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1942Famicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Aladdin 3 [Pirate]Famicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Arabic Study CartridgeFamicom0.00Glow Trans 20111226
ASDER PC-95Famicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
BombermanFamicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Captain Tsubasa 2: Super StrikerFamicomFinalGlow Trans 20111226
Dementium: The WardDS1.02DQ8 20100425
Disney's AladdinFamicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Double DragonFamicomFinalGlow Trans 20111226
Gimmick! [Mr. Gimmick]Famicom1.0Montassar 20130721
Jackie Chan's Action Kung FuFamicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken [DecapAttack: Starring Chuck D. Head]Mega Drive1.0Montassar 20130721
Mario Bros., SuperFamicom1.0DiDO 20080214
Glow Trans 20111226
Metal GearMSX!0.00DANGER MAN 20080701
Metal GearFamicom!0.00DANGER MAN 20080701
Nekketsu Kakutou DensetsuFamicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Ninja GaidenFamicom0.00DANGER MAN 20080701
Ninja Gaiden 2Famicom°0.97ExtraOrdinary Translations 20040810
Pokémon Ruby [GBA]Game Boy005bExtraOrdinary Translations 20040810
Prince of PersiaFamicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
SoccerFamicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Street Fighter 2Super Famicom0.99Glow Trans 20111226
Super ArabianFamicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Super ContraFamicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Tecmo Cup Soccer GameFamicom1.00Glow Trans 20111226
WALL-EPlayStation Portable1.02DQ8 20100425
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 [GBA]Game Boy1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy1.00Glow Trans 20111226
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy!0.00DANGER MAN 20080701
Zelda, The Legend of: The Minish Cap [GBA]Game Boy1.1Glow Trans 20111226

Bahasa Indonesia

Rockin' KatsFamicom1.0Dwiki Prayoga 20130716


Final Fantasy 2 USSuper Famicom0.01Sago Translation 20010416
Final Fantasy 3 USSuper Famicom0.08Sago Translation 20010416
Mario Bros. 1, SuperFamicom1.0Sago Translation 20010416
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom0.71Sago Translation 20010416
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom0.12Sago Translation 20010416


3 Ninjas Kick BackSuper Famicom0.99Star Trans 20090930
7th SagaSuper Famicom0.40Star Trans 20090930
Actraiser 2Super Famicom1.0Alemanic Translations 20090101
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntSuper Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
AladdinMega Drive0.98Trans-Nation
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster System1.0SMS Power! 20130224
Alex Kidd: High Tech WorldMaster System1.00Trans-Nation
Star Trans 20090930
Alien³Game Boy0.99G-Trans
Alien³Super Famicom1.00Translation eXtreme
Alien Vs. PredatorGame Boy1.00G-Trans
AnimaniacsSuper Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Arkanoid: Doh it againSuper Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Arkanoid: Doh it againSuper Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Armed Dragon Fantasy VillgustFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Armed Dragon Fantasy VillgustFamicom0.20Alemanic Translations 20090101
BatmanFamicom1.0blackerking 20130521
Bomberman, LinkFamicom0.99G-Trans
Breath of FireSuper Famicom0.05bG-Trans
Breath of FireSuper Famicom!0.00Star Trans 20090930
Breath of Fire 2Super Famicom1.1dforce3000 20100925
Breath of Fire 4PlayStation0.28Alemanic Translations 20090101
Breath of Fire 4PlayStation!0.35Nuckes Translation 20111128
BS Zelda: Inishie no SekibanSuper Famicom1.30Snes-Projects 20140209
Bubble BobbleFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Cacoma KnightSuper Famicom0.95FAzelistic Translations 20050106
Captain Tsubasa 3Super Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Captain Tsubasa 3: Challenge of the KaiserSuper Famicom0.71Trans-Nation
CastlevaniaFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.00Translation eXtreme
Castlevania 4, SuperSuper Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Castlevania Adventure 1, TheGame Boy1.00Translation eXtreme
Castlevania Adventure 2Game Boy1.00Translation eXtreme
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue RangersFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue RangersFamicom1.0Tischl.DeckDich 20120108
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom2.00 finalManuLöwe 20130301
Comix ZoneMega Drive1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
ContraFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
ContraFamicom0.99SKUSS Translation's
Cu-On-PaSuper Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Darkwing DuckFamicom0.99G-Trans
Darkwing DuckFamicom1.00Trans-Nation
Daze Before ChristmasSuper Famicom0.85Alemanic Translations 20090101
Demon's CrestSuper Famicom1.00G-Trans
Doki! Doki! YuuenchiFamicom1.0Azelistic Translations 20050106
Donkey Kong ClassicsFamicom1.0TSAzelistic Translations 20050106
Do-Re-Mi FantasySuper Famicom1.0Ghettoyouth 20080415
Double DragonFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Downtown Nekketsu MonogatariFamicom0.99BAzelistic Translations 20050106
Dragon WarriorFamicom0.95Alemanic Translations 20090101
Dragon Warrior 3Famicom0.10Trans-Nation
Dragon Warrior 3Famicom0.05G-Trans
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StorySuper Famicom1.00bTranslation eXtreme
Dual Orb 2Super Famicom!0.05Nuckes Translation 20111128
Duck TalesGame Boy0.20Star Trans 20090930
Earthbound ZeroFamicom1.00G-Trans
Earthbound ZeroFamicom1.00Trans-Nation
Ecco the Dolphin 1Mega Drive1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Ecco the Dolphin 2Mega Drive0.23G-Trans
Elevator ActionGame Boy1.00G-Trans
Enduro RacerMaster System1.01SMS Power! 20130224
EVO: Search for EdenSuper Famicom0.40Star Trans 20090930
FEDA: The Emblem of JusticeSuper Famicom!0.00Nuckes Translation 20111128
Final FantasyFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Final Fantasy 2Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Final Fantasy 2 [US]Super Famicom°0.90Translation eXtreme
Final Fantasy 3Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Final Fantasy 3 [US]Super Famicom1.40ManuLöwe 20130301
Final Fantasy 3 [US]Super Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom!0.00Star Trans 20090930
Final Fantasy 5 [inactive]Super Famicom!0.00Nuckes Translation 20111128
Final Fantasy 7PlayStationV1aChristian Bauer 20140422
Final Fantasy Legend, TheGame Boy1.00Nuckes Translation 20111128
Final Fantasy Legend, TheGame Boy0.00Star Trans 20090930
Final Fantasy Legend 2Game Boy1.00Nuckes Translation 20111128
Final Fantasy Legend 2Game Boy0.70Star Trans 20090930
Final Fantasy Legend 3Game Boy0.99 FinalNuckes Translation 20111128
Friday the 13thFamicom1.00Trans-Nation
Front MissionSuper FamicomBetaStar Trans 20090930
Gargoyle's QuestGame Boy0.20G-Trans
Global GladiatorsMega Drive1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Golden Axe WarriorMaster System0.82Trans-Nation
GolvelliusMaster System1.00Star Trans 20090930
Gunman's ProofSuper Famicom1.00Snes-Projects 20140209
Gunstar HeroesMega Drive0.99G-Trans
Hang OnMaster System1.0SMS Power! 20130224
Home ImprovementSuper Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
In the Wake of the VampireGame Gear1.00Trans-Nation
Jurassic ParkMega Drive1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Kabuki Quantum FigherFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Kid IcarusGame Boy0.99G-Trans
Kid IcarusGame Boy0.99Trans-Nation
King's KnightFamicom1.0Azelistic Translations 20050106
Kirby's Fun PakSuper Famicom0.95Alemanic Translations 20090101
Kirby's Ghost TrapSuper Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Lawnmower Man, TheSuper Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
LegendSuper Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Lester the UnlikelySuper Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Little Nemo: The Dream MasterFamicom0.80bAlemanic Translations 20090101
Lolo 1, Adventures ofFamicom1.10SKUSS Translation's
Lolo 2, Adventures ofFamicom0.98SKUSS Translation's
Lolo 3, Adventures ofFamicom0.98SKUSS Translation's
Lufia & The Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom1.0Digisalt 20120609
Lufia & The Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom0.30G-Trans
Lufia & The Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom0.04Alemanic Translations 20090101
Lufia & The Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom!0.00Star Trans 20090930
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom1.01Translation eXtreme
Magical Quest, TheSuper Famicom0.95Alemanic Translations 20090101
Mario Bros. 1, SuperFamicom0.99bG-Trans
Mario Bros. 1, SuperFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Mario Bros. 2, SuperFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Mario Land, SuperGame Boy1.00G-Trans
Mario RPG, SuperSuper Famicom1.00 pre FinalAlemanic Translations 20090101
Mega ManGame Boy1.00G-Trans
Mega ManGame Gear1.00Star Trans 20090930
Mega ManGame Gear0.50SKUSS Translation's
Mega Man 2Game Boy1.00G-Trans
Mega Man 2Famicom1.01G-Trans
Mega Man 3Game Boy1.00G-Trans
Mega Man 4Game Boy1.00G-Trans
Mega Man 4Famicom0.95SKUSS Translation's
Mega Man 5Game Boy1.00Trans-Nation
Mega Man 5Famicom1.0Snes-Projects 20140209
Mega Man 5Famicom0.80G-Trans
Mega Man 6Famicom1.01G-Trans
Mega Man 7Super Famicom1.98G-Trans
Mega Man Battle Network [GBA]Game BoyBeta XL 0.99Nuckes Translation 20111128
Mega Man SoccerSuper Famicom0.80Translation eXtreme
Mega Man XSuper Famicom3.00Translation eXtreme
Mega Man X 2Super Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Mega Man X 3Super Famicom1.00Translation eXtreme
Mega Man XtremeGame Boy!0.45Translation eXtreme
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy1.0DigitalZero 20130424
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy1.20 FINALNuckes Translation 20111128
MetroidFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Mike Tyson's Punch OutFamicom0.98SKUSS Translation's
Miracle WarriorsMaster System0.95BAzelistic Translations 20050106
Nightmare on Elm StreetFamicom1.00Trans-Nation
Ninja GaidenGame Gear!0.00SKUSS Translation's
Ninja GaidenMaster System1.00Star Trans 20090930
Ninja GaidenFamicom1.00Trans-Nation
Ninja Gaiden TrilogySuper Famicom0.20SKUSS Translation's
Ogre BattleSuper Famicom!0.05Star Trans 20090930
On the BallSuper Famicom0.75FAzelistic Translations 20050106
Phantasy StarMaster System0.95Trans-Nation
Phantasy Star 2Mega Drive1.00Trans-Nation
Star Trans 20090930
Photograph BoyPC-Engine1.04Azelistic Translations 20050106
Pocket Monsters BlueGame Boy0.10DigitalZero 20130424
ProbotectorGame Boy1.00Star Trans 20090930
Psychic WorldMaster System1.00Star Trans 20090930
Punisher, TheGame Boy1.00Trans-Nation
R-Type 2Game Boy0.99Star Trans 20090930
Radical DreamersSuper Famicom1.0Liferipper 20110207
Radical DreamersSuper Famicom0.40Nuckes Translation 20111128
River City RansomFamicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Romancing Saga 3Super Famicom!0.75Star Trans 20090930
Rudra no Hihou [inactive]Super Famicom!0.00Nuckes Translation 20111128
Sanrio World Smashball!Super Famicom1.0G-Trans
Seiken Densetsu 3Super Famicom2.02SD3 TEAM 20140207
Seiken Densetsu 3Super Famicom2.00Snes-Projects 20140209
Shadow WarriorGame Boy0.99Star Trans 20090930
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children: Black BookGame Boy!0.25Star Trans 20090930
RPGOne 20050504
Shinobi 3Mega Drive1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Simpsons, TheSuper Famicom1.00Trans-Nation
Simpsons, The: Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp DeadlyGame BoyfinalStar Trans 20090930
SkyblazerSuper Famicom1.10Alemanic Translations 20090101
Spider-Man, The AmazingGame Boy0.99Star Trans 20090930
Splatterhouse: Wampaku GraffitiFamicom1.0FAzelistic Translations 20050106
Star Fox 2Super Famicom1.1dforce3000 20100925
Super MorphSuper Famicom1.0blackerking 20130521
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom1.10dforce3000 20100925
Tecmo Secret of the StarsSuper Famicom0.98Alemanic Translations 20090101
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Tiny Toon AdventuresFamicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Tiny Toon Adventures: Wild & Wacky SportsSuper Famicom0.95Sven Rech 20130421
Alemanic Translations 20090101
True LiesSuper Famicom0.95Alemanic Translations 20090101
Turtles in TimeSuper Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Turtles Tournament FightersSuper Famicom1.00Alemanic Translations 20090101
Treasure Hunter GSuper Famicom!0.10Translation eXtreme
Ultima 4Master System0.05Trans-Nation
VillgustSuper Famicom!0.25Nuckes Translation 20111128
Wolfenstein 3DSuper Famicom0.99Alemanic Translations 20090101
Wonder Boy 5 (alias Monsterworld 3)Mega Drive0.60SKUSS Translation's
Wonder Project JSuper Famicom!0.35Nuckes Translation 20111128
World Grand PrixMaster System1.0SMS Power! 20130224
X-Men: Mutant ApocalypseSuper Famicom0.99Translation eXtreme
Ys 3: Wanderers from YsSuper Famicom1.00Trans-Nation
Ys 3: Wanderers from YsSuper Famicom1.00Star Trans 20090930
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom0.66G-Trans
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.01G-Trans
Zero WingMega Drive1.00Azelistic Translations 20050106


