Super Famicom / Super NES
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Game Data

General Data
Genre:Action / Adventure
System:Super Famicom / Super NES
Developer / Publisher:Nintendo
Versions:Japan / North America, Europe

Super Metroid

Japanese / North American Version
Name:Super Metroid
Language:English, Japanese
MD5: 21f3e98df4780ee1c667b84e57d88675
SHA1: da957f0d63d14cb441d215462904c4fa8519c613
GoodSNES 3.14Super Metroid (JU) (M2) [!]
No-Intro 20120216-163112Super Metroid (Japan, USA) (En,Ja)
NSRT 3.4Super Metroid (J,U)

Super Metroid

European Version
Name:Super Metroid
Language:Deutsch, English, Français
MD5: 3d64f89499a403d17d530388854a7da5
SHA1: 082adac9e38f86240f4378a6aa400dee1716ae87
GoodSNES 3.14Super Metroid (E) (M3) [!]
No-Intro 20120216-163112Super Metroid (Europe) (En,Fr,De)
NSRT 3.4Super Metroid (E)


MESS 0.1200.75-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.10: Errors on some borders
-0.10: Player/Weapon fire sometimes invisible
NLKE 0.5b0.00
SNEeSe 0.7760.80-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.10: Some graphic effects missing
-0.05: Manually disable bg3 at sections with fog
SNEmul 0.900.80-0.05: Minor error at top border
-0.10: Errors with some effects
-0.05: Minor Z-Layering error
Snes9x 1.39a0.95-0.05: Minor error with some effects
SNESGT 0.1631.00
YAME 0.380.90-0.05: Minor error at top border
-0.05: Error on Space screens
ZSNES 1.360.95-0.05: Minor error with some effects


Japanese / North American Version [without header]
Português v? (?%) by Metroid Forever
Unknown Version
Italiano v0.25 (25%) by Ryo Hazuki
Not Mirrored
Français v1.0 (90%) by Lestat


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