire (U)


bsnes 0.0150.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
MESS 0.143u51.00
NLKE 0.5b0.85-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.10: Minor errors on some effects
SNEeSe 0.8420.95-0.05: Minor errors on a few effects
SNEmul 0.900.85-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.05: Minor error on screen change
-0.05: Minor error on a few effects
Snes9x 1.431.00
SNESGT 0.163b1.00
Super Sleuth 1.04 Preview 50.85-0.15: No sound
Xe Minor sound errors
YAME 0.380.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
ZSNES 1.421.00


North American Version [without header]
Français vPré-Finale (100%) by Terminus Traduction
Thai v0.2 (20%) by Jeng's Home Page
North American Version [with header]
Deutsch v0.05b (5%) by G-Trans
Español v1.3 (100%) by Vegetal Translations
Not Mirrored
Deutsch (Unreleased: ?%) by Star Trans
Português v1.1 (100%) by Hexagon Traduções


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