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100 World Story, TheFamicomBS.VQtAlanmidas 20070425
1991 Du Ma RacingFamicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
19: Neunzehn [FDS]Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
3x3 Eyes: Sanjiya HenjyouPC-98!0.15Dank-Trans 20140120
3x3 Eyes: Seima KourindenSuper Famicom!0.20Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Dynamic Designs 20180903
7th DragonDS1.01Pokeytax 20140614
AccelebridSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Ace of SpadesWindows/DOS1.0Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Ace Wo NeraeSuper Famicom1.20RPGOne 20080430
ActraiserSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
AD&D DragonLance 2 - Dragons of FlameFamicom1.03DvD Translations 20121023
Advanced DaisenryakuMega Drive0.95Nebelwurfer HQ 20131103
Advanced Daisenryaku 2001Dreamcast0.95Nebelwurfer HQ 20131103
Advanced Daisenryaku 2001Windows/DOS0.35Nebelwurfer HQ 20131103
Advanced Daisenryaku 4Windows/DOS0.31Nebelwurfer HQ 20131103
Advanced Daisenryaku 5Windows/DOS0.50Nebelwurfer HQ 20131103
Adventures in Asmik LandFamicom!0.25Gil_Galad 20120501
Adventures of Arle, TheGame Boy0.06Game Bleak 20011129
After School [inactive]PlayStation 2!0.00X Translations 20110706
AGALTAPC-98!0.00JPN Translations 20110610
Ah! Megami-samaPC-FX!0.00Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
EsperKnight 20140116
AirwolfFamicom1.00Vice Translations 20130115
satsu 20130218
Akazukin Cha Cha ChaX68000071108MIJET 20111010
AkiraFamicom0.995Dank-Trans 20140120
Akuji the DemonWindows/DOS1.1CinnamonPirate 20081226
Akuma-kun: Makai no WanaFamicom1.0Dave Augusta 20140103
Akumajou DensetsuFamicom1.00Vice Translations 20130115
BMF54123 20140625
Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo [CD] 20120621
Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no YasoukyokuPlayStation1.0Gemini 20131103
Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula KunFamicom1.04Vice Translations 20130115
Albert OdysseySuper Famicom!0.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Albert Odyssey 2Super Famicom!0.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
AlcahestSuper Famicom1.00F.H.'s Translations 20061015
Almana no Kiseki [FDS]FamicomRev ADvD Translations 20121023
Alliance of Illusionary EyesWindows/DOS1.0mirror moon 20121120
Anchorz FieldWonderSwan0.10DigitalZero 20080826
Ancient MagicSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Ankoku ShinwaFamicomBetaThe Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Animal ForestN64021210Zoinkity 20140409
Antarctic AdventureFamicom1.0DvD Translations 20121023
Antarctic AdventureFamicom1.0Quest Games 20140106
Another BibleGame Boy1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
Aoi BlinkPC-Engine0.99bZatos Hacks 20080325
Gaijin Production 20021025
Arabian NightsSuper Famicom1.0LostTemplar 20131009
ArcturusWindows/DOS!0.00mirror moon 20121120
ArethaSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Aretha 2Super Famicom0.45Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Dynamic Designs 20180903
ArmadilloFamicom1.01Vice Translations 20130115
BMF54123 20140625
Armed Dragon Fantasy VillgustFamicom1.00J2E Translations
ArteliusFamicom0.25MageCraft Translations
AshGuine Story 2MSX1.0.0MSX FILES 20120527
Ashita No JoeSuper Famicom0.99Vice Translations 20130115
Assault Suits ValkenSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
AstroFan: Super MachineFamicom°1.00obey archie 20010705
Attack Animal 20041026
B-WingsFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Bahamut LagoonSuper Famicom1.30DeJap 20031231
Neill Corlett's Home Page 20120806
Ball Bullet GunSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
BananaFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Banana PrinceFamicom1.1aKing Mike's Translations 20130615
Bare Knuckles 3Mega Drive1.00Twilight Translations 20130101
Barver Battle Saga: The Space FighterMega Drive1.00Magic Team 20100803
Bastard!!Super Famicom1.00DeJap 20031231
J2E Translations
Batsu & TerryFamicom1.0Zynk Oxhyde 20140625
Battle Jockey [inactive]Super Famicom!0.00X Translations 20110706
Battle Mania DaiginjouMega Drive061029MIJET 20111010
Battle of Vietnam 2001, TheGame 20041026
Battle RacersSuper Famicom!0.00DvD Translations 20121023
Battle StormFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Beasts & BladesSuper Famicom!0.00X Translations 20110706
Bike Daisuki! Hashiriya Tamashii - Rider's SpiritsSuper Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Bikkuriman WorldFamicomTeaserTenshigami Translations 20080729
Bing Bing! BingoSuper Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Bio Miracle Boku-tte Upa!!Famicom1.0Vice Translations 20130115
Bio Senshi DanFamicom!0.00Ethereal Productions
Bio Senshi Dan: Inkuriza to no TatakaiFamicom1.50Abstract Crouton 20030415
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonGame Boy0.95SGST 20130306
EsperKnight 20140116
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon RGame Boy!0.00Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
EsperKnight 20140116
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S: Fuwa Fuwa PanicSuper Famicom1.01Dynamic Designs 20180903
Bishoujo Sexy Derby [Pretty Girl's Sexy Derby]Famicom1.31Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
Black Matrix Zero (GBA)Game Boy0.00Chris Judah
Black Onyx, ThePC-8x011.0 RC1LordKarnov42 20100415
Black Onyx, The01.0SSTranslations 20130617
Bleach: Versus CrusadeWii1Sixfortyfive 20140518
Block Kuzushi GBGame 20041026
Bloody BridePlayStation1.01Infinite Lupine Translations 20030913
Bloody WarriorsFamicom1.0ded302 20190731
BodyConQuest [FDS]FamicomRev ADvD Translations 20121023
Bomberman GB 3Game Boy1.00David Mullen
Bonk 2, SuperSuper Famicom1.00Gaijin Production 20021025
Booby BoysGame Boy1.00HTI 20120422
Borfes to Go-nin no AkumaMSX1.0hap 20130417
Brandish 2Super Famicom1.0Synchronicity 20100122
Brandish 4Windows/DOS°0.05BR4 Translation 20101124
Breath of Fire 2Super Famicom1.2bWatercrown Productions 20130522
Brigandine: Grand EditionPlayStation0.3weissvulf 20131019
BS Chrono Trigger Music LibrarySuper Famicom1.00eTerminus Traduction 20080605
BS Super Mario USASuper Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
BS-X: Sore wa Namae o Nusumareta Machi no MonogatariSuper Famicom1.1LuigiBlood 20130209
Bubblegum CrashPC-Engine1.0Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Bulgidung CrescentsWindows/DOS0.9derboo 20140528
Burning HeroesSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
LostTemplar 20131009
CadillacFamicom1.00Gil_Galad 20120501
Captain SilverFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Captain TsubasaFamicom1.00Lestat 19980310
Captain TsubasaFamicom1.5knighTeen87 20080516
Captain Tsubasa 2: Super StrikerFamicomAugust 12, 2007okonogi 20070812
Captain Tsubasa 5Super Famicom0.00Evil Crusader
Card Captor SakuraPlayStation!0.00Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain
Castle QuestFamicom2.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Spooky Tornado 20130408
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom2.9.8.14Bisqwit 20140426
Cave NoireGame Boy1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
EsperKnight 20140116
Chack'n Pop01.02goldenband 20140418
Chaos SeedSuper Famicom1.01Dynamic Designs 20180903
Chaos WorldFamicom0.98FAeon Genesis 20210310
Chess AcademyFamicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
Chester FieldFamicom1.00bAeon Genesis 20210310
Chiisana Obake: Atchi, Kotchi, SotchiFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Chik Bik Ji Jin: Saam Gwok JiFamicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
Choro Q 2PlayStation0.01mz 20140605
Choro Q 3PlayStation0.01mz 20140605
Chou-Mahou Tairiku WozzSuper Famicom1.0Nightcrawler's Translation Corporation 20130423
Choujin Ookami Senki: WarwolfFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.01Doctor L 20080328
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.01Kajar Laboratories 20131109
Chuka TaisenFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Clock TowerSuper Famicom1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
ClockwerxSuper Famicom0.75bMrRichard999 20200219
Coca-Cola KidGame Gear1.00SMS Power! 20121214
CocoronFamicom1.0Dynamic Designs 20180903
ColumbusFamicom0.50X Translations 20110706
Columbus: Ougon no YoakeFamicom1.02aishsha 20140720
ContraFamicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
ContraFamicom1.00BFAlanmidas 20070425
The MadHacker
ContraFamicom1.0Quest Games 20140106
Cool Cool Jam [Color]Neo·Geo Pocket0.01WyndCrosser 20140608
Cosmic EpsilonFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Cosmic WarsFamicom0.993TransBRC 19990610
Cosmo GenesisFamicom1.10Aeon Genesis 20210310
Cosmo Police GalivanFamicom1.00The Vale
Cotton 2Saturn!0.00TranslationNext
Cotton Fantastic Night DreamsPlayStation1.00Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain
Crisis ForceFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Crystal Beans: From Dungeon ExplorerSuper Famicom1.1Neige, Hiei-, Pennywise 20121025
Cu-On-PaSuper Famicom1.0Aeon Genesis 20210310
Cyber KnightSuper Famicom1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
Cyber Knight 2Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Cyborg 009Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen [Super Robot Wars 2]Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen [Super Robot Wars 3]Super Famicom2.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Dai-4-Ji Super Robot Taisen [Super Robot Wars 4]Super Famicom0.25SadNES cITy Translations 20050105
Dai-4-Ji Super Robot Taisen [Super Robot Wars 4]Super Famicom60%Aeon Genesis 20210310
Dai Meiro: Meikyu no TatsujinFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Dai SenryakuGame Boy1.00Gaijin Production 20021025
Dai SenryakuFamicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Daibakusyo Jinsei GekijyouSuper Famicom!0.00Azelistic Translations 20050106
Daikaijuu Monogatari [Super Shell Monsters Story]Super Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Daikaijuu MonogatariSuper Famicom0.01Firey Translations 20030518
Daikaijuu Monogatari 2Super Famicom!0.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Daikaijuu: DebrusFamicom0.30Manipulate
Daiku no Gensan: Kachikachi no Tonkachi ga KachiGame 20041026
Daisenryaku VIIWindows/DOS1.03-1.0EMrRichard999 20200219
Daiva Story 6: Imperial of NirsartiaFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Daiva Story 6: Imperial of NirsartiaFamicom!0.70X Translations 20110706
Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no KoukouseiPlayStation Portable1.0Project Zetsubou 20140213
Dance Dance Revolution Club VersionDreamcast0.10Topping Translation 20040713
Dark HalfSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Dark HalfSuper Famicom0.60Klepto Software 20160204
Dark Law: Meaning of DeathSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Hæleþes áwendende
Dark LordFamicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Das Geheimnis der Happy Hippo-InselGame Boy1.0NikcDC 20120609
Dash YarouFamicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
Deep Dungeon [FDS]Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
satsu 20130218
Deep Dungeon 2: The Hero's Crest [FDS]Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Deep Dungeon 4: Kuro no YoujutsushiFamicom1.0Dragoon-X Translations 20030927
Deep Dungeon 4: Kuro no YoujutsushiFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
The Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Densetsu no Ogre Battle Gaiden: Zenobia no OujiNeo·Geo Pocket0.05WyndCrosser 20140608
Destiny of an Emperor 1Game Boy!0.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Destiny of an Emperor 2Famicom1.12Dynamic Designs 20180903
Gaijin Production 20021025
Detective Conan: Meitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou DensetsuGame Boy0.1Psyklax 20140218
Devil Children: Flame Book [GBA]Game Boy!0.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Devil Children: Ice Book [GBA]Game Boy!0.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
DevilmanFamicom1.0The Snark's Fun Page 20110628
DezaemonFamicom1.10Aeon Genesis 20210310
DezaemonSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Dicing KnightWonderSwan1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Die BahnweltX680002/1/2014Non-Directional Translation 20140206
Die HardPC-Engine1.0Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
Digimon AdventurePlayStation Portable0.1Xeno Translations 20130613
Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 TamersWonderSwan0.10DigitalZero 20080826
Digital Devil Children: Black BookGame Boy°0.16Cleft of Dimensions
Dinosaur ResurrectionWindows/DOS!0.00Figli di Gaucci 20130607
Dirty Pair: Project Eden [FDS]Famicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Do-Re-Mi FantasySuper Famicom1.0RPGOne 20080430
Gaijin Production 20021025
Doki Doki Panic!! [FDS]Famicom1.1Vice Translations 20130115
Doki! Doki! YuuenchiFamicom1.10No Talent Translations 20010529
Doki! Doki! YuuenchiFamicom!0.00Azelistic Translations 20050106
Don Doko Don 2Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong [GBC]Game Boy1.1Blaziken257 20140120
Dossun! Stone BattleSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Doraemon KartGame Boy1.01MageCraft Translations
Doraemon 4: Nobita to Tsuki no OukokuSuper Famicom0.94bSgt. Bow Hack 19980425
Doraemon: Giga Zombie no GyakushuuFamicom1.0WakdHacks
Double Moon DensetsuFamicombeta 4Kiwibonga
Double Moon DensetsuFamicom!0.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Doukutsu Monogatari (Cave Story)Windows/DOS1.03Aeon Genesis 20210310
Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku Soreyuke DaiundoukaiFamicom0.15Disconnected Translations
Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki dayo Zen'in Shuugou!Famicom1.00Technos Samurai Translation
Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeFamicom1.0Yauch 20130921
Dracula 2: Noroi no Fuuin [FDS]Famicom!0.45Gil_Galad 20120501
Dragon BallFamicom1.11TransBRC 19990610
Dragon Ball 3Famicom0.15Aushack/Dodgy Translations 20010313
Dragon Ball Z: Buu Yuu RetsudenMega Drive0.98DBZ Trans
Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya DensetsuSuper Famicom1.02Klepto Software 20160204
Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya DensetsuSuper Famicom0.99DBZ Trans
Dragon Ball Z: Goku GekitoudenGame Boy1.5WyndCrosser 20140608
Dragon Ball Z: Goku GektioudenGame Boy0.02DBZ Trans
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionSuper Famicom1.00Twilight Translations 20130101
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionSuper Famicom1.00DBZ Trans
Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiya JinFamicom1.01Twilight Translations 20130101
Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiya JinFamicom0.50TransBRC 19990610
Dragon Ball Z: Shin ButodenSuper Famicom0.98Aeon Genesis 20210310
Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden 2Super Famicom0.65Aeon Genesis 20210310
Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden 3Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden 3: The Ultimate MenanceSuper Famicom1.10SniperSide Translations
Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden 3: The Ultimate MenanceSuper Famicom1.01Vice Translations 20130115
Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuu Den - Totsugeki HenSuper Famicom0.98Kakkoii Translations 20161231
Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuu Den 2Super Famicom!0.00David Mullen
Dragon Ball Z 2: Gekishin Freeza!!Famicom!0.00Twilight Translations 20130101
Dragon Ball Z 3: Ressen Jinzou NingenFamicom1.00Twilight Translations 20130101
Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Plan to Eliminate the SaiyansFamicom1.00Twilight Translations 20130101
Dragon Ball: Dai Maou FukkatsuFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Dragon Buster 20041026
Dragon Force 2Saturn0.5.0Verve Fanworks 20120726
Dragon KnifeFamicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
Dragon NinjaFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortablePlayStation PortablePreRelease 2MortoQueiba 20140527
Dragon Quest 1 & 2 RepriseSuper Famicom2.0RPGOne 20080430
Dragon Quest 3Famicom0.01Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
Dragon Quest 3Super Famicom1.1DQ Translations 20140113
Dragon Quest 3Super Famicom0.14DeJap 20031231
Dragon Quest 3Super Famicom!0.47RPGOne 20080430
Dragon Quest 5PlayStation 21.2DQ Translations 20140113
Dragon Quest 5Super Famicom2.01DeJap 20031231
Dragon Quest 5Super Famicom0.08Zealsoft Translations 19981215
Dragon Quest 6Super Famicom0.90bNoPrgress
Dragon Quest 6Super Famicom0.40DeJap 20031231
Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2PlayStation!0.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart [GBA]Game Boy1.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Kingcom 20140420
Dragon ScrollFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Dragon Slayer 4MSX1.0.0MSX FILES 20120527
Dream MasterFamicom1.01aishsha 20140720
Dream Maze: The Kigurumi AdventureSuper Famicom1.0 BetaKing Mike's Translations 20130615
Dual Orb 2Super Famicom1.50Nightcrawler's Translation Corporation 20130423
Dynamite HeaddyMega Drive070428MIJET 20111010
Earthbound ZeroSuper Famicom1.01Neo Demiforce 20061108
EgyptFamicom1.01Gil_Galad 20120501
Aushack/Dodgy Translations 20010313
EgyptFamicom!0.00No Talent Translations 20010529
Eien no FilenaSuper Famicom0.98satsu 20130218
Electrician [FDS]Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Elnark no ZaihouFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
ElysionFamicom0.91Tenshigami Translations 20080729
Emerald DragonSuper Famicom1.1Nightcrawler's Translation Corporation 20130423
Emoyan no 10 Bai Pro YakyuuFamicom0.95MrRichard999 20200219
Energy BreakerSuper Famicom1.02Disnesquick 20120926
satsu 20130218
Esper Bouken-taiFamicom1.01aishsha 20140720
Esper Dream [FDS]Famicom1Mute 20130410
Esper Dream 2Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
F-1 Grand Prix Part IISuper Famicom0.5MrRichard999 20200219
F-1 Grand Prix Part IIISuper Famicom0.5MrRichard999 20200219
F-Zero: Climax [GBA]Game Boy0.1Clank Hughes 20080228
F1 CircusFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Famicom Board Game: The Rail KingFamicom!0.00King Mike's Translations 20130615
Famicom Grand Prix: F1 Race [FDS]Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally [FDS]Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Famicom Mini Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen [Super Robot Wars 2 Famicom Mini][GBA]Game Boy0.99Aeon Genesis 20210310
Famicom Tantei Club Part 2Super Famicom1.0Neo Demiforce 20061108
Famicom WarsFamicom1.11aka translations 20121101
Family CircuitFamicom0.95MrRichard999 20200219
Family JockeyFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Family Pinball [Rock'n' Ball]Famicom1.0Suicidal Translations 20090301
Family Trainer: Jogging RaceFamicom1.01MrRichard999 20200219
Family Trainer: Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi JouFamicom1.01MrRichard999 20200219
Fantasm Soldier Valis, TheFamicom1.0Sliver X 20131006
satsu 20130218
Far East of Eden ZeroSuper Famicom0.43J2E Translations
Farland SymphonyWindows/DOS1.22mirror moon 20121120
Fate/stay nightWindows/DOS3.2mirror moon 20121120
FEDA: The Emblem of JusticeSuper Famicom1.02Dynamic Designs 20180903
Final Fantasy 1 & 2Famicom1.00Neo Demiforce 20061108
Final Fantasy 2Famicom1.03Neo Demiforce 20061108
Final Fantasy 2WonderSwan0.97RPGOne 20080430
Sgt. Bow Hack 19980425
Final Fantasy 3Famicom1.10Neo Demiforce 20061108
Final Fantasy 4Super Famicom3.21J2E Translations
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom1.10RPGe
Final Fantasy 6Super Famicom1.2bRPGOne 20080430
Final Fire Prowrestling [GBA]Game BoyBeta 1Fat Dave 20060323
Final MissionFamicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Finger FlashingPlayStation1.00RIP Translations
Fire BirdFamicom1.01Dragoon-X Translations 20030927
Fire EmblemFamicom1.0Quirino 20140418
Fire EmblemFamicom0.10Gaijin Production 20021025
Fire EmblemFamicom!0.00King Mike's Translations 20130615
Fire Emblem GaidenFamicom110206.00Starwolf 20060212
J2E Translations
Fire Emblem GaidenFamicom1.01Arty's Generic Site 20120908
Fire Emblem: Fuuin no TsurugiSuper Famicom2.10Fuuin no Tsurugi Translation Project's Journal 20080802
Fire Emblem: Monshou no NazoSuper Famicom0.98RPGuy96 20090301
Fire Emblem: Monshou no NazoSuper Famicom!0.75satsu 20130218
Fire Emblem: Seisen no KeifuSuper Famicom0.25J2E Translations
Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no EiyuuDS3.01The Heroes of Shadow 20130218
Fire Emblem: Thracia 776Super Famicom00.06Shaya 20080302
Fire ProWrestling ReturnsPlayStation 2Stage 5PCOtaku
Fire ProWrestling ZPlayStation 20.5bFat Dave 20060323
Flashback Legends [GBA]Game Boy1.0VanishedOne 20090728
Fleet CommanderFamicom1.01MrRichard999 20200219
Flying Hero: Bugyuru no DaiboukenSuper Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Football Kingdom: Touring EditionPlayStation 20,4Fernando fk 20130705
Foton: The Ultimate Game on Planet EarthFamicom!0.00No Talent Translations 20010529
Frame GrideDreamcast1.00r2DCHQ 20130307
Front MissionSuper Famicom1.0bF.H.'s Translations 20061015
Front Mission 2PlayStationFinalFront Mission Series Translation Project 20131217
Front Mission 5PlayStation 2Patch 4 BetaFront Mission Series Translation Project 20131217
Front Mission AlternativePlayStationPrototype Patch 1Front Mission Series Translation Project 20131217
Front Mission: Gun HazardSuper Famicom1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
Fudou Myouou DenFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Funky Horror Band [Sega CD]Mega Drive!0.00Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
Fushigi no Dungeon 2: Fuurai no ShirenSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 3 PortablePlayStation Portable0.01aka translations 20121101
Fushigi no Umi no NadiaMega Drive1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Fushigi no Umi no NadiaFamicom1.30J2E Translations
Fuzzical FighterFamicom1.00bWakdHacks
G.O.D.: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga KikoeSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Gaia no MonshouPC-Engine1.0CinnamonPirate 20081226
Galaxy RoboSuper Famicom1.10Dynamic Designs 20180903
Gal's Dungeon [FDS]Famicom1.00Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
Gall Force [FDS]Famicom1.00Gil_Galad 20120501
Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou 2DS1.1.0gccxpatch 20140611
Game no Kanzume Vol. 1 [CD]Mega Drive100711MIJET 20111010
Game no Kanzume Vol. 2 [CD]Mega Drive100711MIJET 20111010
Gameboy Wars 2Game Boy1.02TransBRC 19990610
Gameboy Wars 3Game Boy0.55Master Knight DH 20111118
Gameboy Wars 3Game Boy0.10aka translations 20121101
Gameboy Wars TurboGame Boy0.91TransBRC 19990610
GameraGame Boy0.99TransBRC 19990610
Ganbare GoemonMSX0.9.5MSX FILES 20120527
Ganbare GoemonFamicom1.01Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
Ganbare Goemon 2Famicom1.02Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuFamicom1.02Dragoon-X Translations 20030927
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuFamicom1.01Neo Demiforce 20061108
GD LeenSuper Famicom0.05Aeon Genesis 20210310
GeGeGe no Kitaro: Youkai DaimakyouFamicom1.0aishsha 20140720
GeGeGe no Kitaro 2: Yokai Gundan no Chosen Famicom1.1aishsha 20140720
Magic Team 20100803
Gekibo: Gekisha Boy [Photograph Boy]PC-Engine0.99Zatos Hacks 20080325
Gekibo: Gekisha Boy [Photograph Boy]PC-Engine0.10The NifTY Page-O-Hacks 20010814
Gekitou Burning Pro WrestlingSuper Famicom0.20Sydra Snes Translations
Gem GemGame Boy!0.00Dank-Trans 20140120
Gendai Daisenryaku 2002Windows/DOS1.02bE-1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Generation Xth: Code HazardWindows/DOS0.5 Alphaiwakura productions 20140615
Gensou Suikoden Card Stories [GBA]Game Boy1.00Pokeytax 20140614
Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 1: Harmonia no Kenshi [Swordsman of Harmonia]PlayStation1.1Suikogaiden Translation Project 20131113
Pokeytax 20140614
Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 2: Crystal Valley no Kettou [Duel at Crystal Valley]PlayStation1.1Suikogaiden Translation Project 20131113
Getsufuu MadenFamicom1.00RPGe
Ghost Chaser DenseiSuper Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Ghost Sweeper Mikami Joreishi wa Nice BodySuper Famicom!0.00Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
King Mike's Translations 20130615
GleylancerMega Drive061023MIJET 20111010
Go Go AckmanFamicom1.00Ackman Translations
God MedicineGame Boy1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Golf Daisuki!: O.B. ClubSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Golf Club: Birdie RushFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
GolvelliusMSX1.0Novalia Spirit's Fridgia Nova 20110610
Gorby no Pipeline: Dai SakusenFamicomRev ADvD Translations 20121023
Gourmet Squadron BarayarouSuper Famicom!0.75Aeon Genesis 20210310
Grand MasterFamicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
aishsha 20140720
Grandia: Parallel TrippersGame Boy1.03Adventurous Translations 20120303
GranhistoriaSuper Famicom70%Aeon Genesis 20210310
Gulliver BoySuper Famicom0.99Dynamic Designs 20180903
Gundam Wing: Endless DuelSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
satsu 20130218
GundemoniumWindows/DOS0.00Non-Directional Translation 20140206
Gunman's ProofSuper Famicom1.03Aeon Genesis 20210310
Gyruss [FDS]Famicom!0.00Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting [GBA]Game Boy1.0Markliujy 20120508
Hameln no Violin HikiSuper Famicom1.00J2E Translations
Hanjuko HeroFamicom!0.00Gil_Galad 20120501
Hanjuku HeroesSuper Famicom0.010Dragoon-X Translations 20030927
Harry Potter 3: Shen Qi Zhi Guang LunGame Boy1.0Neo Fuji 20140317
Haruhi Suzumiya: Ace AttorneyWindows/DOS!0.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Head BusterGame Gear0.99Chris Covell 20100816
Hebereke [U-four-ia: The Saga]Famicom1.0BMF54123 20140625
Heian FuuundenSuper Famicom0.40Aeon Genesis 20210310
Heisei Tensai BakabonFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Hello Kitty no OhanabatakeFamicom1.00Suicidal Translations 20090301
Hello Kitty WorldFamicom1.0Flake 20130406
Heracles no EikouFamicomRev ADvD Translations 20121023
Heracles no EikouFamicom0.00Battsu Translations 20000101
Heracles no Eikou 2: Titan No MetsubouFamicom1.31the spoony bard 20120823
Heracles no Eikou 3Super Famicom1.1DQ Translations 20140113
Heracles no Eikou 4Super Famicom!0.00Nightcrawler's Translation Corporation 20130423
DQ Translations 20140113
Hercules EikouGame Boy1.01HTI 20120422
Hero Senki: Project OlympusSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Higemaru Makaijima Nanatsu no Shima Dai BoukenFamicom1.0The Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Highschool! KimengumiMaster System1.00SMS Power! 20121214
Hikari no Senshi Foton (Soldier of Light: Photon)Famicom1.00 BetaKing Mike's Translations 20130615
Hikaru no Go [GBA]Game Boy0.20Ricardo Bittencourt 20060328
Hi no Tori: Gao no BoukenFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Hiouden: Legend of the Scarlet KingSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Hirake! PonkikkiFamicom1.01Gil_Galad 20120501
Hitler no Fukkatsu: Top SecretFamicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Hokuto no KenFamicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Holy DiverFamicom1.0Monaco 20070428
Holy Umbrella: Dondera's Wild!!Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Honoo No Toukyuuji: Dodge DanpeiFamicom1.0.bTransGen 20190417
Honoo No Toukyuuji: Dodge Danpei 2Famicom1.0aTransGen 20190417
Hoshi wo SagashiteMaster System1.0Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
RPGOne 20080430
Hottaaman no Chitei TankenFamicom1.00Six Feet Under Translations
Hourai Gakuen no BoukenSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
satsu 20130218
Hourai Gakuen no BoukenSuper Famicom!0.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
HydlidePC-6x011.0.1JPN Translations 20110610
HydlideWindows/DOS1.0CinnamonPirate 20081226
Hydlide 3: Yami Kara no HoumonshaFamicom0.20MrRichard999 20200219
Hyper IriaSuper Famicom1.02Dynamic Designs 20180903
Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Igo: Kyuu Roban TaikyokuFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Ikari no Yousai 2Game Boy1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu Subette Koronde Dai RantouFamicom0.99Disconnected Translations
Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu Subette Koronde Dai RantouFamicom1.1TransBRC 19990610
Illusion CityMSX0.50Illusion City: the translation 20050517
Insector XFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
iS: internal 20080429
Itadaki Street: Watashi no Mise ni YottetteFamicom0.10bMrRichard999 20200219
Eric Engel 20121017
J. League Winning Eleven Advance 2002 [GBA]Game Boy0.00knighTeen87 20080516
J. League Winning GoalFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Jajamaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no KinmajouFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
aishsha 20140720
Jajamaru no DaiboukenFamicom1.00Stardust Crusaders 20140708
aishsha 20140720
Jelly Boy 2Super Famicom1.0 FinalKing Mike's Translations 20130615
Jesus: Kyoufu no Bio MonsterFamicom3 Days Later Edition Rev 1Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Niahak 20130809
Jikuu Yuuden DebiasFamicom1.00Gil_Galad 20120501
Jigoku Gokuraku Maru [Kabuki Quantum Fighter]Famicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
JJ Jump Out! The Epic War - Part IIFamicom1.00DvD Translations 20121023
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Joy Mech FightFamicomjoy mechAlanmidas 20070425
Jump Super StarsDSBeta 1TranslationRL 20060725
Just BreedSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Jutei SenkiSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
JuuoukiFamicom1.00aka translations 20121101
Juuryoku Soukou Metal StormFamicom1.01Sliver X 20131006
sqpat 20100102
Juvei QuestFamicom1.01aishsha 20140720
Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa NaruGame Boy1.0ryanbgstl 20140307
Kaettekita Mario Bros. [FDS]Famicom0.98MrRichard999 20200219
Kaguya Hime DensetsuFamicom1.0The Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Kai no BoukenFamicom1.0Zynk Oxhyde 20140625
Kaijyu Monogatari [Shell Monsters Story]Famicom1.0 betaKing Mike's Translations 20130615
Kaiketsu Yancha Maru 2: Karakuri LandFamicom1.01ShadowSoft
Kaiketsu Yancha Maru 2: Karakuri LandFamicom1.2CinnamonPirate 20081226
Kaiketsu Yancha Maru 3Famicom1.00Suicidal Translations 20090301
Kakuge-Yaro: Fighting Game CreatorPlayStationBETATransGen 20190417
Kalin no Tsurugi [FDS]Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
satsu 20130218
KanonWindows/DOSFinalNon-Directional Translation 20140206
Hæleþes áwendende
Kanshakudama Nage Kantarou no Toukaido Gojusan TsugiFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Karakuri Kengouden Musashi LordGame Boy1.0aishsha 20140720
Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Karakuri Kengouden Musashi Lord: Karakuri Jin Hashiru!Famicom1.0aishsha 20140720
Stardust Crusaders 20140708
KarnovFamicom1.10Vice Translations 20130115
Kart FighterFamicom1.0DvD Translations 20121023
Kawa no Nushi TsuriFamicom0.91Pikachumanson 20140629
MrRichard999 20200219
Keisan Game: Sansuu 1 ToshiFamicom1.0Pikachumanson 20140629
Keisan Game: Sansuu 2 ToshiFamicom1.0Pikachumanson 20140629
Keisan Game: Sansuu 3 ToshiFamicom1.0Pikachumanson 20140629
Keisan Game: Sansuu 4 ToshiFamicom1.0Pikachumanson 20140629
Keisan Game: Sansuu 5+6 ToshiFamicom1.0Pikachumanson 20140629
Kenka Banchou 2: Full ThrottlePlayStation 21.0alphaTransGen 20190417
Kero Kero Keroppi's Great Big Adventure 1Famicom1.00Gaijin Production 20021025
Kero Kero Keroppi's Great Big Adventure 2 [alias Kero Kero Keroppi No Daibouken 2]Famicom1.0the spoony bard 20120823
Keroppi to Keroleen no Splash Bomb!Famicom1.00Six Feet Under Translations
Suicidal Translations 20090301
Kettou Beast WarsGame Boy0.10Six Feet Under Translations
Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor [FDS]Famicom1.00Vice Translations 20130115
Kidou Senshi Gundam F91: Formula Senki 0122Super Famicom1.00Twilight Translations 20130101
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Cross Dimension 0079Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Kikou Keisatsu: Metal JackSuper Famicom2.0MrRichard999 20200219
Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix +Xbox0.15MrRichard999 20200219
Kikou Seiki Unitron [Biomotor Unitron 2]Neo·Geo Pocket12-14-13WyndCrosser 20140608
King ColossusMega Drive061030MIJET 20111010
King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton PunchFamicomRev ADvD Translations 20121023
King of KingsFamicom0.99BMrRichard999 20200219
King's FieldPlayStation1.0weissvulf 20131019
King's Field 3 Pilot StylePlayStation1.0weissvulf 20131019
Kingdom GrandprixArcade1.00Neill Corlett's Home Page 20120806
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Final MixPlayStation Portable1.0.12Truthkey 20140618
Kinnikuman Muscle Tag MatchFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Kirby no Kira Kira KidsSuper Famicom!0.00Yaworg 20080601
Kishin Douji Zenki: Battle RaidenSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Knight Move [FDS] 20041026
Knight Rider SpecialPC-Engine1.0Psyklax 20140218
Knights of the ZodiacFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Konami Wai Wai WorldFamicom1.0Zynk Oxhyde 20140625
Koryu No MimiSuper Famicom1.00RPGOne 20080430
Kujaku OuFamicom1.1The Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Kujaku Ou 2Famicom1.0The Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Kung Fu 2Famicom1.00Abstract Crouton 20030415
Kunio Kun no DodgeballSuper Famicom°0.13Brodrick L. Stigall 20040923
Kunio Kun no Dodgeball Zenin SyugoSuper Famicom!0.00Azelistic Translations 20050106
Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer 20041026
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeFamicom1.01Vice Translations 20130115
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeFamicom1.00Dark Mark 20120212
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeFamicom!0.00~Neophyte Productions~
Kyouryuu Sentai ZyurangerFamicom0.99Dank-Trans 20140120
Kyuukyoku Harikiri StadiumFamicom0.70bMrRichard999 20200219
Kyuuyaku Megami TenseiSuper Famicom!0.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
La Pucelle: RagnarokPlayStation Portable0.2.3ChepChep 20140215
La WaresSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
La-MulanaWindows/DOS1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
LabyrinthFamicombetaSuicidal Translations 20090301
Lady SwordPC-Engine1.0Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
EsperKnight 20140116
Ladystalker The Apocalypse EngineSuper Famicom85%Aeon Genesis 20210310
Disnesquick 20120926
Lagrange PointSuper Famicom1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
Langrisser 1Windows/DOS!0.00CinnamonPirate 20081226
Langrisser 2Mega Drive110701MIJET 20111010
Hiryuu Honyaku
Langrisser 2Mega Drive3/21/2001Hiryuu Honyaku
Langrisser 3Saturn0.20TranslationNext
Langrisser 4PlayStation1.3Kil 20120228
Langrisser, DerSuper Famicom1.02CinnamonPirate 20081226
Laplace no MaSuper Famicom2.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Last ArmageddonFamicom0.10bMrRichard999 20200219
Lennus 2Super Famicom1.04Dynamic Designs 20180903
Liberation ArmyWindows/DOS1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Little MagicGame Boy1.0SGST 20130306
EsperKnight 20140116
Little MagicFamicom0.33TransBRC 19990610
Gaijin Production 20021025
Little MagicSuper Famicom1.00BAeon Genesis 20210310
Little Master Episode 3Super Famicom0.5SsTrAnS 20090904
Little Master Episode 3Super Famicom0.15Gaijin Production 20021025
Live a LiveSuper Famicom2.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Lode Runner: Lost LabyrinthPC-Engine1.0RPGOne 20080430
Lord MonarchSuper Famicom!0.26Aeon Genesis 20210310
Lost Word of JeNnY: Ushinawareta MessageFamicom1.0Zynk Oxhyde 20140625
Love PlusDS1.0njjjewel 20140604
Lunar: Samposuru GakuenGame Gear1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
SGST 20130306
Lunatic Dawn 1Windows/DOS0.50.1bMrRichard999 20200219
Lunatic Dawn 2Windows/DOS0.45bMrRichard999 20200219
Lunatic Dawn 3Windows/DOS0.10bMrRichard999 20200219
Lunatic Dawn: Book of FuturesWindows/DOS0.98bMrRichard999 20200219
Lunatic Dawn: The 3rd BookWindows/DOS0.5MrRichard999 20200219
Lunatic FantasyX680001.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Lupin the 3rd: Pandora no IsanFamicom1.00Vice Translations 20130115
Lutter [FDS]Famicom1.0Mute 20130410
Mad CityFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Madara 2Super Famicom0.00The Village
Madou MonogatariGame Gear1.0Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
SSTranslations 20130617
Madou MonogatariSuper Famicom1.01J2E Translations
Aeon Genesis 20210310
Madou Monogatari 1-2-3PC-980.20Dank-Trans 20140120
Magic JohnFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Magic Knight RayearthGame Gear0.9Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
ded302 20190731
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom1.01Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain
Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic KnightGame Gear!0.00Pearse Hillock 20140619
Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd.: The Missing ColorsGame Boy0.99Pearse Hillock 20140619
Magical ChaseGame Boy1.00Gaijin Production 20021025
Magical DropSuper Famicom0.95bAeon Genesis 20210310
satsu 20130218
Magical Drop 2Super Famicom0.99Aeon Genesis 20210310
Magical Pop'nSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Magical Vacation [GBA]Game Boy!0.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Magna BrabanSuper Famicom2.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
MaharajahFamicomBetaThe Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Mahou Poipoi Poitto!Super Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Maison IkkokuFamicom!0.00Zealsoft Translations 19981215
Maison IkkokuPC-Engine1.01Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
RPGOne 20080430
Majin TenseiSuper Famicom0.5dMrRichard999 20200219
Majin TenseiSuper Famicom0.40Aeon Genesis 20210310
Majin Tensei 2Super Famicom0.05Aeon Genesis 20210310
Majou Densetsu 2: Daimashikyou GaliousFamicom0.31bManipulate
Majuu Ou [King of Demons]Super Famicom1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
satsu 20130218
Makai Toushi SaGaWonderSwan1.2tower reversed 20140423
Makai Toushi SaGaWonderSwan0.60Aeon Genesis 20210310
Makaimura Gaiden: The Demon DarknessGame Boy1.0bailli 20140629
Malaya No HihouMSX1.0.0MSX FILES 20120527
Mangguk Jeon'giWindows/DOS0.9derboo 20140528
Mappy KidsFamicom1.0Zynk Oxhyde 20140625
Märchen MazePC-Engine1.1MooZ, Shubibiman 20121021
Marusa no OnnaFamicom1.0M_Tee 20140113
Marvelous: Mouhitotsu no TakarajimaSuper Famicomplaytesttashi 20140706
Mashin Hero Wataru GaidenFamicom1.0Spooky Tornado 20130408
Zynk Oxhyde 20140625
Mashou no Yakata: GabalinMSX1.0hap 20130417
Master of Monsters Final EXPlayStation 20.30Nebelwurfer HQ 20131103
Matendo DoujiFamicom1.0aStardust Crusaders 20140708
McDonalds MonogatariGame Boy!0.00Dank-Trans 20140120
Megami TenseiFamicom0.10Tempest Translations
Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible 2Game Boy1.0EsperKnight 20140116
Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible SpecialGame Gear1.02MrRichard999 20200219
SSTranslations 20130617
Meitantei Conan: Karakuri Jiin Satsujin JikenGame Boy1.0Psyklax 20140218
Meitantei Conan: Karakuri Jiin Satsujin JikenGame Boy0.10Lady Mariann's Translations 20020710
Melty BloodWindows/DOS2.1mirror moon 20121120
Melty Blood Actress Again Current CodeWindows/DOS0.52mirror moon 20121120
Melty Blood Re-ACTWindows/DOS2.0mirror moon 20121120
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver.BWindows/DOS1.1mirror moon 20121120
Men at Work! 2Windows/DOS1.0mirror moon 20121120
Metal GearMSX1.9Nekura_Hoka 20070314
Metal Gear 2: Solid SnakeMSX1.0BiFi 20130305
Metal Max 2Super Famicom0.20Aeon Genesis 20210310
Metal Max ReturnsSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Metal Wolf ChaosXbox1.0NemsMole 20120705
Metroid [FDS]Famicomcant.hackAlanmidas 20070425
Mickey and Donald Magical Adventure 3Super Famicom1.1RPGOne 20080430
Mickey Mouse 3: Yume FuusenFamicom1.0NikcDC 20120609
Might and Magic: Book TwoSuper Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Minelvaton SagaFamicom1.01aishsha 20140720
Mini PuttFamicom1.00No Talent Translations 20010529
Minna no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen [Tabo's Tactics]Famicom1.01hap 20130417
Suicidal Translations 20090301
Miracle GirlsSuper Famicom1.0RPGOne 20080430
Miracle GirlsSuper Famicom1.0SGST 20130306
EsperKnight 20140116
MiraculumPC-FX!0.00Nekozomb 20080420
Mirai Senshi LiosFamicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Mirai Shinwa JarvasFamicom1.0aishsha 20140720
Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Mitsume Ga TooruFamicom1.01the spoony bard 20120823
Mizuki Shigeru no Youkai Shashinkan [Color]Neo·Geo Pocket0.01WyndCrosser 20140608
Moai-kunFamicom1.00Suicidal Translations 20090301
Moai-kunFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Moai-kunFamicom!0.00No Talent Translations 20010529
Mobile Fighter: G GundamSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Moero TwinBee: Cinnamon Hakase o Sukue! [Stinger]Famicom0.90bMrRichard999 20200219
Moero!! Juudou WarriorsFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Momotaro ThunderboltGame Boy0.91the spoony bard 20120823
Momotarou DensetsuFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
MonstaniaSuper Famicom1.03Aeon Genesis 20210310
satsu 20130218
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd GPlayStation Portable2.5TeamHGG 20080908
Monster Hunter Portable 3rdPlayStation Portable5.0Team Maverick ONE 20131119
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver.PlayStation5.0Team Maverick ONE 20131119
Monster World 4Mega Drive2.2Shion 20120415
Monster World 4Mega Drive1.02Neo Demiforce 20061108
DeJap 20031231
Monty no Doki Doki Dai Dassou [FDS]Famicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Moon CrystalFamicom0.00AWJ's Translation Page
Moreo Yakyuuken [FDS]Famicom0.99Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
Morning Adventure, The [GBA]Game Boy1.01Prof. 9 and Vague Rant 20101119
Moryou Senki MadaraFamicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Moryou Senki Madara 2Famicom0.60Aeon Genesis 20210310
Mother 1+2 [GBA]Game Boy1.01EarthBound Central 20131209
Mother 1+2 [GBA]Game Boy0.50RPGOne 20080430
Mother 3 [GBA]Game Boy1.1EarthBound Central 20131209
Motocross ChampionFamicom1.00Suicidal Translations 20090301
Motocross ChampionFamicom0.50Aushack/Dodgy Translations 20010313
Motteke TamagoPC-Engine1.0RPGOne 20080430
Plight of the Fan Translator
Mottomo Abunai DekaFamicom1.00Gil_Galad 20120501
Mugen Senshi Valis 2X68000091011MIJET 20111010
MusashiFamicom0.98Gaijin Production 20021025
The MadHacker
Mystic ArkSuper Famicom1.01Dynamic Designs 20180903
Mystic ArkSuper Famicom1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
Mystic Dragoons, ThePlayStation1.0BetaTransGen 20190417
Nakayoshi to IsshoFamicom1.00HTI 20120422
Namco x CapcomPlayStation 2Final-A-TransGen 20190417
Namco Classic 2Famicom0.80bMrRichard999 20200219
Namida no Soukoban Special (Boxxle: Warehouse of Tears Special)Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Napoleon [GBA]Game Boy0.50Nebelwurfer HQ 20131103
Naruto Shippuden: Dairansen! Kage Bunshin EmakiDS!0.00DigitalZero 20080826
Navy Blue '98Game Boy!0.00Opus 20010822
Nazo no Murasame Jou [FDS]Famicom1.1Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
NecromancerPC-Engine0.01bPikachumanson 20140629
NectarisGame Boy1.11TransBRC 19990610
Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu (Riki Kunio)Famicom0.95oRdErEDchaos Translations
Nekketsu Kouha Kunio KunFamicom1.01Vice Translations 20130115
Nekketsu 20041026
Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk HeroesFamicom1.2Farid 20131029
Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk HeroesFamicom!0.05Vice Translations 20130115
satsu 20130218
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku DS with Asuka Hokan KeikakuDS!0.00Pearse Hillock 20140619
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Rei Ikusei KeikakuDreamcast!0.00Pearse Hillock 20140619
Nettou: The King of Fighters '96Game Boy0.05SniperSide Translations
Nettou: The King of Fighters '96Game Boy0.30Vice Translations 20130115
Network Boukenki BugsiteGame Boy24Kimbles and Sanky 20090826
NeugierSuper Famicom2.00Hæleþes áwendende
Nice de ShotSuper Famicom0.99MrRichard999 20200219
Nige-Ron-Pa [Color]Neo·Geo Pocket0.01WyndCrosser 20140608
Ninja Hattori Kun: Ninja ha Syugyou de GozaruFamicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
Ninja Jajamaru KunFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
aishsha 20140720
Ninja Jajamaru: Ginga Dai SakusenFamicom1.00HTI 20120422
Ninja Kun: Majou no BoukenFamicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
Ninja Kun 2Famicom1.0the spoony bard 20120823
Ninja Princess01.0goldenband 20140418
Ninja Rahoi!Famicom0.99Stardust Crusaders 20140708
aishsha 20140720
Ninja Rahoi! [inactive]Famicom0.01Gaijin Production 20021025
NinkuGame Gear0.1SGST 20130306
EsperKnight 20140116
Ninpen Manmaru ProjectSaturn0.20Ninpen Manmaru Project
Nishijin Pachinko 3Super Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Nishijin Pachinko Monogatari 2Super Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Nobunaga no Yabou 2Game Boy!0.00Opus 20010822
Nushi Tsuri Adventure: Kite no BoukenGame Boy1.0JaytheHam 20101030 20041026
Obake no Q Tarou: Wan Wan PanicFamicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
OishinboFamicom1.0The Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Oni IISuper Famicom!0.50Dynamic Designs 20180903
Okamoto Ayako to Match Play Golf: Ko Olina Golf Club in HawaiiSuper Famicom0.94MrRichard999 20200219
Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai [GBA]Game Boy1.0Kingcom 20140420
The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Otaku no Seiza: An Adventure in the Otaku GalaxyFamicom0.0001cgSuicidal Translations 20090301
Otenba Becky no DaiboukenMSX1.0hap 20130417
OtomediusArcade0.5GameStone 20130905
Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! DSDS1.1jjjewel 20140604
Ottifanten: Kommando StörtebeckerGame Boy1.20Alemanic Translations 20060303
Ougon Musou Kyoku [Golden Reverie]Windows/DOS1.10iwakura productions 20140615
Paaman 2Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Pachinko DaisakusenFamicom0.97BMrRichard999 20200219
Pachinko Daisakusen 2Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Palamedes 2: Star TwinklesFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Panel de PonSuper Famicom1.0Yaworg 20080601
PanzerMega Drive0.20Gaijin Production 20021025
Papuwa!Game Boy!0.00Dando's Translations
Papuwa!Super Famicom1.0bF.H.'s Translations 20061015
Parallel 20041026
Paris-Dakar Rally Special!Famicom1.02MrRichard999 20200219
Parodius Da!: Shinwa kara Owarai eFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Peke to Poko no Daruman BustersGame Boy1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
aishsha 20140720
Penguin Dream StoryFamicomr2Kalevan's Tavern 20050629
Penguin Kun WarsFamicom1.01Penguin Translations 20020620
Penguin Wars 2MSX1.0MSX FILES 20120527
Penta DragonFamicom1.00HTI 20120422
Perfect Cherry BlossomWindows/DOS1.0Perfect Cherry Blossom: English patch 20050901
Persona 2: Innocent SinPlayStation1.0aGemini 20131103
PescatoreFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Phantasy StarMaster System1.02SMS Power! 20121214
satsu 20130218
Phantasy Star 2Mega Drive1.00Naflign's EGO
Phantasy Star 2: Amia's AdventureMega Drive100710MIJET 20111010
Phantasy Star 2: Anne's AdventureMega Drive100710MIJET 20111010
Phantasy Star 2: Eusis's AdventureMega Drive100710MIJET 20111010
Phantasy Star 2: Huey's AdventureMega Drive100710MIJET 20111010
Phantasy Star 2: Kinds's AdventureMega Drive100710MIJET 20111010
Phantasy Star 2: Nei's AdventureMega Drive100710MIJET 20111010
Phantasy Star 2: Rudger's AdventureMega Drive100710MIJET 20111010
Phantasy Star 2: Shilka's AdventureMega Drive100710MIJET 20111010
Phantasy Star AdventureGame Gear1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Phantasy Star GaidenGame Gear1.012Dynamic Designs 20180903
Phantasy Star: Generation 1PlayStation 21.3Kyence 20120831
Pia Carrot e Youkoso!!PC-FX1.0Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Pixy GardenPlayStation!0.00Infinite Lupine Translations 20030913
Plasma BallFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Pocket Billiards: Funk the 9 BallGame Boy1.00PR Translations
Pocket ZaurusFamicom!0.00DvD Translations 20121023
Stardust Crusaders 20140708
PolicenautsPlayStation1.02The Policenauts Translation Project 20110104
Pokémon Card GB2Game Boy1.0Arty's Generic Site 20120908
Pokémon Card GB2Game Boy°0.10h4x0rz
Pokémon Card GB2Game BoyVersion 1Topping Translation 20040713
Popeye: Ijiwaru Majo Sea Hag no MakiSuper Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Popeye's Lingo GameFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Portopia Renzoku Satsujin JikenFamicomRev BDvD Translations 20121023
Power BlazerFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Power Pro Kun Pocket 2Game Boy!0.00Opus 20010822
Power SoukobanSuper
Princess MinervaSuper Famicom1.02Dynamic Designs 20180903
PulsemanMega Drive070226MIJET 20111010
Pumuckls AbenteuerGame Boy!0.00Dank-Trans 20140120
Puyo PuyoFamicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Puyo Puyo 7DS1.0Puyo Nexus 20130910
Puyo Puyo Fever 2PlayStation 2!0.00Puyo Nexus 20130910
Puyo Puyo SUNWindows/DOS1.02Puyo Nexus 20130910
Puyo Puyo! 15th AnniversaryDS1.2Puyo Nexus 20130910
Puyo Puyo!! 20th AnniversaryDS!0.00Puyo Nexus 20130910
Puzzle BoyPC-Engine1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Puzzle Boys [FDS]FamicomRev ADvD Translations 20121023
Pyokotan no Dai MeiroFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
RadiaFamicom1.00The Vale
Radical DreamersSuper Famicom1.40Neo Demiforce 20061108
Rakuen no GuardianWindows/DOS1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
satsu 20130218
Raijin-OhGame 20041026
RampartFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Ranma ½ 2Game Boy!0.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Ranma ½ RPG: The Crimson Cat (inactive)Super Famicom0.03Firey Translations 20030518
Ranma ½ RPG: Treasure of the Red Cat GangSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Ranma ½: Chougi Ranbu HenSuper Famicom1.10Dynamic Designs 20180903
Rainbow SilkroadFamicom1.00Gaijin Production 20021025
Recca - Raging FireFamicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Record of Lodoss WarSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain
Rejoice: Aretha Oukoku no KanataSuper Famicom0.85Aeon Genesis 20210310
Rent-A-HeroMega Drive!0.00Ethereal Productions
Riki Kunio 2Game Boy0.00Dando's Translations
Robocco WarsFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Rockman 2Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Rockman 7Super Famicom1.0Zynk Oxhyde 20140625
Rockman & ForteSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
satsu 20130218
Rockman & ForteSuper Famicom°0.71Yonin no Translators 20080809
Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation [GBA]Game Boy0.12Spikeman 20131104
Rockman EXE 6: Dennoujuu Falzar [GBA]Game Boy1.0Exeguy11 20140420
Rockman EXE WSWonderSwan1.0The Rockman EXE Zone 20120830
Romancia [MSX1]MSX0.7.0MSX FILES 20120527
Romancia [MSX2]MSX1.0.0MSX FILES 20120527
RomanciaFamicomRev ADvD Translations 20121023
Romancing SaGa 2Super Famicom0.05cGilhide 20021219
Romancing SaGa 3Super Famicom0.30rs3 20020312
Royal StoneGame Gear1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
RPG Tsukuuru: Super DanteSuper Famicom0.90MageCraft Translations
RPG Tsukuuru 2Super Famicom1.05MageCraft Translations
RPG Maker GBGame Boy0.99MageCraft Translations
RPG Maker GB 2Game 20041026
Rudra no HihouSuper Famicom2.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
satsu 20130218
Rudra no HihouSuper Famicom0.60Rudora No Hihou Romanji Patch
Rurouni KenshinPlayStation!0.00Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain
Ruruli ra RuraPC-FX1/infinityNekozomb 20080420
Rhythm Tengoku [GBA]Game BoyBeta 9aW hat 20130716
Ryuukiheidan Danzarb (Dragon Squadron: Danzarb)Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
SaGa 2DS2.11Crimson Nocturnal 20110123
SaGa 3: Jikuu no Hasha: Shadow or LightDS2.0.830Cain's Domain 20130803
SaGa 3: Jikuu no HashaGame Boy0.5-pregranz 20130813
Sansara NagaFamicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
aishsha 20140720
Sailormoon Fuwa Panic 2Famicom!0.90obey archie 20010705
Sailormoon RPG: Another StorySuper Famicom1.00Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain
Sailormoon: Panic in Nakayoshi WorldSuper Famicom1.00Project:Phoenix 20090914
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu HenFamicom1.01Magic Team 20100803
aishsha 20140720
Saiyuki World 20041026
Samurai Dou PortablePlayStation Portable0.2aka translations 20121101
Samurai Sword (FDS)Famicom1.0Mute 20130410
Sanrio CarnivalGame Boy1.20Six Feet Under Translations
Sanrio Carnival 2Famicom1.00Suicidal Translations 20090301
Sanrio Cup Pon Pon VolleyFamicom1.00Gaijin Production 20021025
Sanrio World Smashball!Super Famicom1.00Suicidal Translations 20090301
Sansaara Naaga 2Super Famicom!0.00DQ Translations 20140113
Sensha Senryaku Sabaku no KitsuneFamicom!0.00Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Santa Claus's Toybox [FDS]Famicom1.01Gil_Galad 20120501
Schwarzschild III: Wakusei DesperanWindows/DOS0.01aMrRichard999 20200219
SD Gundam Dimension WarVirtual Boy0.00Planet Virtual Boy 20140516
SD Gundam GNextSuper Famicom0.80SD Gundam X Translation 20010828
SD Gundam Knight StoryFamicom0.15Assassin Productions
SD Gundam Knight Story 3Famicom0.00Assassin Productions
SD Gundam Knight: The Great ProphecySuper Famicom!0.00King Mike's Translations 20130615
SD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi - Scramble Wars [FDS]Famicom1.01MrRichard999 20200219
SD Gundam XSuper Famicom1.51SD Gundam X Translation 20010828
SD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 2 - Capsule SenkiFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
SD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 3 - Eiyuu SenkiFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
SD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 4 - New Type StoryFamicom1.01MrRichard999 20200219
SD Gundam: Winner's HistoryGame Gear0.99Gaijin Production 20021025
SD Hiryu No Ken EXGame Boy!0.05Vice Translations 20130115
SD Keiji Blader [SD Detective Blader]Famicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
aishsha 20140720
SD SnatcherMSX1.01ded302 20190731
Seal: Travelers of DestinyWindows/DOS0.25derboo 20140528
Seiken Densetsu 3Super Famicom1.01Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain
Neill Corlett's Home Page 20120806
Seiken Psycho Calibur (FDS)Famicom1.0the spoony bard 20120823
Seiko-Chan SOSPC-8x011.0Takechi 20110131
Seirei GariFamicom1.0The Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Sengoku DensyoSuper Famicom1.00Vice Translations 20130115
satsu 20130218
Shadow BrainFamicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Shadow BrainFamicom!0.01obey archie 20010705
Shadow Tower: AbyssPlayStation 21.0Mord of Swoonlight 20131020
Shadowrun [Mega-CD]Mega Drive!0.00iwakura productions 20140615
ShanghaiPC-Engine0.99RPGOne 20080430
Shiki EiyuudenSuper Famicom!0.98Dynamic Designs 20180903
ShikinjouFamicom1.00Suicidal Translations 20090301
Shin Bokura no Taiyou: Gyakushuu no Sabata [GBA]Game Boy0.7bSpikeman 20131104
Shin Megami TenseiSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Shin Megami Tensei 2Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Shin Megami Tensei: if...Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-tachi no BankaSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Shining Force 3Saturn14r2Shining Force Central 20130607
Shining Force Gaiden: Final ConflictGame GearFinal(?!) PatchShining Force Central 20130607
Shining Soul [GBA]Game Boy0.00strag0
Shinseiki OdysselyaSuper Famicom!0.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Shinseiki Odysselya 2Super Famicom!0.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Shinseiki Odysselya 2Super Famicom!0.00DQ Translations 20140113
ShinsendenFamicom1.0ded302 20190731
aishsha 20140720
Shinsenden [inactive]Famicom!0.05Phantasian Productions 20130109
Shodai Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-KunSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Shufflepuck CafeFamicom1.0The MadHacker
Silva SagaFamicom1.01aishsha 20140720
Silva Saga 2Super Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
SilvianaMSX091213MIJET 20111010
Silviana [FDS]Famicom1.0Mute 20130410
Sin and PunishmentN641.10Vanit Studios 20061208
Skuld's Bug Bashing GameWindows/DOS1.0CinnamonPirate 20081226
SlayersPC-98!0.02Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
SlayersSuper Famicom1.01Dynamic Designs 20180903
Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Slime Morimori Dragon QuestGame Boy!0.55Aeon Genesis 20210310
SnatcherMSX0.60Daniel Caetano 20031222
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand EditionNeo·Geo Pocket5-03-08CFC2 English 20120216
Snoopy ConcertSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Snowboard ChampionGame Boy0.90DigitalZero 20080826
Softball HeavenFamicom1.10the spoony bard 20120823
Sol TriggerPlayStation Portable0.15Xeno Translations 20130613
Solid RunnerSuper Famicom0.20Aeon Genesis 20210310
Son Son 2PC-Engine1.0bSgt. Bow Hack 19980425
Sonic EraserMega Drive1.0CinnamonPirate 20081226
SorcerianMega Drive0.5SSTranslations 20130617
Sorcerian ForeverWindows/DOS0.51bMrRichard999 20200219
SoukobanGame Gear1.0SMS Power! 20121214
Soul GetterGame Boy0.10MageCraft Translations
Space Channel 5 Part 2Dreamcast!0.00Topping Translation 20040713
Space DynagonWindows/DOSBetaNon-Directional Translation 20140206
Space SquashVirtual Boy0.00Planet Virtual Boy 20140516
Space SquashVirtual Boy1.0Feel 20070807
Spelunker 2Famicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Spider-Man: Lethal FoesSuper Famicom!0.00Twilight Translations 20130101
Splatterhouse: Wampaku Graffiti [SD Splatterhouse]Famicom2.00Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
Splatterhouse: Wampaku GraffitiFamicom!0.00Azelistic Translations 20050106
SqoonFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Standard Daisenryaku: Shiwareta ShouriPlayStation 20.60Nebelwurfer HQ 20131103
Star Fox 2Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
satsu 20130218
Star OceanSuper Famicom1.0DeJap 20031231
Star Ocean: Blue SphereGame Boy60%Aeon Genesis 20210310
Star PlatinumWindows/DOSMenuNon-Directional Translation 20140206
Star Wars [Namco]Famicom2.00Mukimuki & Shinta 20050314
Star Wars [Namco]Famicom1.10Gil_Galad 20120501
StargazersFamicom0.80King Mike's Translations 20130615
STED - Starfield of Memorable RelicsFamicom1.0J2E Translations
Sugoro QuestFamicomkoogly.titivillusAlanmidas 20070425
Sugoro Quest ++ DicenicsSuper Famicom0.25Aeon Genesis 20210310
Suishou no Dragon [Crystal Dragon][FDS]Famicom1.0Mute 20130410
Sukeban Deka 2Master System1.0SSTranslations 20130617
Sukeban Deka IIIFamicom0.95MrRichard999 20200219
Sumo Wrestling (alias Tsuppari Daisumou)Famicom1.01the spoony bard 20120823
Super Back to the Future Part 2Super Famicom1.00mteam 20120113
Super Bikkuriman: The Legendary TabletGame 20041026
Super Bomberman 4Super Famicom1.0Svambo 20091207
Super Chinese Fighter ExGame Boy0.99SGST 20130306
EsperKnight 20140116
Super Chinese Fighter ExGame Boy!0.00Opus 20010822
Super Contra 7 (Unl)Famicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
Super DaisenryakuPC-Engine0.99Gaijin Production 20021025
Super Donkey Kong: Xiang Jiao ChuanFamicom1.0pacnsacdave 20140718
Super F1 Circus 2Super Famicom0.95MrRichard999 20200219
Super F1 Circus 3Super Famicom0.995MrRichard999 20200219
Super Famicom WarsSuper Famicom!0.00David Mullen
Super Famicom WarsSuper Famicom!0.00Spinner 8 and friends 20200906
Super Family CircuitSuper Famicom1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Super Fire Prowrestling X PremiumSuper Famicom0.95Sydra Snes Translations
Super Gachapon World: SD Gundam XSuper Famicom0.98MrRichard999 20200219
Super Gussun Oyoyo 2Super Famicom1.0RPGOne 20080430
Super JackPC-8x010.9.1JPN Translations 20110610
Super Naxat Open: Golf de Shoubu da! DorabocchanSuper Famicom0.99MrRichard999 20200219
Super Nazo Puyo 2Super Famicom0.80Aeon Genesis 20210310
Super Puyo Puyo 2Super Famicom1.10J2E Translations
Super Robot TaisenGame Boy1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Super Robot Taisen AlphaGame Boy!0.00Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain
Super Robot Taisen AlphaPlayStation0.65Aeon Genesis 20210310
Super Robot Taisen Alpha GaidenPlayStation0.95Aeon Genesis 20210310
Super Robot Taisen D [GBA]Game Boy0.5snesmaster40 20130518
Super Robot Taisen D [GBA]Game Boy!0.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Super Robot Taisen EXSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Super Robot Taisen FPlayStation!0.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Super Robot Taisen GaidenSuper Famicom1.05Aeon Genesis 20210310
Super Robot Taisen GaidenSuper Famicom0.05Psybuster
Super Robot Taisen J [GBA]Game Boy1.0The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Kingcom 20140420
Super Robot Taisen J [GBA]Game Boy0.somethingsnesmaster40 20130518
Super Robot PinballGame Boy!0.00strag0
Super Shell Monsters StorySuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20180903
Super SoukobanSuper Famicom0.5MrRichard999 20200219
Super Ultra Baseball 2Super Famicom1.00VX 20091224
Suzumiya Haruhi no YakusokuPlayStation PortableALPHA 0.1Zarradeth's Domain 20120930
SWATFamicom!0.00Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Sweet HomeFamicom1.00Gaijin Production 20021025
Suicidal Translations 20090301
Sylvan TaleGame Gear1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
Sylvania MelodyGame Boy1.0Watercrown Productions 20130522
Sylvanian Families: Otogi no Kuni no PendantGame Boy1.1bWatercrown Productions 20130522
TabalugaGame Boy!0.00Dank-Trans 20140120
Tactics OgreSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Taito Grand Prix: Eikou e no LicenseFamicom0.92BMrRichard999 20200219
Taiyou no Tenshi Marlowe: Ohanabatake wa Dai-PanicGame Boy1.0Silenthal 20131219
Taiyou no Tenshi Marlowe: Ohanabatake wa Dai-PanicGame Boy1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima 4Famicom1.00Neo Demiforce 20061108
Takeshi no ChousenjouFamicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Tales of Destiny: Director's CutPlayStation 2!0.00Phantasian Productions 20130109
Absolute Zero Translations 20140626
Tales of Destiny 2PlayStation 2Pre-Alpha 1Phantasian Productions 20130109
Tales of HeartsDSDemoKajitani-Eizan 20130524
Absolute Zero Translations 20140626
Tales of InnocenceDS1.0Kingcom 20140420
Absolute Zero Translations 20140626
Tales of PhantasiaPlayStationpre-1.1 fix 1Phantasian Productions 20130109
Tales of PhantasiaPlayStation1.0Gemini 20131103
Absolute Zero Translations 20140626
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom1.20DeJap 20031231
Tales of Phantasia [GBA]Game Boy0.20Kajitani-Eizan 20130524
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri DungeonGame Boy009mChange-V 20120707
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri DungeonGame Boy!0.02Phantasian Productions 20130109
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon XPlayStation Portable!0.00Absolute Zero Translations 20140626
Tales of the TempestDS1.0Absolute Zero Translations 20140626
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 [GBA]Game Boy°0.42Kajitani-Eizan 20130524
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 [GBA]Game Boy0.30Kajitani-Eizan 20130524
Tales of the World: Summoner’s Lineage [GBA]Game Boy!0.00Kajitani-Eizan 20130524
TaoFamicom1.0The Snark's Fun Page 20110628
Tashiro Masashi no Princess ga IppaiFamicom1.00Suicidal Translations 20090301
Team InnocentPC-FX!0.00Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
EsperKnight 20140116
Tear Ring SagaPlayStation0.8ayashii gamesubs 20120722
Tekkaman BladeGame Boy0.99strag0
Tenchi Muyou! Game HenSuper Famicom1.1borderLine 20110302
Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia's Translation Domain
Tengoku YoitokoMSX1.0.2MSX FILES 20120527
Tenshi No UtaSuper Famicom!0.00Nightcrawler's Translation Corporation 20130423
Tetsudou Ou: Famicom BoardgameFamicom0.98MrRichard999 20200219
TetrastarFamicom1.00betaGaijin Production 20021025
The Great BattleSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
The Great Battle II: Last Fighter TwinSuper Famicom1.20Aeon Genesis 20210310
The Great Battle IIISuper Famicom1.10Aeon Genesis 20210310
The Great Battle IVSuper Famicom1.10Aeon Genesis 20210310
The Great Battle VSuper Famicom1.20Aeon Genesis 20210310
The Wild RingsXbox0.95MrRichard999 20200219
Thousand LandXbox0.992bMrRichard999 20200219
Time ZoneFamicom1.3King Mike's Translations 20130615
Time ZoneFamicom!0.25obey archie 20010705
TitanicFamicom2.0pacnsacdave 20140718
Tobal 2PlayStation1.00bInfinite Lupine Translations 20030913
Tomodachi CollectionDS0.80jjjewel 20140604
Touge RXbox0.98MrRichard999 20200219
Touhou Eiyashou: Imperishable NightWindows/DOS1.0Non-Directional Translation 20140206
Touhou Rei'iden: The Highly Responsive to PrayersPC-980.00Non-Directional Translation 20140206
Toukon ClubFamicom1.1Eric Engel 20121017
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love PlusDS2010-12-02TokimemoGS1 Translation 20110610
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd SeasonDSV6Gokusaishiki 20131031
Tokkyuu Shirei SolbrainFamicom1.01Aeon Genesis 20210310
Toradora! PortablePlayStation Portable1.00xyz 20131026
Torneco no DeboukenSuper Famicom0.99 semi betaDynamic Designs 20180903
Transformers: Convoy no NazoFamicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Transformers: Convoy no NazoFamicom1.00No Talent Translations 20010529
Treasure Hunter: GSuper FamicomPost-Beta 2Treasure Hunter G Translation
TsukihimeWindows/DOS1.2mirror moon 20121120
Tsukihime Plus+DiscWindows/DOS1.2mirror moon 20121120
Tsuri Kichi Sanpei: Blue Marlin HenFamicom0.94bMrRichard999 20200219
TwinBee 3Famicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
TwinBee 3Famicom1.02Neo Demiforce 20061108
TwinBee Rainbow Bell AdventureSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Twinkle TaleMega Drive070328MIJET 20111010
Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman BladeSuper Famicom1.0CinnamonPirate 20081226
Uchuusen: Cosmo CarrierFamicom0.25Gil_Galad 20120501
Ultra Baseball JitsumeibanSuper Famicom1.04 FinalVX 20091224
Ultraman BallGame Boy0.99Suicidal Translations 20090301
Umihara KawaseSuper Famicom0.90satsu 20130218
UndeadlineMega Drive070903MIJET 20111010
Undeadline: GenjuukiX68000071031MIJET 20111010
Urusei Yatsura Lum's Wedding BellFamicom1.0Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Urusei Yatsura - Stay With You [CD]PC-Engine!0.00Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Ushio & Tora: Profound Great SpiritFamicom0.30~Neophyte Productions~
UtawarerumonoWindows/DOS1.1mirror moon 20121120
V GundamSuper Famicom1.00Twilight Translations 20130101
VagrantsWindows/DOS!0.00mirror moon 20121120
Valkyrie no BoukenFamicomRev ADvD Translations 20121023
Valkyrie no BoukenFamicom1.00SGST 20130306
Venus SenkiFamicom2.0J2E Translations
VillgustSuper Famicom1.01Dynamic Designs 20180903
Wagyan LandFamicomwag.yanAlanmidas 20070425
Wagyan Land 2Famicom1.00Abstract Crouton 20030415
Wai Wai World 2: SOS From Parsley CastleFamicom1.01Vice Translations 20130115
Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World [Chef Cookie in Gourmet World]Famicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World [Naughty Kokkun's Gourmet World]Famicom1.0the spoony bard 20120823
Warning ForeverWindows/DOS1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Warehouse No.18Famicom1.00Gil_Galad 20120501
Warrior of Algos (Algos No Senshi)Famicom0.90the spoony bard 20120823
Wedding PeachSuper Famicom0.90DeJap 20031231
Welcome to Pia Carrot 2Windows/DOS!0.00Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Welcome to Pia Carrot 2.2Game Boy!0.00Filler's Translation Projects 20131116
Wily & Light no RockBoard: That's ParadiseFamicom1.1Mega Man PC 20130328
Wily & Light no RockBoard: That's ParadiseFamicom!0.00X Translations 20110706
Winning Eleven 6 Final EvolutionGameCube02ADONF 20070814
Winning Eleven World Soccer [GBA]Game Boy0.12Odin_Knight 20080618
Winning ShotPC-Engine!0.00Azelistic Translations 20050106
Wit'sFamicom1.00Suicidal Translations 20090301
Wizardry 1+2+3Game Boy0.00Opus 20010822
Wizardry 1+2+3: Story of LlylgamynSuper Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Wizardry II: Llylgamyn no IsanFamicom1.1MrRichard999 20200219
Wizardry ChronicleWindows/DOS0.984bMrRichard999 20200219
Wizardry EmpireGame Boy1.03MrRichard999 20200219
Wizardry EmpireGame Boy0.45MageCraft Translations
Wizardry Empire 2: Oujo no IsanWindows/DOS0.982MrRichard999 20200219
Wizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no TsueGame Boy1.16MrRichard999 20200219
Wizardry Empire: Inishie no OujoWindows/DOS0.02bMrRichard999 20200219
Wizardry Gaiden 1: Joou no JunanGame Boy1.1Tangyi_Chang 20160727
Wizardry Gaiden 2: Kodai Koutei no NoroiGame Boy1.1Tangyi_Chang 20160727
MrRichard999 20200219
Wizardry Gaiden 3: Yama no SeitenGame Boy1.03Tangyi_Chang 20160727
Wizardry Gaiden 4: Taima no KodouSuper Famicom1.01MrRichard999 20200219
Wizardry: Bane Of The Cosmic ForgeSuper Famicom0.99TiCo 20151101
Wonder Project JSuper Famicom1.04WakdHacks
Wonder Project J 2N641.0WPJ 2 Translation Project 20071215
Wonder Boy 2: Wonder Boy in Monster LandPC-Engine1.00Neo Demiforce 20061108
Woody PokoMSX1.0.1MSX FILES 20120527
Woody PokoFamicomFinalsqpat 20100102
World to reverse, TheWindows/DOS1.0esatsu 20130218
World Rally ChampionshipFamicom1.0Klepto Software 20160204
Xak: The Art of Visual StageSuper Famicom1.10Dynamic Designs 20180903
Xak 3PC-Engine1.00Plight of the Fan Translator
Xanadu NextWindows/DOS2.0Figli di Gaucci 20130607
Xenosaga I & IIDS!0.00The Romhacking Aerie 20130916
Yoshida KonzernMSX0.5.0MSX FILES 20120527
Youkai ClubFamicom1.01Stardust Crusaders 20140708
Youkai Yashiki [FDS]Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
YsFamicom1.00David Mullen
Ys 1: CompleteWindows/DOS1.27Plight of the Fan Translator
Ys 2Famicom1.00David Mullen
Ys 2: CompleteWindows/DOS1.02r2Plight of the Fan Translator
Ys 3: Wanderers From YsFamicom1.00Vice Translations 20130115
Ys 4: Mask of the SunSuper Famicom2.10Aeon Genesis 20210310
Ys 4: The Dawn of YsPC-Engine0.95Plight of the Fan Translator
Ys 5Super Famicom1.00Aeon Genesis 20210310
Ys 5 ExpertSuper Famicom0.01bMrRichard999 20200219
Ys 6: The Ark of NapishtimWindows/DOS0.00Figli di Gaucci 20130607
Ys OriginWindows/DOS1.0Figli di Gaucci 20130607
Ys Typing Tutor GameWindows/DOS0.85Plight of the Fan Translator
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel MonstersGame Boy!0.00X Translations 20110706
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 2Game Boy!0.00X Translations 20110706
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 3Game Boy0.03X Translations 20110706
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Jounouchi's DeckGame Boy!0.00X Translations 20110706
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Kaiba's DeckGame BoybetaChris Judah
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Kaiba's DeckGame Boy!0.00X Translations 20110706
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Yuugi's DeckGame Boy!0.00X Translations 20110706
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1 [GBA]Game Boy0.10DigitalZero 20080826
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1 [GBA]Game Boy!0.00X Translations 20110706
Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster 5 Expert 1Game BoybetaChris Judah
Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GBGame Boy0.03X Translations 20110706
Yugekitai Kakuto Hen: Saikyou Kami Fukkatsu Yuki KanPC-981.0ramkhamhaeng 20120517
Yugekitai: Saikyoushin Fukkatsu no MakiPC-981.0ramkhamhaeng 20120517
Yume Penguin Monogatari!Famicom1.021Vice Translations 20130115
Yuu Yuu HakushoSuper Famicom0.40Aeon Genesis 20210310
Yuu Yuu Hakusho 2: Battle of the Seven FightersGame Gear1.00Gaijin Production 20021025
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo ToitsuseMega Drive071113MIJET 20111010
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: TokubetuhenSuper Famicom0.75Aeon Genesis 20210310
Yuushi heno Tabi [Deep Dungeon 3]Famicom1.0King Mike's Translations 20130615
Z Gundam: Away to the NewtypeSuper Famicom!0.00Twilight Translations 20130101
Zill'Oll InfinitePlayStation 2Alpha V1TransGen 20190417
Zoids DensetsuGame Boy1.0MrRichard999 20200219
Zoids RPGFamicom!0.01obey archie 20010705
Zoids: MokushirokuFamicom1.3MrRichard999 20200219
Zombie HunterFamicom1.01King Mike's Translations 20130615
ZugyAX68000071108MIJET 20111010


1942Famicom0.98Emulation 4ever
3rd Birthday, ThePlayStation 31.0Tío Víctor 20140701
7th Saga, TheSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
8 Eye'sFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
AbadoxFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
ActRaiser 2Super Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Addams Family, TheGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Addams Family, TheFamicom0.5Heros 20140313
Addams Family, TheSuper Famicom1.00Ereza Translations
Addams Family, The: ValuesSuper Famicom1.10Phoenix's Flame Translations
Dark-N 20130414
Adventure IslandGame Boy1.0CUE 20140710
Adventures of Batman & Robin, TheMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Adventures of Pinocchio, TheGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Silver EarringWindows/DOS1.0Vegetal Translations 20060320
Aero FightersSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Aero FightersSuper Famicom0.55Tanero Translations
Age of EmpiresWindows/DOS0.99Paladin Knights Translations
AladdinSuper Famicom0.99Emulation 4ever
AladdinSuper Famicom0.98Universal Traduccions
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster System1.2Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Alien SwarmWindows/DOS1.5Tío Víctor 20140701
Alien³Famicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (First CD)PlayStation1.01eduardo_a2j 20090909
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Second CD)PlayStation1.00eduardo_a2j 20090909
Amazing TaterGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
AnimaniacsSuper Famicom0.10.::Wrackers Translations::.
ArabianFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
ArcanaSuper Famicom0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Arc the LadPlayStation1Devil Traductions 20140330
Arctic AdvenureFamicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Argos No SenshiFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Armed Dragon Fantasy VillgustFamicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
AstianaxFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Attack of the Killer TomatoesFamicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Avenging SpiritGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Bahamut LagoonSuper Famicom1.01aTraducciones Crackowia 20221114
Balloon FightFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Balloon Fight GBGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Balloon KidGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Banjo-KazooieN641.1Tales Translations 20130901
PacoChan 20140119
Bare Knuckle 3Mega Drive1.0r2-Pepodmc 20140113
BaseballFamicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Bastard!!Super Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Baten Kaitos OriginsGameCube!0.14gadesx 20140529
CUE 20140710
BattletoadsMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Batman ReturnsFamicom1.0Dark-N 20130414
Battle ChessFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Battle Mania DaiginjouMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Battle Moon WarsWindows/DOS0.55Artema Translations 20131228
Battletoads and Double DragonSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Battletoads and Double DragonSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Battletoads in BattlemaniacsSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Battletoads in BattlemaniacsSuper Famicom1.0Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Biker Mice From MarsSuper Famicom0.30.::Wrackers Translations::.
BioMetalSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Bionic CommandoGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Bionic Commando: Elite ForcesGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
BlackthorneSuper Famicom1.0Universal Traduccions
BlackthorneSuper Famicom1.1DaRKWiZaRDX 20080407
BlackthorneSuper Famicom1.0aTraducciones Crackowia 20221114
Bleach: The 3rd PhantomDS1.0Artema Translations 20131228
BombermanFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Bomberman QuestGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Boy and His Blob, A: Trouble in BloboloniaFamicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Brain LordSuper Famicom1.1aLukas Traducciones 20140507
BrandishSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Brandish 2Super Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Breath of Fire [GBA]Game Boy1.0Vegetal Translations 20060320
Breath of FireSuper Famicom1.3Vegetal Translations 20060320
Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Breath of Fire 2Super Famicom1.2Vegetal Translations 20060320
Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Breath of Fire 3PlayStation0.7bVegetal Translations 20060320
Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Breath of Fire 4PlayStation2010-01-06CUE 20140710
Chrono Traducciones 20110323
BS Zelda no DensetsuSuper Famicom1.1Dervour Traducciones 20140112
BS Zelda: Kodai no SekibanSuper Famicom1.03Dervour Traducciones 20140112
Bubble BobbleFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Bubble Bobble, FinalMaster System0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Bugs BunnyFamicom0.90Phoenix's Flame Translations
Ca DaGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Captain AmericaFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Captain America and the AvengersFamicom1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Captain CommandoSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Captain TsubasaSuper Famicom0.50Emunixs
Captain Tsubasa 2Famicom2.3Nicogalan 20080528
Captain Tsubasa 2Famicom1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Captain Tsubasa 2Famicom0.10Phoenix's Flame Translations
Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Captain Tsubasa 3Super Famicom0.90Validus 20111021
Captain Tsubasa 3Super Famicom0.85Phoenix's Flame Translations
Captain Tsubasa 4Super Famicom0.15Phoenix's Flame Translations
Captain Tsubasa 5Super Famicom0.90Dark-N 20130414
Phoenix's Flame Translations
Captain Tsubasa JSuper Famicom!0.00Traducciones Magno 20140331
Phoenix's Flame Translations
Captain Tsubasa VSGame Boy0.70Phoenix's Flame Translations
Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey MouseMega Drive1.0Jate 20140107
Castle QuestGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
CastlevaniaFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
CastlevaniaFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
CastlevaniaFamicom1.00Tanero Translations
CastlevaniaFamicom1.3Julian L. 20140627
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.00SkAnDa UNIVERSE 20010429
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.0 FinalJulian L. 20140627
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.0 FinalTransGen 20190417
Castlevania 3Famicom1.00eduardo_a2j 20090909
Castlevania 4Super Famicom1.10eduardo_a2j 20090909
Castlevania: BloodlinesMega Drive0.75Paladin Knights Translations
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow [GBA]Game Boy1.0eduardo_a2j 20090909
Castlevania: The AdventureGame Boy1.0CUE 20140710
Chalvo 55Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Cheetahmen 2Famicom1.0PacoChan 20140119
Chessmaster, TheSuper Famicom1.00Sinister Translations
Chew-Man-FuPC-Engine1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Chronicle of the Radia WarFamicom!0.00Tanero Translations
Chrono CrossPlayStation2.5gadesx 20140529
Chrono Traducciones 20110323
Chrono TriggerDS0.9ChronoSP Team 20091016
Rigle 20120515
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.010Traducciones Magno 20140331
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.06Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom0.96Olé Translations 19991016
CIMA: The Enemy [GBA]Game Boy1.10Lukas Traducciones 20140507
CliffhangerSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Clock TowerSuper FamicomBeta 1Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Code Name: ViperFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Comix ZoneMega Drive1.0Kale 20140107
Comix ZoneMega Drive1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
ContraFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
ContraFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
ContraFamicom1.00Tanero Translations
Contra: Hard CorpsMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Contract J.A.C.K.Windows/DOS1.5Tío Víctor 20140701
Crimson Gem SagaPlayStation Portable1.1Artema Translations 20131228
Crystal Beans: From Dungeon ExplorerSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Crystal WarriorsGame Gear1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
CybernatorSuper Famicom0.98Phoenix's Flame Translations
Daedalian OpusGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
DarkmanFamicom0.98Phoenix's Flame Translations
Darkwing DuckFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Dawn of ManaPlayStation 20.00Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Day of the TentacleWindows/DOS0.10Mugriento Entertainment
Dead Space ExtractionWii1.1Tío Víctor 20140701
Defenders of OasisGame Gear1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Demon's CrestSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Demon's CrestSuper Famicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Dig DugFamicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Disney's AladdinMega Drive1.01eTraducciones Crackowia 20221114
Disney's Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise [GBA]Game Boy0.01Rom_Tradu 20100622
Disney's The Lion KingSuper Famicom0.99Phoenix's Flame Translations
Donkey KongFamicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Donkey Kong?1.0r2Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Donkey Kong Country 2Super Famicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie KongGame Boy1.0Blaziken257 20121121
Donkey Kong Jr.Famicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Dossun!! Stone BattleSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Double Dragon 2Game Boy1.00Tanero Translations
Double Dragon 3Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Doukutsu MonogatariWindows/DOSFinalVagrant Traducciones 20120501
Dr. MarioFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Dragon Ball Z 2: Gekishin Freeza!!Famicom0.70Paladin Knights Translations
Dragon Ball Z 3: Ressen Jinzou NingenFamicom0.70Paladin Knights Translations
Dragon Ball Z 3: Ressen Jinzou NingenFamicom1.00TransGen 20190417
Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya DensetsuSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya DensetsuSuper Famicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Dragon Ball Z: Gokuden 1Super Famicom0.19Emunixs
Dragon Ball Z: Gokuden 2Super Famicom!0.01Emunixs
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionSuper Famicom0.99Emunixs
Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiya JinFamicom0.95Paladin Knights Translations
Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku (GBA)Game Boy0.36Emulation 4ever
Dragon Ball Z: Super Boturaden 1Super Famicom0.99Emunixs
Dragon Ball Z: Super Boturaden 2Super Famicom!0.01Emunixs
Dragon Ball Z: Super Boturaden 3Super Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Dragon Ball Z: Super Boturaden 3Super Famicom0.99Emunixs
Dragon Quest I & IISuper Famicom1.2aTraducciones Crackowia 20221114
Dragon Quest IIISuper Famicom1.1Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Dragon Quest MonsterGame Boy0.1aVegetal Translations 20060320
Dragon WarriorFamicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Tanero Translations
Dragon WarriorFamicom1.01Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Dragon WarriorFamicom!0.00Edén Traducciones 20100612
Dragon Warrior 3Game Boy1.1Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Dragon Warrior 3Game Boy1.0 BETADark Devils Translations 20100312
Dragon Warrior 4Game Boy1.0 BETADark Devils Translations 20100312
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's AdventureGame Boy0.99Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Dragoneer's AriaPlayStation Portable0.00Artema Translations 20131228
Dragon: History of Bruce LeeSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
DuckTalesGame Boy1.1CUE 20140710
EarthboundSuper Famicom0.35Tanero Translations
EquinoxSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Etrian Odyssey 3DS!0.00Aegis Traducciones 20140714
ExileMega Drive1.1Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Fatal LabyrinthMega Drive0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
FaxanaduFamicom0.7Dirak 20111003
Final FantasyFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Final FantasyFamicom1.00Ereza Translations
Final FantasyFamicom1.00Sayans Traductions 20080310
Final FantasyFamicom1.0DaRKWiZaRDX 20080407
Final FantasyFamicom1.0aTraducciones Crackowia 20221114
Final Fantasy 2Famicom1.0Phoenix's Flame Translations
Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Final Fantasy 2Super Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Final Fantasy 3Famicom2.3Phoenix's Flame Translations
Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Final Fantasy 3Super Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Final Fantasy 3Super Famicom1.00Traducciones Magno 20140331
Final Fantasy 3Super Famicom1.14r3Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Final Fantasy 4Super Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Final Fantasy 5PlayStation°0.85ROD Traducciones
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Final Fantasy 6PlayStation2.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Final Fantasy AdventureGame Boy0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Final Fantasy LegendGame Boy1.1Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Final Fantasy Legend 2Game Boy1.00Tanero Translations
Final Fantasy Origins [only Final Fantasy 2]PlayStation2013-09-27CUE 20140710
Final Fantasy TacticsPlayStation1Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the LionsPlayStation Portable1.00Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the LionsPlayStation Portable!0.00El NeXo Hispano 20080207
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightDS1.04gadesx 20140529
Final FightSuper Famicom1.0Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Final Fight 2Super Famicom1.01Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Final Fight 3Super Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Final Fight, MightyFamicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Fire Emblem: Fuuin No Tsurugi [GBA]Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Fire Emblem: Monshou no NazoSuper Famicom0.35Klint Proguctions 20140220
FirestrikerSuper Famicom1.1Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Flappy SpecialGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
FlashbackMega Drive1.17Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
FlashbackSuper Famicom1.17r1Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Flintstones, TheMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Flintstones, The: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!Famicom2.0DaRKWiZaRDX 20080407
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the MoonWii1.1Tío Víctor 20140701
PacoChan 20140119
Friday 13thFamicom1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
GaleriansPlayStation1.0gadesx 20140529
Gals FigthersNeo·Geo Pocket0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Ganbare GoemonFamicom°0.99Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Phoenix's Flame Translations
Gargoyle's Quest: Ghosts'n GoblinsGame Boy1.2Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Gargoyle's Quest 2: The Demon DarknessFamicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Gargoyle's Quest 2Game Boy0.90Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Ghosts & GoblinsFamicom1.00Tanero Translations
GI JoeFamicom1.00Tanero Translations
GI JoeFamicom0.95Chilensis Translations
Golden Axe WarriorMaster System1.0Pikachumanson 20130625
Golden Axe WarriorMaster System1.00Tanero Translations
Golden Axe WarriorMaster System0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
GoldenEye 007N641.1Sogun 20130707
Golgo 13Famicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Goofy's Hysterical History TourMega Drive0.10Sinister Translations
Goonies, TheFamicom1.0Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
GrandiaPlayStation2.0TransGen 20190417
Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Great GreedGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
GryzorFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Guardian Legend, TheFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Gulliver BoySuper Famicom0.99Lukas Traducciones 20140507
GumshoeFamicom1.0Pikachumanson 20130625
Gun SmokeFamicom1.00Tanero Translations
Gunman's ProofSuper Famicom0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
HammerwatchWindows/DOS1.23Orden 20140627
Hard EdgePlayStation1.1gadesx 20140529
Harvest MoonGame Boy1.00Tanero Translations
Harvest MoonGame Boy1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Harvest MoonSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Harvest Moon 2Game Boy!0.15Tanero Translations
Hat Trick Hero 2Super Famicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Hello Kitty WorldFamicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Hexcite: The Shapes of VictoryGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Hitler no Fukkatsu: Top SecretFamicom1.02esAegis Traducciones 20140714
Holy UmbrellaSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Home Alone 2Super Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
HoshigamiPlayStation1.00Chrono Traducciones 20110323
Hudson's Adventure Island 2Famicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Hudson's Adventure Island 3Famicom0.95Paladin Knights Translations
Hunt for Red October, TheSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Hyper V-BallSuper Famicom1.10Sayans Traductions 20080310
Ice ClimberFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Immortal, TheFamicom1.0Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeFamicom1.00ROD Traducciones
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeFamicom1.0Dervour Traducciones 20140112
International Superstar SoccerGame Boy0.00Chilensis Translations
Invader [GBA]Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Iridion 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
IshidoGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Jack BrosVirtual Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Jetsons, TheSuper Famicom!1.00Tanero Translations
Joe & MacSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Journey to SiliusFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings: Volume OneSuper Famicom1.0DaRKWiZaRDX 20080407
Jurassic ParkMega Drive0.992Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Jurassic ParkFamicom0.99Phoenix's Flame Translations
Jurassic Park 2Super Famicom1.00 BetaSinister Translations
Just BreedSuper Famicom2.0Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Phoenix's Flame Translations
Justice League: Task ForceMega Drive0.95Phoenix's Flame Translations
Kaeruno TameniGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Karate ChampFamicom0.75Paladin Knights Translations
Kart FighterFamicom0.98Paladin Knights Translations
Keru NagaruFamicom0.30Waseiyakusha 20040731
Kid IcarusFamicom1.1Pikachumanson 20130625
Kid Icarus: Of Myths and MonstersGame Boy1.1CUE 20140710
Killer InstinctGame Boy1.00Tanero Translations
Killer InstinctSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
King of Dragons, TheSuper Famicom1.01Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
King of Fighters EX, The (GBA)Game Boy0.99Emulation 4ever
Kirby's AdventureFamicom1.0Klint Proguctions 20140220
PacoChan 20140119
Kirby's AdventureFamicom0.50Paladin Knights Translations
Kirby's AvalancheSuper Famicom0.80Chilensis Translations
Kishi DensetsuMega Drive0.23Waseiyakusha 20040731
Knight QuestGame Boy1.10Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Kung FuFamicom1.0Pikachumanson 20130625
Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer LeagueFamicom1.0Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Phoenix's Flame Translations
Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer LeagueFamicom1.0 FinalTransGen 20190417
KwirkGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
LagoonSuper Famicom!1.00Tanero Translations
LagoonSuper Famicom!0.00Fortaleza Romhack 20121201
Lazlos' LeapGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Legacy of the WizardFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Lion King, TheSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Little MagicGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Lock'n ChaseGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
LucleGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom1.03Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom0.25Ereza Translations
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom0.10Sayans Traductions 20080310
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom0.00Chilensis Translations
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom!0.30Tanero Translations
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom!0.00Fortaleza Romhack 20121201
Lufia: Curse of the SinistralsDS1.1gadesx 20140529
CUE 20140710
Lufia: The Legend ReturnsGame Boy2.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Luminous Arc 2DS2.0Artema Translations 20131228
Lunar: Silver Star HarmonyPlayStation Portable0.40Devil Traductions 20140330
Chrono Traducciones 20110323
Magi NationGame Boy0.35Sayans Traductions 20080310
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom°0.94Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Phoenix's Flame Translations
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom0.1bVegetal Translations 20060320
Magical Pop'nSuper Famicom1.00Aegis Traducciones 20140714
Marble MadnessMaster System1.00Sinister Translations
Mario All Stars, SuperSuper Famicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Mario Bros.Famicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Mario Bros., SuperFamicom1.00Lady Mariann's Translations 20020710
Mario Bros., SuperFamicom1.01Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Mario Bros. 2, SuperFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom1.00Lady Mariann's Translations 20020710
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Mario Bros. DeluxeGame Boy0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Mario GolfGame Boy0.99aLukas Traducciones 20140507
Mario Land, SuperGame Boy0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Mario Land 2, SuperGame Boy0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Mario PartyN641.0PacoChan 20140119
Mario World 1, SuperSuper Famicom0.80Paladin Knights Translations
Mario World 2, Super: Yoshi's IslandSuper Famicom1.00Emulation 4ever
Maru's MissionGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Marvel Super Heroes: War of the GemsSuper Famicom1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Mask, TheSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Maximum CarnageMega Drive0.95Sayans Traductions 20080310
Maximum CarnageSuper Famicom0.95Sayans Traductions 20080310
Mega ManFamicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Mega ManFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Tanero Translations
Mega Man 2Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Mega Man 3Famicom0.90Paladin Knights Translations
Mega Man 4Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Mega Man 4Famicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Mega Man 5Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Mega Man 5Famicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Mega Man 6Famicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Mega Man 6Famicom1.00Dark-N 20130414
Mega Man 7Super Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Mega Man 7Super Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Mega Man 7Super Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Mega Man 8PlayStation0.00Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue [GBA]Game Boy0.01Rom_Tradu 20100622
Mega Man XSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Mega Man XSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Mega Man XSuper Famicom°0.70Sayans Traductions 20080310
Mega Man X 2Super Famicom1.0Phoenix's Flame Translations
Mega Man X 3Super Famicom1.00eduardo_a2j 20090909
Mega Man X 3Super Famicom1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Mega Man X 3Windows/DOS1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Mega Man X 4PlayStationFinalVagrant Traducciones 20120501
Mega Man X 6PlayStation1.0Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Mega Man Xtreme 2Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy2.2Stresslation 20071112
Mega Man Zero 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0DaRKWiZaRDX 20080407
Mega Man Zero 3 [GBA]Game Boy1.1DaRKWiZaRDX 20080407
Mega Man Zero 4 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
MegalitGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Metal GearFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Metal GearFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Metal GearFamicom1.00ROD Traducciones
Metal GearFamicom1.0 FinalJulian L. 20140627
Metal Slug Advance [GBA]Game Boy0.10Rom_Tradu 20100622
Metal WalkerGame Boy1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Metal WarriorsSuper Famicom1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
MetroidFamicom1.0Klint Proguctions 20140220
MetroidFamicom1.00Ereza Translations
MetroidFamicom1.0Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Metroid 2: Return of SamusGame Boy1.0CUE 20140710
Metroid 2: Return of SamusGame Boy1.0Klint Proguctions 20140220
Mickey ManiaMega Drive0.99bTraducciones Crackowia 20221114
Micro Machines Turbo Tournament '96Mega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Mole ManiaGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Monkey PuncherGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
MonopolySuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Monster PartyFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Montezuma's RevengeMaster System1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Moon CrystalFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Moon CrystalFamicom1.00Tanero Translations
Morph, SuperSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Mortal KombatMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Mortal Kombat 2Mega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Mystic QuestGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Mystical NinjaSuper Famicom0.90Phoenix's Flame Translations
Dark-N 20130414
MysteriumGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Nekketsu Kakutou DensetsuFamicom0.99Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Phoenix's Flame Translations
NeutopiaPC-Engine1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Ni no Kuni: Shikkoku no MadoushiDS0.50gadesx 20140529
Ninja Boy 2Game Boy0.99Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Ninja Boy, SuperSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Ninja GaidenGame Gear1.0Pikachumanson 20130625
Ninja GaidenMaster System1.0Pikachumanson 20130625
Ninja GaidenFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Ninja Gaiden 2Famicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Ninja Gaiden 2Famicom1.0-FinalTransGen 20190417
Ninja Gaiden Episode 3Famicom1.0-FinalTransGen 20190417
Ninja Gaiden ShadowGame Boy1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Ninja Gaiden TrilogySuper Famicom0.20Paladin Knights Translations
Ninja RaHOI!Famicom0.15Waseiyakusha 20040731
Ninja TaroGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Nintendo TennisGame Boy0.90.::Wrackers Translations::.
North & SouthFamicom2.0Julian L. 20140627
NostalgiaDS1.0gadesx 20140529
CUE 20140710
Ogre BattleSuper Famicom0.25Waseiyakusha 20040731
Pac-Man Special Color EditionGame Boy0.40Paladin Knights Translations
Pac-ManSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Paladin's QuestSuper Famicom2.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Paper Boy 2Super Famicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Pang, SuperSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Paradise Heights 2Windows/DOS0.30Phoenix's Flame Translations
Parasite EvePlayStation1.0El NeXo Hispano 20080207
Parasite EvePlayStation°0.95ROD Traducciones
Parasite EvePlayStation12 July 2014Parasite Eve Translation Project 20140712
Peace Keeper, TheSuper Famicom0.20Sayans Traductions 20080310
PeetanGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Phantasy StarMaster System1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Phantasy Star 2Mega Drive2.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Phantasy Star 3Mega Drive1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Phantasy Star: The end of the millenniumMega Drive1.10Sayans Traductions 20080310
Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire [GBA]Game Boy1.00Toruzz Trans
Pokémon Puzzle LeagueGame Boy0.10.::Wrackers Translations::.
Pokémon Sapphire [GBA]Game Boy0.50Toruzz Trans
PolicenautsPlayStation0.50Tío Víctor 20140701
PolicenautsSaturn0.50Tío Víctor 20140701
Pop UpGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Pop'n PopGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
PopeyeFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Pri Pri: Primitive Princess!Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Prince of PersiaSuper Famicom1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Prince of Persia 2Super Famicom0.80Sinister Translations
Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?PlayStation Portable1.0Artema Translations 20131228
Project Zero 4Wii0.00Tío Víctor 20140701
Puyo Puyo! 15th AnniversaryDS1.00Artema Translations 20131228
Pyramids of RaGame Boy1.2Lukas Traducciones 20140507
QuackShotMega Drive1.0Jate 20140107
Quest 64N641.0Dervour Traducciones 20140112
Quest RPGGame Boy1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Tanero Translations
R-Type, SuperSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Radiant HistoriaDS1.1Tales Translations 20130901
Radical DreamersSuper Famicom1.1.1Dervour Traducciones 20140112
RAF WorldFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Ragnarok DSDS1.0Artema Translations 20131228
Ragnarok DSDSBeta 3Rigle 20120515
Rally de Europe 2000PlayStation1.0gadesx 20140529
Ranma ½Super Famicom1.00Emunixs
Ranma ½ RPGSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Ranma ½ RPGSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Ranma ½ RPGSuper Famicom1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Ranma ½: Treasure of the Red Cat GangSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Ready 2 Rumble BoxingN641.00Tío Víctor 20140701
Ready 2 Rumble BoxingPlayStation1.00Tío Víctor 20140701
Rebelstar: Tactical Command [GBA]Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Resident EvilPlayStation0.30ROD Traducciones
Resident Evil 2Dreamcast1.5 FINALTío Víctor 20140701
Resident Evil: Director's CutPlayStation3.6Tío Víctor 20140701
Revelations: The Demon SlayerGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Revelations: The Demon SlayerGame Boy0.02Ereza Translations
Rey LeónSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
River City RansomFamicom1.0Vegetal Translations 20060320
River City RansomFamicom1.0-FinalTransGen 20190417
Road RashMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Road Rash 2Mega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
RobocopFamicom0.99Emulation 4ever
RobotrekSuper Famicom0.1 DemoSayans Traductions 20080310
RockmanFamicom1.00Paladin Knights Translations
Rockman & ForteSuper Famicom1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Rocko's Modern Life: Spunky's Dangerous DaySuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Rolan's CurseGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Rolan's Curse 2Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Romancia [MSX1]MSX0.7.0MSX FILES 20100714
Romancing SaGa 3Super Famicom1.00Traducciones Magno 20140331
Ronin BladePlayStation1.0Chrono Traducciones 20110323
gadesx 20140529
RPG Tsukuuru: Super DanteSuper Famicom0.62Paladin Knights Translations
Rudra no HihouSuper Famicom1.02Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Rugrats Go Wild [GBA]Game Boy1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Rush'n AttackFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
RygarFamicom1.00HTI 20030228
Saint Seiya 2Famicom0.50bTanero Translations
Saint ParadiseGame Boy1.00Waseiyakusha 20040731
Samurai ShodownGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
SCAT: Special Cybernetic Attack TeamFamicom1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Scooby-DooSuper Famicom0.21Sinister Translations
SD Kidou Senshi Gundam 2Super Famicom0.50Paladin Knights Translations
Second SamuraiMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Secret of ManaSuper Famicom1.1aSayans Traductions 20080310
Secret of ManaSuper Famicom1.01Traducciones Magno 20140331
Sega ChessMaster System0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Seiken Densetsu 3Super Famicom1.03Traducciones Magno 20140331
Vegetal Translations 20060320
Shadow of the BeastMaster System1.12aTraducciones Crackowia 20221114
Shadow WarriorGame Boy1.00Chilensis Translations
Shadow WarriorGame Boy1.00Tanero Translations
Shadow WatchWindows/DOS0.50Tío Víctor 20140701
Shadow, TheSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
ShantaeGame Boy0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
ShenmueDreamcastBETA 1.0.3Tío Víctor 20140701
Shenmue 2Dreamcast0.75Tío Víctor 20140701
Aegis Traducciones 20140714
Shin Megami TenseiSuper Famicom1.0Orden 20140627
Shin Megami Tensei 2Super Famicom1.0Orden 20140627
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SurvivorDS!0.00Neku Translations 20140509
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2DS!0.00Artema Translations 20131228
Shining Force 2Mega Drive1.0Neku Translations 20140509
Shining Force 3 Scenario 1Saturn1.0.3Dantares 20140618
Shining Force 3 Scenario 2Saturn1.0.1Dantares 20140618
Shining Force 3 Scenario 3Saturn0.2.0Dantares 20140618
Shining Force 3 Premium DiscSaturn0.01Dantares 20140618
ShockmanPC-Engine1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Side PocketSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Silent DebuggersPC-Engine1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Silent HillPlayStation2.0Tío Víctor 20140701
SimCitySuper Famicom1.0Dervour Traducciones 20140112
SimCity 2000Super Famicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Sin and PunishmentN640.25Tío Víctor 20140701
SkitchinMega Drive0.90Phoenix's Flame Translations
SkyblazerSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Snatcher [CD]Mega Drive0.95b3lm4dn0 20131023
Snow BrosFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Solomon's ClubGame Boy0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Solomon's KeyFamicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Solomon's Key 2Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Sorcerer's KingdomMega Drive0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
SOS: The Final EscapePlayStation 21.10atchuss 20090924
Soul BlazerSuper Famicom1.0 betaFortaleza Romhack 20121201
Traducciones Magno 20140331
Space GunMaster System1.0r2Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Space MegaForceSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Speedy GonzalesSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Speedy Gonzales in Los Gatos BandidosSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Spike McFang, The Twisted Tales ofSuper Famicom1.0bSayans Traductions 20080310
Splatterhouse 3Super Famicom0.99Waseiyakusha 20040731
Spud's AdventureGame Boy0.99Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Star FoxSuper Famicom1.00Emulation 4ever
Star Ocean: Blue SphereGame Boy0.10Dark Devils Translations 20100312
Phoenix's Flame Translations
Star WarsFamicom1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Star Wars Episode 1: RacerMSX1.0.1 FINALTío Víctor 20140701
Stop That Roach!Game Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Stranded KidsGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Street Fighter 2Super Famicom!1.00Tanero Translations
Street Fighter 2 TurboSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Street Fighter 2, SuperSuper Famicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Street Fighter 2, SuperSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Street Fighter 2, SuperSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Street Fighter 2, SuperSuper Famicom0.50Tanero Translations
Street Fighter 2': Special Champion EditionMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Streets of RageMega Drive0.90Paladin Knights Translations
Super Chase HQSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Super Mario 64N640.90Sogun 20130707
Super Mario 64N64!0.00PacoChan 20140119
SuikodenPlayStation0.5 BetaSayans Traductions 20080310
SuikodenPlayStation1.0Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Super MetroidSuper Famicom1.0Klint Proguctions 20140220
Super Ninja BoySuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless FrontierDS2.0Artema Translations 20131228
Super SoccerSuper Famicom0.98Emunixs
Superman, Death and Return ofSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Sunset RidersSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Sunset RidersSuper Famicom1.00.::Wrackers Translations::.
Super Mario RPGSuper Famicom1.00Olé Translations 19991016
Super Mario RPGSuper Famicom1.01Traducciones Magno 20140331
Suzumiya Haruhi no YakusokuPlayStation Portable0.514Tales Translations 20130901
SWAT 4: The Stetchkov SyndicateWindows/DOS2.2Tío Víctor 20140701
Syphon Filter 3PlayStation!0.00eduardo_a2j 20090909
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling TogetherSuper Famicom0.9aLukas Traducciones 20140507
Tactics Ogre: The Knight of LodisSuper FamicomBeta 2Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Takahashi Meijin no BoukenjimaFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima 4Famicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
Tales of DestinyPlayStation1.0Tales Translations 20130901
PacoChan 20140119
Tales of EterniaPlayStation1.04 FixedTales Translations 20130901
PacoChan 20140119
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom1.00Traducciones Magno 20140331
Tales of RebirthPlayStation Portable!0.00Artema Translations 20131228
Tales of the AbyssPlayStation 2!0.00Tales Translations 20130901
PacoChan 20140119
Tales of The World: Radiant MythologyDS1.0Artema Translations 20131228
Tales of VesperiaXbox 360!1.00Tales Translations 20130901
Taz-ManiaMega Drive1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Tecmo Secret of the StarsSuper Famicom0.30Chilensis Translations
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFamicom1.00Tanero Translations
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeSuper Famicom1.01Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Tenchi MuyoSuper Famicom1.00Emulation 4ever
Tenchi MuyoSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
TennisGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
TennisFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
TennisFamicom2.00Tanero Translations
Terminator 2Famicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Test Drive 2: The DuelSuper Famicom0.95Emulation 4ever
TetrisFamicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Tetris AttackSuper Famicom1.10eduardo_a2j 20090909
Tetris BlastGame Boy0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Tetris DXGame Boy0.90Paladin Knights Translations
Tetris PlusGame Boy0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick RoadDS1.0Neku Translations 20140509
Theme ParkSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
Time CrisisPlayStation1.0Tío Víctor 20140701
CUE 20140710
Tiny Toon AdventuresFamicom1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Tobal No. 1PlayStation0.99Devil Traductions 20140330
Tobal 2PlayStation0.99Devil Traductions 20140330
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixWindows/DOS1.1Tío Víctor 20140701
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Covert Ops EssentialsWindows/DOS1.1Tío Víctor 20140701
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Eagle WatchWindows/DOS1.1Tío Víctor 20140701
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue SpearWindows/DOS1.1Tío Víctor 20140701
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Mission Pack: Urban OperationsWindows/DOS1.1Tío Víctor 20140701
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear: Black ThornWindows/DOS1.1Tío Víctor 20140701
Tom & JerrySuper Famicom!1.00Tanero Translations
Top GearSuper Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Top GearSuper Famicom1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Top GearSuper Famicom0.89Tanero Translations
Top Gear 2Super Famicom1.00Chilensis Translations
Track and FieldFamicom1.0-Pepodmc 20140113
Trasure Hunter GSuper Famicom0.40Traducciones Magno 20140331
TrojanFamicom1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
True LiesSuper Famicom0.99Emulation 4ever
UforiaFamicom0.99Ereza Translations
UN SquadronSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
UniracersSuper Famicom1.00Sinister Translations
UniracersSuper Famicom1.0bSayans Traductions 20080310
Urban ChampionFamicom1.0Pikachumanson 20130625
Vagrant StoryPlayStation1.1Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
Vagrant StoryPlayStation0.99Vegetal Translations 20060320
Vampire Hunter DPlayStation1.0Devil Traductions 20140330
Wai Wai World 2: SOS From Pasley CastleFamicom0.30Vice Translations 20080425
War of the GemsSuper Famicom0.00Chilensis Translations
Werewolf: The Last WarriorFamicom1.0 FinalJulian L. 20140627
WhirloSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Who framed Roger RabbitGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Wild ARMs 2PlayStation0.72gadesx 20140529
Vagrant Traducciones 20120501
WillowFamicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Wizards & Warriors Chapter X: The Fortress of FearGame Boy1.00Rigle 20120515
Wolfenstein 3DSuper Famicom1.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Wonder Boy 5Mega Drive1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Wonder Boy in Monster LandMaster System1.00SMS Power! 20071005
World Ends With You, TheDS2.0TWEWYTeam 20111118
Tío Víctor 20140701
World is not Enough, TheN640.30Tío Víctor 20140701
WormsGame Boy0.99Paladin Knights Translations
WormsSuper Famicom1.10Traducciones Crackowia 20221114
Wrath of the Black MantaFamicom0.99Emulation 4ever
Wrath of the Black MantaFamicom1.0Phoenix's Flame Translations
Dark-N 20130414
WWF WrestleManiaFamicom1.00Tanero Translations
WWF WrestleMania Steel Cage ChallengeFamicom0.99Paladin Knights Translations
X-MenSuper Famicom1.00Tanero Translations
X-Men Mutant ApocalypseSuper Famicom1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
XenogearsPlayStation2Fortaleza Romhack 20121201
Sayans Traductions 20080310
Xenon 2Windows/DOS1.00Ereza Translations
XexyzFamicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Yume Pengin MonogatariFamicom1.00Waseiyakusha 20040731
Ys 3: Wanderers from YsFamicom0.05Vice Translations 20080425
Ys 3: Wanderers from YsSuper Famicom1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Ys 3: Wanderers from YsSuper Famicom1.00Ereza Translations
Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished OmenMaster System0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Ys: Wanderers from YsMega Drive1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Yu Yu Hakusho: Tournament Tactics [GBA]Game Boy0.9Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Yume NikkiWindows/DOS1.00esAegis Traducciones 20140714
Zak McKracken?1.00Phoenix's Flame Translations
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.10Translations from Hyrule
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.0Orden 20140627
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.01Aegis Traducciones 20140714
CUE 20140710
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.14Translations from Hyrule
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.0Pikachumanson 20130625
Zelda, The Legend of: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom2.0Sayans Traductions 20080310
Zelda, The Legend of: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom0.99Emunixs
Zelda, The Legend of: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom1.2CUE 20140710
Zelda, The Legend of: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom1.0aD_Skywalk 20140505
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's AwakeningGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's AwakeningGame Boy1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy1.00DJ Traducciones 20000830
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy1.0Lukas Traducciones 20140507
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN642.2eduardo_a2j 20090909
Zero: Tsukihami no KamenWii0.25Tío Víctor 20140701
Zone of the EndersPlayStation 21.0Tío Víctor 20140701


Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom0.45NESperanto
Final FantasyFamicom0.30NESperanto
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.0eokakto 20140607


For Translation News visit:?
T.R.A.F. 20220104
1942Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
1943Famicom1.0Lyssal 20130512
3 Ninjas Kick backSuper Famicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
7th SagaSuper Famicom0.10BessaB 20110101
8 Eye'sFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on BloboloniaFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
AbadoxFamicom1.10Génération IX 20160421
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles EdgeworthDS1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Action in New YorkFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Addams Family 2Super Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Addams Family, The: Fester's QuestSuper Famicom0.90YF06 Traduc 20060321
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntFamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntSuper Famicom1.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Adventures of Batman & Robin, TheMega Drive1.0Corrigo 20110122
Adventures of LoloFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Adventures of Lolo 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Adventures of Lolo 3Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Aerial AssaultMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
Aero BlastersPC-Engine1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Aero FightersSuper Famicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
After Burner [Unlicensed]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Air FortressSuper Famicom0.99T.R.A.F. 20220104
Air RescueMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
AirwolfArcade1.00Arkames 20120215
Akumajou DensetsuFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Akumajou DraculaSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula Kun [Kid Dracula]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
AladdinMega Drive0.99Macrotrads
AladdinMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
AladdinSuper Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster SystemFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Alex Kidd in Shinobi WorldMaster SystemFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted CastleMega DrivebetaTerminus Traduction 20221108
AlfMaster System1.00Emulation-151 20081029
Alien vs PredatorSuper Famicom1.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Alien³Game Boy0.30T.R.A.F. 20220104
Alien³Mega Drive1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Alien³Super Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Alisia DragoonMega Drive1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
AlleywayGame Boy1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Altered BeastArcade01Arkames 20120215
AmagonFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Amazing PenguinGame Boy1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Amazing PenguinGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
AmidarArcade1.00Arkames 20120215
AnimaniacsSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Another BibleGame BoyFinalGénération IX 20160421
Arc The LadPlayStation1.0aCRHack 20120908
ArcanaSuper Famicom1.20Terminus Traduction 20221108
Archer MacLean's DropzoneSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Arena: Maze of DeathGame GearFinalGénération IX 20160421
ArkanoidFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Arkanoid 2FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Arkanoid: Doh it AgainSuper FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Arrow FlashMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Atelier Iris: Eternal ManaPlayStation 2bêtaRyleFury 20140128
Assault Suits ValkenSuper Famicombeta 0.5Lestat 20140124
Astro FangFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Astro RabbyGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Astonishia Story R?!0.00BessaB 20110101
AstyanaxFamicom1.0Vectrex280996/FG Soft 20131030
AstyanaxFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
AthenaFamicom1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Attack of the Killer TomatoesGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Attack of the Killer TomatoesFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Atomic RunnerMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Avenging SpiritGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden AxeGame Gearx.xxRysley 20080224
Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden AxeGame Gear0.9eTerminus Traduction 20221108
Baby BoomerFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bad Dudes Vs Dragon NinjaArcade0.99Arkames 20120215
Bad Dudes Vs Dragon NinjaFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bahamut LagoonSuper FamicomBeta 4Terminus Traduction 20221108
Balloon FightFamicom1.10Génération IX 20160421
Balloon KidGame BoyFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Bangai Rantou Hen [Nekketsu]Game Boy0.99Terminus Traduction 20221108
Banishing RacerGame Boy°0.95Emulation-151 20081029
Barbie Vacation AdventureSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bastard!!Super Famicom1.0BessaB 20110101
BatmanGame BoyFinalEmulation-151 20081029
BatmanGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
BatmanFamicom0.98YF06 Traduc 20060321
BatmanFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Batman ReturnsMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Batman: Return of the JokerGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Batman: Return of the JokerFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Batsu & Terry: Makyou no Tetsujin RaceFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Battle Jockey 2Super Famicom0.03T.R.A.F. 20220104
Battle of Olympus, TheFamicom1.0Lyssal 20130512
Battle Out RunMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Battle SquadronMega DriveFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Battletoads in BattlemaniacSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Battletoads/Double DragonSuper Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Battletoads/Double DragonFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bayou Billy, The Adventures ofFamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Bebe's KidsSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
BeetlejuiceGame BoyBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Bible AdventuresFamicom1.0MYTH-Project 20130718
Big Sky TrooperSuper Famicom0.99Macrotrads
Bio MetalSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bio Miracle Bokutte UpaFamicomFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Bio Senshi DanFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bio-Hazard BattleMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bionic CommandoGame BoyFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Bionic CommandoFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bionic CommandoFamicom1.00Cigarette Patch 20060715
Bionic Commando: Elite ForcesGame BoyFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another StorySuper FamicomB0.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another StorySuper Famicom!0.87BessaB 20110101
BlackthorneSuper Famicom20200103Terminus Traduction 20221108
Blue ShadowFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Booby BoysGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bobby's WorldSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bomber KingFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bomber King 2Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bomber RaidFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bomber RaidFamicom2.00Arkames 20120215
BombermanFamicom1.01T.R.A.F. 20220104
Bomberman 5Super Famicom!0.80Génération IX 20160421
Bomberman PocketGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bomberman Tournament (GBA)Game Boy0.43AsmoDeath's Trads
Bonanza Bros.Master System1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bonk's Adventure [BC Kid]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
BoogermanSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Boulder DashFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
BrainiesSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
BrainlordSuper Famicom!0.50Macrotrads
BrandishSuper FamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Breath of FireSuper FamicomPré-FinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Breath of Fire 2Super FamicomBeta 4Final Translation 20110515
Hroþgar SCRB 20120911
Breath of Fire 2 [GBA]Game Boy!0.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Breath of Fire 3PlayStation PortableDémoPSP-Traductions 20130302
Breath of Fire 4PlayStation1.0aCRHack 20120908
Bruce LeeSuper Famicom0.70T.R.A.F. 20220104
BS Chrono Trigger Music LibrarySuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
BS Zelda no DensetsuSuper Famicom3.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Lestat 20140124
BS Zelda no Densetsu: Inishie no Sekiban: Dai 1 HanashiSuper Famicom1.0Chrono Team 20111026
BS-ZeldaSuper Famicom1.00BessaB 20110101
Bubble BobbleArcade1.00Arkames 20120215
Bubble BobbleGame Boy1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Bubble BobbleMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bubble BobbleFamicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Bubble BobbleFamicom2.0Lyssal 20130512
BubsySuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bubsy 2Super Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bucky O'HareFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Bug HoneyFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Bugs BunnyGame Boy1.0Lyssal 20130512
Bugs Bunny Birthday BlowoutFamicom1.00Arkames 20120215
Bugs Bunny Birthday BlowoutFamicom0.99YF06 Traduc 20060321
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2, TheGame Boy1.0Lyssal 20130512
Burai FighterFamicomFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Buster BrothersGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Cacoma KnightsSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Cannon FodderSuper FamicombetaLestat 20140124
Captain America and the AvengersFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Captain CommandoSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Captain SkyhawkFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Captain Tsubasa 3Super Famicom0.80Chine 20020903
Captain Tsubasa 4Super Famicom0.80Génération IX 20160421
Castle of IllusionMega Drive1.0Génération IX 20160421
Castle Of IllusionMaster System1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
CastlevaniaFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
CastlevaniaFamicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
CastlevaniaFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicombetaGénération IX 20160421
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom0.40Neo Translation 20000720
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom2.9.8.14Bisqwit 20140426
Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Castlevania 4, SuperSuper Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Castlevania Adventure, TheGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Castlevania Adventure, TheGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
CatrapGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
CatwomanGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
ChakanMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Championship Lode RunnerFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Chaos EngineSuper Famicom°0.95Génération IX 20160421
Chew Man FuPC-EngineBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Chiki Chiki TengokuGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Chinese Fighter EX [Super Chinese]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Chip'n Dale [Tic & Tac]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Chip'n Dale 2Famicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Cigarette Patch 20060715
Chocobo RacingPlayStation0.9Génération IX 20160421
Chrono CrossPlayStation1.1bTerminus Traduction 20221108
Chrono TriggerPlayStation!0.50Terminus Traduction 20221108
Chrono TriggerSuper FamicomGoldTerminus Traduction 20221108
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom!0.00Chrono Team 20111026
Chou Touryuu Retsuden Dino Land [Dino Land]Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Circus CharlieFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Lestat 20140124
Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie, TheSuper Famicom0.90Génération IX 20160421
City HunterPC-Engine1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Clash At DemonheadFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
CliffhangerSuper Famicom1.1Génération IX 20160421
Clock TowerSuper Famicom1.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Cloud MasterMaster System1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
ClueSuper Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
CocoronFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Code Name: ViperFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Combat CarsMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Conker's Bad Fur DayN641.3T.R.A.F. 20220104
Congo The Movie: Secret of ZinjSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Conquest of the Crystal PalaceFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
ContraFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX [GBA]Game BoyfinalePocket Traduction 20061126
Contra ForceFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Contra Hard CopsSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Cool Boarders 3PlayStation0.95T.R.A.F. 20220104
Cool WorldFamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Cooly SkunkSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Cowboy KidFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge [Nekketsu]FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Lestat 20140124
Crisis ForceFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Cross FireFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Crystal WarriorsGame Gear0.99AsmoDeath's Trads
Crystal QuestGame Boy1.0Emulation-151 20081029
CrystalisGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
CrystalisFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
CrystalisFamicom!0.45BessaB 20110101
Cyber CorePC-Engine1.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Cyber ShinobiMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
CybernatorSuper Famicom0.99T.R.A.F. 20220104
Cybernoid: The Fighting MachineFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Cyborg HunterMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
CyraidGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Daffy Duck: The Marvin MissionsSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
DahnaMega Drive1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
DananMaster SystemFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Darius TwinSuper FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
DarkmanGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Darkwing DuckFamicom0.95The Rosetta Group
Daze Before ChristmasSuper FamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Death & Return of SupermanSuper Famicom°0.98Génération IX 20160421
Decap AttackMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Defender of OasisGame Gear1.0Génération IX 20160421
Demolition ManSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Demon's CrestSuper Famicom2.2Terminus Traduction 20221108
Desert StrikeMega Drive1.2T.R.A.F. 20220104
Desert StrikeSuper Famicom1.1Génération IX 20160421
Devil WorldFamicomFinaleGénération IX 20160421
DevilishGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
DevilishMega Drive1.0 BêtaT.R.A.F. 20220104
Dexter's Laboratory: Robot RampageGame Boy0.99YF06 Traduc 20060321
Dick TracyMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Dick TracyFamicom1.0The Rosetta Group
Die HardFamicom1.0Vectrex280996/FG Soft 20131030
Dinobasher Starring Bignose the CavemanMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
DinoCitySuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Disney's TaleSpin [Super Baloo]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Disney's The Jungle BookFamicom1.0CRHack 20120908
Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi [Exciting! Amusement Park]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Donald no Magical World [Ronald in the Magical World]Game Gear1.0Génération IX 20160421
Donkey KongFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Donkey KongFamicom1.0Lyssal 20130512
Donkey Kong 3Famicom1.0Lyssal 20130512
Donkey Kong Jr.Famicom1.0Lyssal 20130512
Donkey Kong Jr. MathFamicom1.0Lyssal 20130512
Donkey Kong Land 2Game Boy0.99YF06 Traduc 20060321
Donkey Kong Land 3Game Boy1.20YF06 Traduc 20060321
Doremi Fantasy: Milon's QuestSuper FamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Double DragonGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Double DragonGame BoyFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Double DragonFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Double Dragon 2Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Double Dragon 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Double Dragon 2Famicom0.99Macrotrads
Double Dragon 3Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Double Dragon 3FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Génération IX 20160421
Double Dragon VSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Double HawkMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
Doraemon: Giga Zombie no GyakushuuFamicom!0.30Génération IX 20160421
Dr. ChaosFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Dr. MarioFamicom1.00Lyssal 20130512
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean MachineMega Drive1.0Génération IX 20160421
Dragon Ball ZFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya DensetsuSuper Famicom1.3BessaB 20110101
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionSuper Famicom1.1Chrono Team 20111026
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionSuper Famicom0.99YF06 Traduc 20060321
Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2 [Unlicensed]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuu Den Totsugeki HanSuper Famicom0.20BessaB 20110101
Dragon Ball Z: SagasXbox2.0Darknior 20130702
Dragon BusterFamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Dragon Quest 1 & 2Super Famicom!0.10Terminus Traduction 20221108
RPGOne 20050504
Dragon Quest 1 & 2 RemixGame Boy!0.20Terminus Traduction 20221108
Dragon Quest 6Super Famicom!0.50Terminus Traduction 20221108
Dragon Quest MonstersGame BoybetaTerminus Traduction 20221108
Dragon SpiritPC-Engine1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Dragon Wang01.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Dragon WarriorFamicombetaGénération IX 20160421
Dragon Warrior 2Famicom!0.10Génération IX 20160421
Dragon Warrior 3Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Dragon Warrior 4Famicom!0.10Génération IX 20160421
Dragon: Bruce LeeSuper Famicom0.70T.R.A.F. 20220104
Duck HuntFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
DuckTalesFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
DuckTales 2Famicom1.00Cigarette Patch 20060715
Génération IX 20160421
Dynamite HeaddyMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
DynablasterGame Boy0.9Emulation-151 20081029
Earthbound Zero (Mother)Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Earthworm JimMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ecco JrMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ecco the DolphinMega DriveFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Ecco the Dolphin [CD]Mega DriveFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
EgyptFamicombetaGénération IX 20160421
El VientoMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Eliminate DownMega Drive0.99Terminus Traduction 20221108
EquinoxSuper Famicom0.95T.R.A.F. 20220104
Escape from DeliriumWindows/DOS1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
ESWATMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
ESWATMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Etrian Odyssey 2DS0.45Arkames 20120215
EVO: Search for EdenSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
EVO: Search for EdenSuper Famicom!0.80Terminus Traduction 20221108
Evil StoneArcade0.90Arkames 20120215
EvolutionNeo·Geo Pocket0.30T.R.A.F. 20220104
Excite BikeFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Exed ExesFamicom1.00Emulation-151 20081029
F-ZeroSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
F-Zero Maximum Velocity [GBA]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Famicom WarsFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Fantasy ZoneMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Fantasy ZoneMaster SystemFinalGénération IX 20160421
Fantasy Zone 2Master System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Fantasy Zone GearGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Fantasy Zone: The MazeMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Faselei!Neo·Geo Pocket0.60T.R.A.F. 20220104
FaxanaduFamicom1.00BessaB 20110101
Fighting Hero IIIFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Fighting MastersMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Fighting RoadFamicom0.99Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final FantasyFamicom2.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final FantasyFamicom°0.99T.R.A.F. 20220104
Final FantasyFamicom0.95Final Translation 20110515
Hroþgar SCRB 20120911
Final Fantasy 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy 2Famicom1.0Final Translation 20110515
T.R.A.F. 20220104
Final Fantasy 2 USSuper Famicom0.90Final Translation 20110515
Final Fantasy 3FamicomRC1Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy 3 USSuper Famicom3.10 FinalTerminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy 3 USSuper FamicomG9-V2Génération IX 20160421
Final Fantasy 3 USSuper 19980823
Final Fantasy 3 USSuper Famicom1.9Final Translation 20110515
Hroþgar SCRB 20120911
Final Fantasy 4PlayStation!0.50Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy 4Super Famicom!0.80Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy 4 Easy TypeSuper Famicom!0.50Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy 5PlayStation1.10Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy 5Super FamicomRC1Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy 5Super 19980823
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom1.00 Bêta 1Final Translation 20110515
Hroþgar SCRB 20120911
Final Fantasy 6PlayStation!0.10Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy 7PlayStation0.10Arkames 20120215
Final Fantasy Legend, TheGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy Legend 2Game Boy!0.70Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy Legend 3Game Boy!0.10Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy TacticsPlayStation0.70Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fantasy TacticsPlayStation!0.00Génération IX 20160421
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the LionsPlayStation PortableDémoPSP-Traductions 20130302
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightDS1.0MYTH-Project 20130718
Final FightSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fight 2Super Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fight 3Super Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Final Fight, MightyFamicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Fire Emblem GaidenFamicom0.2Génération IX 20160421
Firepower 2000Super FamicomfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
FirestrikerSuper Famicom0.99Emulation-151 20081029
Fireteam RogueSuper FamicombeuhGénération IX 20160421
Fist of the North StarFamicom1.00Emulation-151 20081029
Flintstones, TheMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Flying DragonFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Flying Dragon GaidenGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Forgotten WorldsMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
Frankenstein: The Monster ReturnsFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Freedom ForceFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Friday the 13thFamicom1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Friday the 13th [Vendredi 13]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Front MissionSuper Famicom1.8 alphaTerminus Traduction 20221108
Fuzzical FighterFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
G.I. JoeFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
G.I. Joe: The Atlantis FactorFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GaiaresMega Drive0.95Terminus Traduction 20221108
GalahadMega Drive1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Ganbare Goemon: Yuki hime Kyuushuutsu emaki [Mystical Ninja]Super Famicom2.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuFamicomfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Ganbare Goemon 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ganbare Goemon 2Super FamicomfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Ganbare Goemon 3Super FamicomfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Gargoyle's QuestGame Boy1.01Terminus Traduction 20221108
Gargoyle's Quest 2Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Gargoyle's Quest 2Famicom!0.70AsmoDeath's Trads
GargoylesMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GemFireSuper Famicom!0.33AsmoDeath's Trads
Generations LostMega Drive1.0Génération IX 20160421
Genso Suikoden 1 & 2PlayStation Portable0.26CRHack 20120908
Getsufuu Maden [La Légende de Getsu Fûma]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GG AlesteGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GG Aleste IIGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GG Shinobi, TheGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GG Shinobi 2, The: The Silent FuryGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ghost ManorPC-Engine1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GhostbustersMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GhostbustersMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GhostbustersFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Ghosts'n GoblinsSuper Famicom0.99T.R.A.F. 20220104
Ghosts'n GoblinsFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Ghoul PatrolSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Ghouls 'n GhostsMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ghouls 'n GhostsMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ghouls 'n Ghosts, SuperSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Gimmick!Famicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Go Go AckmanSuper Famicom1.00BessaB 20110101
Golden AxeMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Golden Axe 2Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Golden Axe 2Mega Drive1.00Arkames 20120215
Golden Axe 3Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Golden Axe 3Mega Drive0.99Arkames 20120215
Golden Axe WarriorMaster System1.1Hroþgar SCRB 20120911
GoldenEye 007N641.0Corrigo 20110122
Golgo 13Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
GolvelliusMaster System0.00FloFlo's Traduction
Goonies, The [Les Goonies]Famicom0.00Génération IX 20160421
Goonies II, TheSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Gourmet Paradise [Mr Chin's Gourmet Paradise]Game BoyFinalEmulation-151 20081029
GradiusFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GradiusPC-EngineFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Gradius 2FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Grandia 2Windows/DOS0.25Terminus Traduction 20221108
Gremlins 2Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Gulliver BoySuper Famicom2.5Final Translation 20110515
BessaB 20110101
GumshoeFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Gun NacFamicombetaGénération IX 20160421
Gunman's ProofSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
GunSmokeFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Gunstar HeroesMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
GyromiteFamicombetaT.R.A.F. 20220104
Hameln no Violin HikiSuper Famicom2.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Hameln no Violin HikiSuper Famicom!0.50Terminus Traduction 20221108
Hammerin' HarryFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Harvest MoonSuper Famicom1.2T.R.A.F. 20220104
Harvest Moon 2Game BoyBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2ndPlayStation Portable3.1diva-patch-fr 20120131
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva ExtendPlayStation Portable3.1diva-patch-fr 20120131
Hebereke [Ufouria: The Saga]Famicom1.0Blyn 20130219
HellfireMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Hello Kitty no OhanabatakeFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Hello Kitty WorldFamicom1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Heracles no Eikou: Ugokidashita Kamigami [La Gloire d'Hercule]Game Boy0.99 BetaTerminus Traduction 20221108
Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami [Kid Icarus][FDS]Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Hokuto no KenMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
HookFamicom0.90T.R.A.F. 20220104
HookSuper Famicom1.00AsmoDeath's Trads
House of The Dead 2, TheXbox1.0Corrigo 20110122
Hudson's Adventure IslandGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Hudson's Adventure IslandFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Hudson's Adventure Island 2Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Hudson's Adventure Island 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Hudson's Adventure Island 3Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Hunt for Red October, TheSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Hurricanes, TheSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
HydlideFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Hyper V-BallSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Ice ClimberFamicom1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Ice Climber [FDS]Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Ice HockeyFamicom1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Ikari 3: The RescueFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Ikari WarriorsFamicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Ikari WarriorsFamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Emulation-151 20081029
Ikari Warriors IIFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ikinari MusicianFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu Subette Koronde Dai Rantou [Nekketsu]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Immortal, TheFamicom0.8T.R.A.F. 20220104
Indy Racing 2000N641.0BFrancois 20110102
Insector XMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Insector XFamicom1.00Emulation-151 20081029
Inspector GadgetSuper Famicom0.30Génération IX 20160421
International Karate Advanced [GBA]Game Boy1.0Lestat 20140124
Pocket Traduction 20061126
Iron CommandoSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Isolated WarriorFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
JackalFamicom2.00Génération IX 20160421
Jackie ChanFamicomFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Jajamaru no daibouben [Ninja Jajamaru 2]FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
James Bond 007: The DuelMega Drive1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
James Bond JuniorSuper Famicom0.98T.R.A.F. 20220104
JawsFamicomFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Jazz Jackrabbit [GBA]Game Boy1.0Corrigo 20110122
Jeanne d'ArcPlayStation Portable0.70PSP-Traductions 20130302
Jelly BoySuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Jewel MasterMega DriveFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Jim Power: Lost Dimension in 3DSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Joe & MacSuper Famicom2.0Génération IX 20160421
Joe & Mac 2Super Famicom2.0Génération IX 20160421
Joe & Mac: Caveman NinjaMega Drive1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Journey to SiliusFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Joy Mech FightFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Jungle StrikeMega Drive1.0 (Beta)T.R.A.F. 20220104
Jurassic ParkGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Jyutei SenkiSuper Famicom!0.53AsmoDeath's Trads
Kabuki: Quantum FighterFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru [Pour la Grenouille sonne le glas]Game Boy1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Karakuri Kengou Den: Musashi Road [Samurai Lord Musashi]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
KarnovFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Keith Courage in Alpha ZonesPC-EngineBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Kendo RageSuper Famicom1.00FloFlo's Traduction
KenseidenMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Kickle CubicleFamicom0.99YF06 Traduc 20060321
Kid ChameleonMega Drive1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Kid DraculaGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Kid IcarusGame Boy1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Génération IX 20160421
Kid IcarusFamicom1.00Arkames 20120215
Kid IcarusFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Kid Klown in Night Mayor WorldFamicom1.1Génération IX 20160421
Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder HerbsFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Kikou Keisatsu Metal Jack [Metal Jack]Super Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Killer InstinctGame BoyfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
King Arthur's WorldSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
King Kong 2MSX0.95T.R.A.F. 20220104
King Neptune's AdventureFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
King of Dragons, TheSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
King of Fighters '98, TheNeo·Geo1.00Neo-Arc Traduction
King of Fighters '98, The [CD]Neo·Geo1.00Neo-Arc Traduction
King's KnightFamicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Kinin Koumaroku Oni [Oni]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Kingyo Chuuihou! Tobidase Game GakuenSuper Famicom1.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Lestat 20140124
Kishin Douji Zenki - Batoru RaidenSuper Famicom1.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Knight Rider [K2000]Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Knights of the RoundSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Konami GB Collection Vol. 1Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Konami GB Collection Vol. 4Game Boy°0.25Génération IX 20160421
Cigarette Patch 20060715
Kouryu No MimiSuper Famicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Krion Conquest, TheFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Krusty's Super Fun HouseSuper Famicom0.00Lyssal 20130512
Kung FuFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Kung Fu JeffFamicom1.00Ashtal Temple
Kung Fu KidMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League [Nekketsu]Famicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Kwirk: He's A-maze-ing!Game BoyFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Kyatto Ninden Teyandee [Samouraï Pizza Cats]Famicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger [Power Rangers]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
LagoonSuper Famicom0.99Génération IX 20160421
Lady SwordPC-Engine1.0MYTH-Project 20130718
Lestat 20140124
Langrisser 2Mega Drive!0.90Génération IX 20160421
Langrisser, DerSuper Famicom!0.08Génération IX 20160421
Last Action HeroMega Drive1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Last Bible [Color]Game Boy1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Last Bible 2 [Color]Game Boy1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Last BibleGame Boy!0.23AsmoDeath's Trads
Last Starfighter, TheFamicom1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Lawnmower Man, TheGame BoyBêtaGénération IX 20160421
LegendSuper Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Legend of Hero TonmaArcadeBETA1Arkames 20120215
Legend of ManaPlayStation1.0dGénération IX 20160421
Final Translation 20110515
Legendary WingsFamicomFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Lethal WeaponSuper FamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Line of FireMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
Little MagicSuper FamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Little Mermaid, TheFamicom1.0CRHack 20120908
Little Nemo: The Dream MasterFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Little SamsonFamicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Live a LiveSuper Famicom0.90Génération IX 20160421
Looney Tunes [Color]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Lost Vikings, TheSuper Famicom1.01T.R.A.F. 20220104
Love Hina Advance [GBA]Game Boy1.0Lestat 20140124
Pocket Traduction 20061126
Low G Man: The Low Gravity ManFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Lucky Dimes Caper Starring Donald DuckMaster SystemFinalGénération IX 20160421
Lufia 1: Lufia & The Fortress of DoomSuper 19980823
Lufia 1: Lufia & The Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom!0.25Génération IX 20160421
AsmoDeath's Trads
Lufia: The Legend ReturnsGame BoyBetaTerminus Traduction 20221108
Maniac MansionFamicom0.10T.R.A.F. 20220104
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom1.1Arkana
T.R.A.F. 20220104
Magical Quest Starring Mickey MouseSuper Famicom0.90Génération IX 20160421
Magical ChaseGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Magical Drop 3Neo·Geo0.98Neo-Arc Traduction
Magical Pop'nSuper Famicom0.9T.R.A.F. 20220104
Märchen Adventure Cotton 100%Super Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Märchen MazePC-Engine1.1MooZ, pinktagada 20121022
MYTH-Project 20130718
Mario All-Star, SuperSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mario Bros.Famicom1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Mario Bros.Famicom1.0Lyssal 20130512
Mario GolfGame Boy!0.20Génération IX 20160421
Mario RPG, SuperSuper Famicom2.1Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mario RPG, SuperSuper Famicom0.91Chrono Team 20111026
Mario World, SuperSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Mario World, SuperSuper Famicom0.85Arkames 20120215
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Maru's MissionGame Boy0.98YF06 Traduc 20060321
Mask, TheSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Mc DonaldlandGame BoyFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Mega ManGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega ManGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega ManFamicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega ManFamicom1.00Arkames 20120215
Mega ManFamicombetaGénération IX 20160421
Mega Man 2Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man 2Famicom1.02Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man 2FamicombetaGénération IX 20160421
Mega Man 3Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man 3Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man 3FamicombetaGénération IX 20160421
Mega Man 4Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man 4Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man 4FamicomBêta 2Génération IX 20160421
Mega Man 5Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man 5Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man 5Famicom0.99Génération IX 20160421
Mega Man 6Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man 6FamicomBêta 2Génération IX 20160421
Mega Man 7Super 19980823
Mega Man 7Super FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man SoccerSuper Famicom0.20Génération IX 20160421
Mega Man XSuper FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man XSuper 19980823
Mega Man XSuper FamicomBeta 0.1BessaB 20110101
Mega Man X 2Super FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man X 3Super FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man X 4PlayStationBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Mega Man XtremeGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Génération IX 20160421
Mega Man Xtreme 2Game Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy1.0Pocket Traduction 20061126
Lestat 20140124
Mega Man Zero 2 [GBA]Game Boy0.99.09Pocket Traduction 20061126
Lestat 20140124
Mega Man Zero 3 [GBA]Game Boy!0.00Pocket Traduction 20061126
Mega Man: The Wily WarsMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mega TurricanMega DriveBêtaGénération IX 20160421
MegaCrypteFamicom0.80Ashtal Temple
MercsMega Drive1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Metal GearMSXBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Metal GearFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Metal GearFamicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Metal MorphSuper Famicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Metal Slug 2Neo·Geo26-09-2006Neo-Arc Traduction
Metal Slug 3Neo·Geo23-12-2006Neo-Arc Traduction
Metal Slug 4Neo·Geo23-12-2006Neo-Arc Traduction
Metal Slug 5Neo·Geo26-09-2006Neo-Arc Traduction
Metal Slug XNeo·Geo26-09-2006Neo-Arc Traduction
Metal WarriorsSuper FamicomRC1Terminus Traduction 20221108
Metal WarriorsSuper Famicom0.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
MetroidFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
MetroidFamicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Metroid 2Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mickey Mouse: Magic WandGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Mickey Mouse: World of IllusionMega DriveBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Mickey's Dangerous ChaseGame Boy1.10YF06 Traduc 20060321
Mickey's Playtown Adventure: A Day of DiscoverySuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! [Punch Out!]FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Mini PuttFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mini RacersN641.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Moai-kunFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Money Puzzle ExchangerNeo·Geo1.00Neo-Arc Traduction
MonopolyGame Boy1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
MonstaniaSuper Famicom!0.20Terminus Traduction 20221108
Monster PartyFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Monster World 3Mega Drive1.0Rysley 20080224
Monster World 4 [Wonderboy]Mega Drive1.00Rysley 20080224
Monster World 4Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Monster World 4Mega Drive1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Moon CrystalFamicom1.00BessaB 20110101
MoonwalkerMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mortal KombatArcade1.00Arkames 20120215
Mortal KombatGame Boy01Arkames 20120215
Mortal KombatMega Drive1.00Arkames 20120215
Mortal KombatMaster System01Arkames 20120215
Mortal KombatSuper Famicom0.95T.R.A.F. 20220104
Mortal Kombat 2Arcade3Arkames 20120215
Mortal Kombat 2Game Boy1.00Arkames 20120215
Mortal Kombat 2Mega Drive0.99Arkames 20120215
Mortal Kombat 2Super Famicom0.90Arkames 20120215
Mortal Kombat 3Arcade3.00Arkames 20120215
Mortal Kombat 3Game Boy01Arkames 20120215
Mortal Kombat 4Game Boy01Arkames 20120215
Motocross ChampionFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mottomo Abunai Deka [The Most Dangerous Detectives]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ms·Pac-ManSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Mugen Senshi Valis [Valis]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Musashi no Bouken: Tadaima Shugyou ChuuFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
MUSHAMaster System1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
MusyaSuper FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Myster MaskFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Mystic DefenderMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Mystery QuestFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Navy SealsGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Nekketsu Kakutou DensetsuFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Nightmare in the DarkNeo·Geo27-06-2006Neo-Arc Traduction
Ninja Boy 2 [Super Chinese]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja CrusadersFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja GaidenGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja GaidenMaster System1.00FloFlo's Traduction
Ninja GaidenMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja GaidenFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja Gaiden 2FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja Gaiden 3FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja Gaiden ShadowGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja Gaiden TrilogySuper Famicom1.00Cigarette Patch 20060715
Ninja Jajamaru-kunFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja Jajamaru: Ginga DaisakusenFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Ninja TaroGame BoyBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Nintendo World Cup (E)Famicom0.99YF06 Traduc 20060321
NoobowGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
North & SouthFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Nuts & MilkFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Ogre BattleSuper FamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Ogre BattleSuper Famicom!0.10Terminus Traduction 20221108
Operation WolfFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Operation Starfi5h [James Pond 3]Super Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
OrdynePC-Engine1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Out RunGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Out RunMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Out Run EuropaMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
P.O.W.: Prisoners of WarFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Pac-ManNeo·Geo Pocket1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Pac-ManFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Pac-ManSuper Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Panic in Nakayosi IslandSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Panic RestaurantFamicomfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Panic RestaurantFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Panzer Dragoon SagaSaturn1.0Le Noble Bahamut 20130517
PaperboyFamicom1.0CRHack 20120908
Parasite EvePlayStation0.95RPG-T
Parasite Eve: The 3rd BirthdayPlayStation Portable1.0MYTH-Project 20130718
Penguin Kun WarsFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Penta DragonGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
PermanFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Perman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan o Taose!Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Phantasy StarMaster System1.02Master System France 20120903
Phantasy StarMaster SystemBêtaFloFlo's Traduction
Final Translation 20110515
Phantasy Star 2Mega Drive1.0Arkana
Phantasy Star 3Mega Drive1.0Arkana
Phantasy Star: The end of the millenniumMega Drive3.0.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
PiecesSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
PinballFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Pinball QuestFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
PinocchioSuper Famicom0.99YF06 Traduc 20060321
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
PlokSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Pocky & Rocky 2Super Famicom1.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Pokémon GreenGame Boy0.20YF06 Traduc 20060321
Pokemon Red Fire [GBA]Game Boy0.1Nickhroms 20070904
Pokémon PinballGame Boy1.00YF06 Traduc 20060321
PoPoLoCroisPlayStation PortableDémoPSP-Traductions 20130302
PopulousSuper Famicom1.0aCRHack 20120908
Power BladeFamicom0.99YF06 Traduc 20060321
Power Blade 2Famicom0.99YF06 Traduc 20060321
Power SoukobanSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
PredatorFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Prince of PersiaMega Drive1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Prince of PersiaSuper Famicom1.00Cigarette Patch 20060715
Project S-11Game Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Psychic WorldGame Gear1.0Génération IX 20160421
Psychic WorldMaster SystemfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Psycho FoxMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
PuggsyMega Drive1.0Génération IX 20160421
PulsemanMega Drive1.00 BetaTerminus Traduction 20221108
Q BillionGame BoyFinalGénération IX 20160421
Q*bert 2Game BoyBetaGénération IX 20160421
QuackShotMega DriveFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
QuarthGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Rad GravityFamicom0.90T.R.A.F. 20220104
Rad RacerFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Rad Racer 2FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Radia Senki: ReimeihenFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Radical DreamersSuper Famicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Radical RexSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Raf WorldFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Raiden TradSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Rambo IIIMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ranma ½Super 19980823
Ranma ½ RPGSuper Famicom!0.45Tsuki World
Ranma ½ RPGSuper Famicom!0.20Terminus Traduction 20221108
Ranma ½ Akanekodan no HihouSuper Famicom0.90BessaB 20110101
Ranma ½: Hard BattleSuper Famicom0.50T.R.A.F. 20220104
RastanMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Rastan Saga 2Mega Drive1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Record of Lodoss WarSuper Famicom!0.10Terminus Traduction 20221108
RenegadeMaster SystemFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
River City CrypteFamicom0.99Ashtal Temple
River City RansomFamicom1.00Cigarette Patch 20060715
River City RansomFamicom0.99T.R.A.F. 20220104
Robo Aleste [CD]Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Robocco WarsFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
RoboCopGame BoyFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
RobocopFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
RoboCop 2Game BoyFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Robocop 2FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
RoboCop vs. The TerminatorGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
RoboCop Versus The TerminatorSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
RobotrekSuper Famicom!0.83BessaB 20110101
Rocket Knight AdventuresMega DriveRC1Terminus Traduction 20221108
Rockin' KatsFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Rockman [Mega Man]FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Rockman & ForteSuper Famicom1.1Génération IX 20160421
Rockman & Forte [Mega Man 9]Super Famicom°0.60Terminus Traduction 20221108
Rod LandFamicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Rolan's CurseGame BoyBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Rolan's Curse 2Game BoybêtaGénération IX 20160421
RollerballFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
RollergamesFamicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Rolling ThunderFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Rolling Thunder 2Mega DriveFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Rolling Thunder 3Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Romancing SaGa 3Super Famicom!0.30Terminus Traduction 20221108
Rudora No HihouSuper FamicomRC2Terminus Traduction 20221108
Run SaberSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest MoonDS0.1Rune Factory France 20120416
Running BattleMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
Rush'n AttackFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Rushing BeatSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
RygarMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
RygarFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
RygarFamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
SagaiaMaster System1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu HenFamicom1.1Terminus Traduction 20221108
SalamanderFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Sanrio World Smashball!Super Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Scooby-Doo Mystery [Scoubidou Mystery]Super Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Scramble SpiritsMaster System1.0Génération IX 20160421
SD Gundam: Winner's HistoryGame Gear0.99AsmoDeath's Trads
SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Monogatari [SD Knight Gundam]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
SD Saint Seiya ParadiseGame Boy1.00Nicko 20070213
SD The Great Battle: Aratanaru ChousenSuper Famicom0.99Terminus Traduction 20221108
Second Samurai [CD]Mega Drive1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Secret of EvermoreSuper Famicom1.02Final Translation 20110515
Secret of EvermoreSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
BessaB 20110101
Secret of Monkey Island, The: Special EditionWindows/DOS1.2T.R.A.F. 20220104
Secret TiesFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Seiken Densetsu 3Super FamicomRCTerminus Traduction 20221108
Shadow BlastersMega Drive0.99Terminus Traduction 20221108
Shadow DancerMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
ShanghaiGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
ShanghaiMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Shanghai IIGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Shanghai Pocket [Color]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
ShantaeGame Boy1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Shaq FuSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
ShatterhandFamicomfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Shenmue 2DreamcastAShenmue Master 20140530
Shenmue 2XboxAShenmue Master 20140530
Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden [CD]Neo·Geo0.9Le Noble Bahamut 20130517
Shining Force 2Mega Drive0.98Génération IX 20160421
Final Translation 20110515
Shinobi 2Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Shinobi 3Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Shinobi 3Mega Drive1.00Arkames 20120215
ShockmanPC-EnginefinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Shonen Jump's One Piece [GBA]Game Boy1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Shufflepuck CafeFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Silva Saga 2Super Famicom1.00Lestat 20140124
SkyblazerSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
SkyblazerSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Lestat 20140124
SlalomFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Snake's RevengeFamicom1.00Cigarette Patch 20060715
Snow White in Happily Ever AfterSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Soccer ManiaGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
SoleilMega Drive1.1Rysley 20080224
SoleilMega Drive1.1Terminus Traduction 20221108
Solomon's ClubGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Solomon's KeyFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Solomon's KeyFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
Solomon's Key 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
SolsticeFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Sonic the HedgehogMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Sonic the HedgehogMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Master System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Soul BlazerSuper Famicom1.1T.R.A.F. 20220104
Space InvadersFamicom0.99T.R.A.F. 20220104
Space MegaforceSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Space Quest III: The Pirates of PestulonWindows/DOS1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Spanky's QuestGame Boy1.0Emulation-151 20081029
Spartan X 2 [Kung Fu 2]Famicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
SpawnSuper Famicom1.0Lestat 20140124
Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos BandidosSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
SpellcasterMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
SpelunkerFamicom1.00Emulation-151 20081029
SpidermanGame Boy0.99Emulation-151 20081029
Spiderman Letal FoesSuper FamicomBêtaLestat 20140124
Spike McFang, The Twisted Tales ofSuper Famicom!0.63AsmoDeath's Trads
SplatterhousePC-Engine1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Splatterhouse 3Mega Drive0.95T.R.A.F. 20220104
Splatterhouse: Wampaku GraffitiFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Star FoxSuper Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Star Fox 2Super FamicomGoldLylat Wing
Star ForceFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Star OceanSuper Famicom!0.70BessaB 20110101
Star Trek Starfleet AcademySuper Famicom0.07T.R.A.F. 20220104
Star Trek: The Rebel UniverseAtari ST0.98T.R.A.F. 20220104
Star WarsGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Star WarsFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Star WarsFamicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Star Wars (Namco)Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
StargateFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Steel EmpireMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Steven Seagal is The Final Option Demo (Beta)Super Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
StingerFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Street Fighter IISuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Streets of RageMega Drive1.0Rysley 20080224
Streets of RageMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Streets of RageMaster System1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Streets of Rage 2Arcade1.00Arkames 20120215
Streets of Rage 2Mega Drive1.0Rysley 20080224
Streets of Rage 2Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Streets of Rage 2Master System1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Streets of Rage 3Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
StriderMega DrivefinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
StriderFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
StriderFamicom0.40T.R.A.F. 20220104
Strider IIMega DrivefinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
SuikodenPlayStation1.2CRHack 20120908
Super AlesteSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Super Back to the Future: Part 2Super Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Lestat 20140124
Super Chase HQSuper Famicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Super ChineseFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Super Chinese FighterSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Super Chinese LandGame BoyFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Super Chinese World 2: Uchuuichi Butou TaikaiSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Super ConflictSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Super ContraFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Super Deformed SnatcherMSX0.10T.R.A.F. 20220104
Super HydlideMega Drive1.0Génération IX 20160421
Super Mario Bros.Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Super Mario Bros.Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Super Mario Bros. [FDS]Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Super Mario Bros. 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Super Mario Bros. 2Famicom1.00Arkames 20120215
Super Mario Bros. 3Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Super Mario LandGame BoyfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsGame BoyfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Super MetroidSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Super MetroidSuper Famicom1.0Lestat 20140124
Super MorphSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Super PitfallFamicom1.00Emulation-151 20081029
Super Punch OutSuper Famicom1.00FloFlo's Traduction
Super R-TypeSuper FamicomfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Super Robot Taisen [Super Robot Wars]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Super Robot War EXSuper Famicom!0.00Tsuki World
Super Star Force [Star Force]FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Super Street Fighter IISuper Famicom1.10Terminus Traduction 20221108
Super Street Fighter 2 TurboArcade0.98Neo-Arc Traduction
Super SwivSuper FamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Super Troll IslandsSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Surging AuraMega DriveRC 1Terminus Traduction 20221108
Survival KidsGame Boy0.05T.R.A.F. 20220104
Sword of VermilionMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Sword of VermilionMega Drive0.10Arkana
Syd ValisMega Drive0.99AsmoDeath's Trads
Sylvan TalesGame Gear0.90AsmoDeath's Trads
Tactics OgrePlayStation!0.00AsmoDeath's Trads
Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis [GBA]Game Boy!0.33AsmoDeath's Trads
Taiyou no Yuusha FirebirdFamicomBetaGénération IX 20160421
Taiyou no Yuusha: Fighbird GB [Fighbird]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima 4 [Hudson's Adventure Island 4]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Tales of EterniaPlayStation PortableFinalPSP-Traductions 20130302
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom2.0Final Translation 20110515
Génération IX 20160421
Tales of PhantasiaSuper FamicomRC1 2nd EditionTerminus Traduction 20221108
Target: RenegadeFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Tashiro Masashi no Princess ga IppaiFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformers - Convoy no Nazo [Transformers]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
TazManiaMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Tecmo Secret of the StarsSuper Famicom!0.20Génération IX 20160421
Ten Pin Alley 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Nickhroms 20070904
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [TMNT]FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game [TMNT]FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan ProjectFamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project [TMNT]FamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall Of Foot Clan [TMNT]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Tekken Advance [GBA]Game Boy1.0Corrigo 20110122
Tenchi MuyoSuper FamicomBetaTerminus Traduction 20221108
Terminator, TheMega Drive1.0Corrigo 20110122
Terminator, TheSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Terminator 2: Judgment DayGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Terminator 2: Judgment DayFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Terminator 2: Judgment DaySuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
TerranigmaSuper Famicom0.05T.R.A.F. 20220104
Tetris Battle GaidenSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Amazing Spider-ManGame Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Amazing Spider-Man 2Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Amazing Spider-Man 3Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Berenstain Bears' Camping AdventureMega Drive1.0Génération IX 20160421
The FlintstonesMega Drive1.0Génération IX 20160421
The Fortress of FearGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
The Great Battle II: Last Fighter TwinSuper Famicom1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Great Battle IIISuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Great Battle IVSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Guardian LegendFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
The Itchy & Scratchy GameSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
The Jetsons: Cogswell's CaperFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
The Karate KidFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Lone RangerFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Punisher: The Ultimate PaybackGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
The Terminator [Terminator]Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Thunder Force 2Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Thunder Force 3Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Thunder Force IVMega Drive1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Threads of FatePlayStation!0.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Tiger HeliFamicomFinalGénération IX 20160421
Tiles of FateFamicomFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Time CopSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Time Diver: Eon ManFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Time SlipSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Tin StarSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
TinheadSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Tiny Toon AdventuresGame Boy0.99Terminus Traduction 20221108
Tiny Toon AdventuresMega DriveFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Tiny Toon AdventuresFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Tiny Toon Adventures 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Toki: Going Ape SpitMega DrivefinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Tom and Jerry: The MovieGame Gear1.0Génération IX 20160421
Top GunFamicom0.99Emulation-151 20081029
Totally RadFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Toxic CrusadersFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
TrojanFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Emulation-151 20081029
TrojanFamicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
True LiesSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
TurricanMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Twin CobraMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Twin CobraFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
TwinBeeFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
TwinBee 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
TwinBee 3Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
TwinBee: Rainbow Bell AdventureSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Twisted Tales of Spike Mc FangSuper Famicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
U.N. SquadronSuper Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
UfouriaFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Arcade0.10Arkames 20120215
UltramanSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
UninvitedFamicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Universal SoldierSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Urban ChampionFamicom1.00Emulation-151 20081029
Urusei Yatsura: Lum no Wedding BellFamicom1.00Emulation-151 20081029
Uchuu Keibitai SDFFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
ValisMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Valis IIIMega Drive1.00FloFlo's Traduction
Valis IIIMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the PlumeDS1.0BessaB 20110101
MYTH-Project 20130718
Vattle GiuceGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
VampireMaster System1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Vampire: Master of DarknessGame Gear1.0Génération IX 20160421
Venus SenkiFamicombeta 2Génération IX 20160421
Vice: Project DoomFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
VigilanteMaster SystemfinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
VillgustSuper Famicom0.3bBessaB 20110101
Volguard 2Famicom1.00Emulation-151 20081029
Volley BallFamicomBetaGénération IX 20160421
Wacky RacesFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Wagyan LandFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Wagyan Land 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Wai Wai WorldFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Wai Wai World 2Famicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
WarcraftWindows/DOS0.99Arkames 20120215
WardnerMega Drive1.0Génération IX 20160421
WarlockSuper Famicom1.0Lestat 20140124
Wario BlastGame Boy0.85T.R.A.F. 20220104
Wario Land 3Game Boy0.90YF06 Traduc 20060321
Wario Land 4 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Lestat 20140124
Pocket Traduction 20061126
Warriors of Fate (CPS1)Arcade1.00Neo-Arc Traduction
WarsongMega Drive!0.05Génération IX 20160421
Werewolf: The Last WarriorFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Whip RushMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Whomp 'EmFamicom1.0Emulation-151 20081029
WidgetFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Wild GunmanFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
WillowFamicom1.0The Rosetta Group
Wing CommanderSuper Famicom!0.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Wing of MadoolaFamicomFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Wolf ChildSuper FamicomBêtaGénération IX 20160421
WolverineFamicomFinalEmulation-151 20081029
Wonder Boy 2: Wonder Boy in Monster LandPC-Engine1.00Arkana
Wonder Boy 3Master System1.00FloFlo's Traduction
Wonder Boy 5Mega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Wonder Boy in Monster LandMaster System0.99Macrotrads
Wonder Boy in Monster WorldMega Drive1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
Wonder Boy in Monster WorldMaster System0.99Macrotrads
Wonder Project JSuper Famicom1.1Génération IX 20160421
Woody PopGame Gear1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
World Ends With You, TheDS0.65MYTH-Project 20130718
Wrath Of The Black MantaFamicomFinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage ChallengeFamicom1.0T.R.A.F. 20220104
XardionSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
XDR: X-Dazedly-RayMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
XenogearsPlayStationDEMOTerminus Traduction 20221108
XenogearsPlayStation23/01/2008SdfMental 20080123
Xenosaga Episode I : Der Wille zur MachtPlayStation 21.20T.R.A.F. 20220104
XeviousFamicombetaT.R.A.F. 20220104
XeviousFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
X-Kaliber 2097Super Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
X-Men: Mutant ApocalypseSuper Famicom1.0Lestat 20140124
X-ZoneSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Yo! NoidFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
YsFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Ys 2Famicom0.95Génération IX 20160421
Ys 3: Wanderers from YsSuper Famicom1.00Arkana
Ys 3: Wanderers from YsSuper 19980823
Ys 4Super Famicom0.99Génération IX 20160421
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel StoriesGame Boy1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories 3Game Boy!0.00Génération IX 20160421
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4Game Boy1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
ZASGame Boy1.0Génération IX 20160421
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom0.98T.R.A.F. 20220104
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom2.1Lyssal 20130512
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.00T.R.A.F. 20220104
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Zelda 4: Links AwakeningGame Boy0.50Pronia Software 19980714
Zen: Intergalactic NinjaFamicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Zero the Kamikaze SquirrelSuper Famicom1.0Génération IX 20160421
Zero WingMega DrivefinaleTerminus Traduction 20221108
Zero: Tsukihami no KamenWii02/09/ 20110902
Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh [Raijinou]Game Boy1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
ZillionMaster System1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Zillion 2Master System1.0Terminus Traduction 20221108
Zippy RaceFamicom1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108
Zombie NationFamicom1.00Génération IX 20160421
ZoolMega Drive1.00Terminus Traduction 20221108


1942Game Boy1.0Greek Roms 20080712
1943Famicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
AmidarArcade1.0Greek Roms 20080712
BarbarianWindows/DOS1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Battle CityFamicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Bio WormSuper Famicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Bomb JackArcade1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Bubble BobbleX680001.10Greek Roms 20080712
Chessmaster, TheSuper Famicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue RangersFamicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom0.50Greek Roms 20080712
Darkwing DuckFamicom0.80Greek Roms 20080712
Dig DugFamicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Donkey KongFamicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
DrymouthGame Boy!0.70Greek Roms 20080712
Earthbound ZeroFamicom!0.20Greek Roms 20080712
ExerionArcade1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Felix the CatFamicom1.0Apollyon 20140706
Final FantasyFamicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
FlashbackSuper Famicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Gun.SmokeFamicom1.0Apollyon 20140706
Hameln no Violin HikiSuper Famicom!0.30Greek Roms 20080712
Harvest MoonSuper Famicom!0.97Greek Roms 20080712
JetPak DXGame Boy1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Journey to SiliusFamicom1.0Apollyon 20140706
Keith Courage in Alpha ZonesPC-Engine1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Kick Off 2?1.0.aGreek Roms 20080712
Kick MasterFamicom!0.50Greek Roms 20080712
Kid IkarusFamicom!0.20Greek Roms 20080712
KlaxPC-Engine1.10Greek Roms 20080712
Krakout?1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Legendary WingsFamicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Little MagicGame Boy1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Mario Bros. 1, SuperFamicom1.20Greek Roms 20080712
Mario Bros. 2, SuperFamicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom1.0Apollyon 20140706
Mario Land 2, SuperGame Boy1.10Greek Roms 20080712
Mario RPG, SuperSuper Famicom!0.08Greek Roms 20080712
Mario World, SuperSuper Famicom0.70Greek Roms 20080712
Monkey Island, The Secret ofWindows/DOS1.00Greek Roms 20080712
MonopolyGame Boy1.0Greek Roms 20080712
PhoenixArcade1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Pocket GalArcade1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Pokémon CrystalGame Boy!0.15Greek Roms 20080712
Pokémon RedGame Boy!0.10Greek Roms 20080712
Pokémon YellowGame Boy0.98Greek Translation Inc
Prince of PersiaSuper Famicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
PuzznicPC-Engine°0.95Greek Roms 20080712
Q*BertGame Boy1.0Greek Roms 20080712
RockFallSuper Famicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
RygarSuper Famicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
ShanghaiPC-Engine1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Secret of ManaSuper Famicom!0.12Greek Roms 20080712
Solomon's KeyWindows/DOS1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Street Fighter 2Super Famicom°0.95Greek Roms 20080712
Super VolleyballSuper Famicom!0.10Greek Roms 20080712
Tehkan World CupArcade1.0Greek Roms 20080712
TerranigmaSuper Famicom!0.05Greek Roms 20080712
VolfiedArcade1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Wario Land 4 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Wonderboy in MonsterlandPC-Engine1.10Greek Roms 20080712
WormsSuper Famicom!0.05Greek Roms 20080712
Wrecking CrewFamicom1.10Greek Roms 20080712
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.10Greek Roms 20080712
Zelda 2Famicom1.10Greek Roms 20080712
Zelda 3: A Link to the Past, The Legend ofSuper Famicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN64!0.01Greek Roms 20080712
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy!0.10Greek Roms 20080712
Zen Intergalactic NinjaFamicom1.0Greek Roms 20080712


Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu (Riki Kunio)Famicom0.02RKH Translation


Dragon WarriorFamicom0.20CROcOp 20041227
Final FantasyFamicom1.95CROcOp 20041227
Final Fantasy 3 [US]Super Famicom0.25CROcOp 20041227
Mario Bros., SuperFamicom1.00CROcOp 20041227
Mario Bros. 2, SuperFamicom1.00CROcOp 20041227
Mega Man 2Famicom0.60SeeGot Translations
Mega Man 4Famicom0.95SeeGot Translations
MetroidFamicom1.00CROcOp 20041227
MetroidFamicom1.00SeeGot Translations
Ninja GaidenFamicom!0.00CROcOp 20041227
Ninja Gaiden 3Famicom!0.00CROcOp 20041227
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.00Amish Yugoslav Translations 19991102
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy0.89SeeGot Translations


For Translation News visit:? 20130321
100 World StoryFamicom1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Addams Family, TheFamicom1.00ZTG 20130614
Addams Family, TheFamicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Addams Family, TheSuper 20130321
Akumajou 20130321
Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no YasoukyokuPlayStation1.0Gemini 20090406
AladdinSuper 20130321
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster 20130321
Alien SoldierMega Drive1.0..:: It.Unknown ::.. 20100911
Alien³Super Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Aliens Versus PredatorWindows/DOS!0.00Figli di Gaucci 20111129
American McGee's AliceWindows/DOS1.1Figli di Gaucci 20111129
IAGTG 20120903
AnimaniacsSuper 20130321
Another World 15th Anniversary EditionWindows/DOS1.02Random Stones 20140205
Avalon CodeDS0.00klonoa741 20140516
Avatar: The Last Airbender [GBA]Game Boy01LockeWorld 20131027
Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth [GBA]Game Boy01LockeWorld 20131027
Bahamut LagoonSuper Famicom!0.20TraduGames 20070316
Bargon AttackWindows/DOS1.0IAGTG 20120903
Battle Unit ZeothGame Boy0.90Dull Translations
Battle Soccer 2Super Famicom1.0Rulez Translation 20110729
Bermuda SyndromeWindows/DOS1.0IAGTG 20120903
Beyond OasisMega 20130321
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon RSuper Famicom1.0Rulez Translation 20110729
Black Sigil: Blade of the ExiledDS0.95LockeWorld 20131027
BlackhawkSuper 20130321
BlackthorneSuper Famicom1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Blue ShadowFamicom1.10..:: It.Unknown ::.. 20100911
BombermanFamicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
Bomberman 2Famicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
Blaze & BladePlayStation0.10Dull Translations
Brain LordSuper 20130321
Breath of Fire 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0DMentzland 20120916
Captain Tsubasa 2Famicom0.20Rulez Translation 20110729
Captain Tsubasa 3 [Anime]Super Famicom0.90Rulez Translation 20110729
Captain Tsubasa 3 [Manga]Super Famicom1.2Rulez Translation 20110729
Captain Tsubasa 5Super FamicomBeta 0.8Rulez Translation 20110729
Captain Tsubasa JSuper Famicom0.50Rulez Translation 20110729
Castle of IllusionMaster System0.99SMS Power! 20090205
Castle QuestFamicom!0.00Monaco 20120423 20130321
CastlevaniaFamicom1.0Julian L. 20140204
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Castlevania 4, SuperSuper 20130321
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightPlayStation0.10Ryo Hazuki 20070516
Chase HQGame Boy0.90Dull Translations
Chrono CrossPlayStation1.2SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Chrono 20130321
Chrono CrossPlayStation!0.01PSXTrans 20021126
Chrono TriggerDS1.0Madness'Rebirth 20130318
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.2aSadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Clive Barker's UndyingWindows/DOS1.00Figli di Gaucci 20111129
Colin McRae Rally 2.0PlayStationBetaMentzland 20120916
Comanche 4Windows/DOS1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Command & Conquer: Red AlertWindows/DOS1.0IAGTG 20120903
Command & Conquer: RenegadeWindows/DOS!0.00Figli di Gaucci 20111129
Comix ZoneMega Drive1.0..:: It.Unknown ::.. 20100911
ContactDS1.0aMentzland 20120916
Cyborg HunterMaster 20130321
Dark SeedWindows/DOS1.0IAGTG 20120903
Darkwing DuckFamicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Darkwing DuckFamicom1.00ZTG 20130614
Demon's CrestSuper Famicom1.2SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
DiabloWindows/DOS1.09bZTG 20130614
Diablo: HellFireWindows/DOS1.01ZTG 20130614
Donkey KongFamicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
Donkey Kong Country 2Super 20130321
Donkey Kong Jr.Famicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
Dr. MarioGame Boy1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
Dragon BallFamicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya DensetsuSuper Famicom0.94..:: It.Unknown ::.. 20100911
Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya DensetsuSuper 20130321
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionSuper 20130321
Dragon 20130321
SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
DragonHeart: Fire & SteelPlayStationBeta 1Mentzland 20120916
Duck TalesFamicom1.00ZTG 20130614
Earthworm Jim 2Super 20130321 20130321
Final 20130321
Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy Origins)PlayStation1.00SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Brisma 20110821
Final Fantasy 20130321
Final Fantasy 2Famicom0.01TraduGames 20070316
Final Fantasy 2 USSuper 20130321
SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Final Fantasy 2 USSuper Famicom0.20..:: It.Unknown ::.. 20100911
Final Fantasy 20130321
Final Fantasy 3 USSuper Famicom2.10SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Final Fantasy IV: The Complete CollectionPlayStation Portable1.1SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Final Fantasy 6 (Pal) 20130321
Final Fantasy 6PlayStation°0.58Crosser
Final Fantasy 6PlayStation!1.00TraduGames 20070316
Final Fantasy 7PlayStation2.10SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Final Fantasy 7PlayStation!0.63..:: It.Unknown ::.. 20100911
Final Fantasy 7Windows/DOS1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeDS01ALockeWorld 20131027
Final Fantasy TacticsPlayStation1.4bSadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the LionsPlayStation Portable1.4bSadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightDS1.0Random Stones 20140205
klonoa741 20140516
Final Fight 2Super 20130321
FlashbackSuper Famicom0.00Soluzioni Videogame 20110113
Front MissionSuper FamicomBeta 1Front Mission Italia 20100310
GalagaFamicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
GrandiaPlayStationCD1 Beta 5Mentzland 20120916
Grandia 2Windows/DOS1.1Figli di Gaucci 20111129
Mentzland 20120916
Grandia 2Windows/DOS!0.95TraduGames 20070316
GuruGuruGame 20130321
Harvest MoonSuper 20130321
Hearts of IronWindows/DOS1.00ZTG 20130614
Hexen 2Windows/DOS2.0Figli di Gaucci 20111129
Hexen 2: Mission Pack: Portal of PraevusWindows/DOS2.0Figli di Gaucci 20111129
Holy DiverFamicom1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
HoshigamiPlayStation!0.00Mentzland 20120916
Hudson's Adventure Island 2Famicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
Hunt for Red OctoberSuper 20130321
I have no mouth and I must screamWindows/DOS2.0IAGTG 20120903
Ignition Factor, TheSuper Famicom0.00Mentzland 20120916
Ignition Factor, TheSuper Famicom0.1bSadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeFM Towns1.0IAGTG 20120903
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeWindows/DOS1.0IAGTG 20120903
Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisWindows/DOS1.00IAGTG 20120903
ISS Pro DeluxeSuper Famicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
It Came From The DesertAmiga0.91IAGTG 20120903
It Came From The DesertWindows/DOS0.90IAGTG 20120903
Joe & Mac 2Super Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Jump Super StarsDSBeta 1TranslationRL 20061002
Jurassic ParkFamicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Kid DraculaGame Boy1.00ZTG 20130614
Kid 20130321
King of Dragons, TheSuper Famicom1.00..::DaRk_ZoNe::.. 20040728
King's KnightFamicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
King's Quest IV: The Perils of RosellaWindows/DOS1.0IAGTG 20120903
Kirby's Fun ParkSuper 20130321
LagoonSuper Famicom1.0Dull Translations
LamborghiniSuper 20130321
LandstalkerMega Drive1.0Gufino2 20060924
SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
LegendSuper Famicom2.0Dull Translations
Legend of KyrandiaWindows/DOS1.8IAGTG 20120903
Legend of Kyrandia 3Windows/DOS1.1IAGTG 20120903
Legend of ManaPlayStation!0.99TraduGames 20070316
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge LizardsWindows/DOS0.40IAGTG 20120903 20130321
Lolo 20130321
LoomWindows/DOSbeta 3.1IAGTG 20120903
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The: The Case of the Serrated ScalpelWindows/DOS1.0aIAGTG 20120903
Lost Vikings, TheSuper Famicom0.30Soluzioni Videogame 20110113
Light CrusaderMega 20130321
Little Nemo: The Dream MasterFamicom1.20SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Lufia & The Fortress of DoomSuper 20130321
Lufia: Curse of the SinistralsDS1.0Random Stones 20140205
Lufia: The Ruins of Lore [GBA]Game BoyPostbeta01LockeWorld 20131027
Maniac Mansion DeluxeWindows/DOS1.00IAGTG 20120903
Mario 64, SuperN640.01Ryo Hazuki 20070516
Mario All Stars, SuperSuper Famicom0.20TraduGames 20070316
Mario Bros. 1, SuperFamicom1.0TraduGames 20070316
Mario Bros. 1, SuperFamicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
Mario Bros. 2, SuperFamicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom1.0bTraduGames 20070316
Mario Land, SuperFamicom1.0ZombiKiller 20020405
Mario World, SuperSuper Famicom0.95TraduGames 20070316
Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandSuper Famicom1.20_Psyco_ 20060515
Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandSuper Famicom0.9.9Ryo Hazuki 20070516
Master of DarknessMaster System1.2Shion 20131204
SMS Power! 20090205
Marvel Super Heroes: War of the GemsSuper Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Mega 20130321
Mega Man 20130321
Mega Man 20130321
Mega Man 20130321
Mega Man 20130321
Mega Man 20130321
Mega Man 7Super Famicom1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Mega Man Battle Network [GBA]Game Boy1.0LockeWorld 20131027
Mega Man Star Force 3: Black AceDS01LockeWorld 20131027
Mega Man Star Force 3: Red JokerDS01LockeWorld 20131027
Mega Man XSuper Famicom1.50SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Mega Man XSuper 20130321
Mega Man X 2Super 20130321
Mega Man X 3PlayStation1.0Sigfried.M 20081001
Mega Man X 3Super Famicom°0.98SadNES cITy Translations 20211031 20130321
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy1.0LockeWorld 20131027
Mega Man Zero 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0LockeWorld 20131027
Mega Man Zero 3 [GBA]Game Boy1.0LockeWorld 20131027
Mega Man Zero 4 [GBA]Game Boy1.0LockeWorld 20131027
Metal 20130321
Metal Slug XNeo· 20130321
Metal WarriorsSuper Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515 20130321
Mickey ManiaSuper 20130321
Mickey's Playtown AdventureSuper Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Monster World 4Mega Drive1.1Shion 20131204
Mystery of the DruidsWindows/DOS1.00IAGTG 20120903
Ninja GaidenFamicom2.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Ninja Gaiden 2Famicom1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
No One Lives ForeverWindows/DOS1.0IAGTG 20120903
North & SouthFamicom2.0Julian L. 20140204
Nosferatu: The Wrath of MalachiWindows/DOS2.0Figli di Gaucci 20111129
NostalgiaDS1.0klonoa741 20140516
OkamidenDS0.60klonoa741 20140516
Parasite EvePlayStation0.90SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Pokémon GreenGame 20130321
Pokémon Stadium 20130321
Prince of PersiaSuper Famicom1.0..:: It.Unknown ::.. 20100911
Psychic WorldMaster System1.00SMS Power! 20090205
PsychonautsPlayStation 2Build 33DewosBlog 20080827
PsychonautsWindows/DOSBuild 33DewosBlog 20080827
PsychonautsXboxBuild 33DewosBlog 20080827
Quest for GloryWindows/DOS1.00IAGTG 20120903
Radiant HistoriaDS1.0LockeWorld 20131027
Radical DreamersSuper Famicom!0.00Monaco 20120423
Ranma ½Super 20130321
Ranma ½ RPGSuper Famicom0.10..::DaRk_ZoNe::.. 20040728
Red FactionWindows/DOS!0.00Figli di Gaucci 20111129
ReahWindows/DOS1.00IAGTG 20120903
RobocopFamicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Robocop 2Game 20130321
Robocop 3Master System!0.00Mentzland 20120916
Robocop 3Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
RobotrekSuper Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Rockman & ForteSuper Famicom2.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
RPG 20130321
SaGa 2: Hihou DensetsuDS1.0klonoa741 20140516
Samurai ShodownSuper Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
SanitariumWindows/DOS1.1IAGTG 20120903
Secret of ManaSuper Famicom1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Shaman King [GBA]Game Boy1.0dMentzland 20120916
Shaman King 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0bMentzland 20120916
Shonen Ninja SasukeSuper Famicom!0.00Monaco 20120423
Silver SurferFamicom1.0Rulez Translation 20110729
SimCitySuper Famicom0.10SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Sky BlazerSuper 20130321
Snoopy & PeanutsWindows/DOSbetaIAGTG 20120903
SoleilMega 20130321
Soldier of FortuneWindows/DOS2.0Figli di Gaucci 20111129
SolsticeFamicom1.0Dull Translations
Soma BringerDS1.1aLockeWorld 20131027
SpidermanGame Boy1.0Dull Translations
Spiderman and Venom: Separation AnxietySuper Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Splatter House 3Mega Drive1.0..:: It.Unknown ::.. 20100911
Star Trek: Elite Force 2Windows/DOS1.0Figli di Gaucci 20111129
Star WarsFamicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi OutcastWindows/DOS1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackFamicom0.50_Psyco_ 20060515
Streets of Rage 2Mega Drive1.01..:: It.Unknown ::.. 20100911
SuikodenPlayStation1.1SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven StarsSuper Famicom1.00 RC1SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven StarsSuper 20130321
Super MetroidSuper Famicom1.00SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Ryo Hazuki 20070516
Super Robot Wars 4Super Famicom0.25SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Super Ghouls'n Ghosts [GBA]Game Boy!0.00Mentzland 20120916
Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis [GBA]Game Boy01LockeWorld 20131027
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicomrev. 20130321
Tales of RebirthPlayStation Portable!0.00Random Stones 20140205
Tecmo Cup Football GameMega Drive1.0Rulez Translation 20110729
Tecmo Secret of the StarsSuper 20130321
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFamicom1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament FightersSuper 20130321
Terminator 2Super Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
TerranigmaSuper Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
TerranigmaSuper 20130321
The 3rd BirthdayPlayStation Portable1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
The Messenger01.99SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
The MessengerWindows/DOS1.99SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Touche': The Adventure of the Fifth MusketeerWindows/DOSbeta 2.3IAGTG 20120903 20130321
Ultima 9Windows/ 20130321
Under a Killing MoonWindows/DOS1.00IAGTG 20120903
Vagrant StoryPlayStation1.1SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Vagrant StoryPlayStation!0.10PSXTrans 20021126
Vagrant StoryPlayStation! 20130321
VolleyballFamicom1.00ZombiKiller 20020405
Wario Land 3Game Boy0.00Mentzland 20120916
Warioland 4 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Mentzland 20120916
Wizard & WarriorGame Boy1.0Dull Translations
Wizard of Oz, The: Beyond the Yellow Brick RoadDS0.00klonoa741 20140516
Wonder Boy 2: Wonder Boy in Monster LandArcade0.1bSadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Wonder Boy in Monster WorldMega Drive1.01Shion 20131204
Wonder Project JSuper Famicom1.0bSadNES cITy Translations 20211031
World Ends With You, TheDS2.0bMentzland 20120916
X-Men: Mutant ApocalypseSuper Famicom1.0_Psyco_ 20060515
XenogearsPlayStation1.2.1SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Ys 6: The Ark of NapishtimWindows/DOS!0.00Figli di Gaucci 20111129
Ys: The Oath in FelghanaWindows/DOS1.2Figli di Gaucci 20111129
Zanzarah: The Hidden PortalWindows/DOS1.00Figli di Gaucci 20111129
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicomFinalZombiKiller 20020405
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.1MattDragon 20111026
Zelda 2: The Adventures of LinkFamicom1.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Zelda 3: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom1.10SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's AwakeningGame Boy1.20SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy1.00SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN641.0SadNES cITy Translations 20211031
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN641.02Brisma 20110821
Zelda, The Legend of: Wind WakerGameCubeCompleta! 20130321


Azumanga Daioh [GBA]Game Boy0.90Atlantis
Arle no Bouken: Mahou no JewelGame Boy!0.018*8 KTT 20121003
Black Matrix Zero [GBA]Game Boy2.01Redwing 20110220
Breath of Fire 2Super Famicom0.80E.G.T.K.
Captain TsubasaFamicom0.938*8 KTT 20121003
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom0.93E.G.T.K.
Dark SeraphimPC-980.96PC98HAN 20121111
Dragon Ball: Daimaou FukkatsuFamicom0.978*8 KTT 20121003
Dragon Ball 3: GokuudenFamicom0.958*8 KTT 20121003
Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiya JinFamicom0.978*8 KTT 20121003
Dragon Ball Z 2: Gekishin Freeza!!Famicom0.978*8 KTT 20121003
Dragon Ball Z 3: Ressen Jinzou NingenFamicom0.978*8 KTT 20121003
Dragon Ball Z GaidenFamicom0.978*8 KTT 20121003
Dual Orb 2Super Famicom1.1cyjzero60 20080224
Final FantasyFamicom0.00Redwing 20110220
Final Fantasy 1 & 2: Dawn of Souls [GBA]Game Boy0.5Eastwind 20100623
Final Fantasy 4Super Famicom1.01Redwing 20110220
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom1.0FFR 20131222
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom0.20E.G.T.K.
Final Fantasy 6Super Famicom1.0Team Dream 20140319
Final Fantasy 6Super Famicom0.99E.G.T.K.
Fire Emblem: Monsyo no NazoSuper Famicom0.05E.G.T.K.
First Queen 3PC-980.72PC98HAN 20121111
First Queen 4PC-980.995PC98HAN 20121111
Garyuuten: Sangoku Seiha no KeiPC-980.997PC98HAN 20121111
Get Backers Dakkanoku [GBA]Game Boy0.9bAtlantis
Go Go Ackman 2Super Famicom0.9Redwing 20110220
Gunstar Super Heroes [GBA]Game BoyREV1Arumi 20131130
Gyakuten Saiban [GBA]Game Boy1.0Hanmaru 20140525
Gyakuten Saiban 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Hanmaru 20140525
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town [GBA]Game Boy0.9aEastwind 20100623
Hinadori no SaezuriPC-980.00PC98 Library 20140303
Honoo no Doukyuuji: Dodge DanpeiFamicom0.00Redwing 20110220
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa NaruGame Boy0.95bEastwind 20100623
Kamaitachi no Yoru Advance [GBA]Game Boy1.01Redwing 20110220
Kidou Senshi V GundamSuper Famicom!0.00GetzWorld 20120400
KoushinFamicom0.208*8 KTT 20121003
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeFamicom0.998*8 KTT 20121003
Love Hina PartyGame Boy0.97PC98 Library 20140303
Made in Wario [WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!][GBA]Game Boy1.0Arumi 20131130
Mario Kart Advance [GBA]Game Boy1.0Hangeru Team 20131220
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy1.0TS 20131231
Metroid Fusion [GBA]Game Boy1.00Eastwind 20100623
Metroid: Zero Mission [GBA]Game Boy1.02Eastwind 20100623
MetajoPC-980.982PC98 Library 20140303
Mr. Driller 2 [GBA]Game Boy0.90cyjzero60 20080224
Mr. Driller Ace [GBA]Game Boy1.0Han-GBA 20060918
Nekketsu Kakutou DensetsuFamicom0.528*8 KTT 20121003
Nekketsu Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk HeroesFamicom0.808*8 KTT 20121003
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black QueenSuper Famicom1.0Hanmaru 20140525
Regional Power 3 SpecialPC-980.70PC98 Library 20140303
River City Ransom EX [GBA]Game Boy1.0Arumi 20131130
Rockman 2Famicom2006.04.278*8 KTT 20121003
Rockman 3Famicom2006.04.278*8 KTT 20121003
Rockman 4Famicom2006.04.278*8 KTT 20121003
Rockman 5Famicom2006.04.278*8 KTT 20121003
Rockman 6Famicom0.908*8 KTT 20121003
Romancing SaGa 3Super Famicom0.30E.G.T.K.
Romancing SaGa 3Super Famicom1.0Taepung 20140502
Rome wasn't built in a dayPC-980.90PC98 Library 20140303
Rushing Beat SuraSuper Famicom0.73E.G.T.K.
SD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 3: Eiyuu SenkiFamicom0.908*8 KTT 20121003
SD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 4: New Type StoryFamicom0.938*8 KTT 20121003
SD Hero SoukessenFamicom0.508*8 KTT 20121003
Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu [GBA]Game Boy2.02Redwing 20110220
SlamDunk 2Super Famicom1.01Redwing 20110220
Super Mario RPGSuper Famicom0.00E.G.T.K.
Super Mario RPGSuper Famicom1.0Eastwind 20100623
Super Robot Taisen EXSuper Famicom1.10hangulo 20070527
Super Robot Taisen R [GBA]Game Boy1.00Redwing 20110220
Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation [GBA]Game Boy1.1SRWW 20070826
Super Robot Wars 3Super Famicom080329GetzWorld 20120400
Super Robot Wars D [GBA]Game Boy1.00reonsblade
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom0.00E.G.T.K.
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom1.02Redwing 20110220
Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Shiroi Kage no ShoujoSuper Famicom0.9Eastwind 20100623
TerranigmaSuper Famicom0.99E.G.T.K.
Tsai MetajoPC-980.995PC98 Library 20140303
Wai Wai World 2Famicom0.958*8 KTT 20121003
Wedding PeachSuper Famicom0.90E.G.T.K.
Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone [GBA]Game Boy0.95sHy- 20140106
Ys 3: Wanderers from YsSuper Famicom1.00Redwing 20110220
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Expert 3 [GBA]Game Boy0.98PC98 Library 20140303
Zelda no Densetsu 1: The Hyrule FantasyFamicom1.00Herrero 20140622
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.00Herrero 20140622
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy1.0Herrero 20140622

Lingua Latina

Final FantasyFamicom1.0abw 20120210
Final Fantasy 3 USSuper Famicom0.65abw 20120210
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.0aabw 20120210
Zelda 2Famicom1.0abw 20120210


Super Mario BrosFamicom1.0Mäori Translations 20050108


BattletoadsFamicom0.15The Rosetta Group
Darkwing DuckFamicom1.0Little Mac 20130416
Duck HuntFamicom1.10Ok Impala! 20121111
FaxanaduFamicom1.0Ok Impala! 20121111
Final FantasyFamicom1.00Ok Impala! 20121111
Ice HockeyFamicom1.10Ok Impala! 20121111
Mega ManFamicom1.10Ok Impala! 20121111
Mega ManFamicom1.0GTman 20050204
Mega Man 2Famicom1.10GTman 20050204
Prince of PersiaSuper Famicom1.10Ok Impala! 20121111
RockmanFamicomv1GTman 20050204
SimCitySuper Famicom!0.14GTman 20050204
Super Mario Bros.Famicom1.00Ok Impala! 20121111
Super Mario Bros. 2Famicom1.00Ok Impala! 20121111
Super Mario Bros. 3Famicom1.0Ok Impala! 20121111
Super Mario WorldSuper Famicom1.00Ok Impala! 20121111
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhatten ProjectFamicomv1GTman 20050204
TetrisFamicom1.10Ok Impala! 20121111
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.0Ok Impala! 20121111
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.10Ok Impala! 20121111
Zelda, The Legend of: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom1.0Ok Impala! 20121111
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy1.0Ok Impala! 20121111


Balloon FightFamicom1.00SSJAndy
Donkey KongFamicom1.00Just4Fun 20040125
Mega ManFamicom0.90Just4Fun 20040125
Mega Man 2Famicom0.99Just4Fun 20040125
Mega Man 5Famicom0.90Just4Fun 20040125
Mega Man 6Famicom1.00Just4Fun 20040125
Mario Bros. 1, SuperFamicom1.00Just4Fun 20040125
Mario Bros. 2, SuperFamicom1.00SSJAndy
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom0.90Just4Fun 20040125
Mario RPG, SuperSuper Famicom0.98Just4Fun 20040125
Mario World, SuperSuper Famicom0.00Just4Fun 20040125
Pokémon GoldGame Boy0.08SSJAndy
Pokémon RedGame Boy0.00Just4Fun 20040125
Sesame StreetFamicom1.00SSJAndy
Street Fighter 2Super Famicom0.55SSJAndy
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom1.0aJust4Fun 20040125
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.00Just4Fun 20040125
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.0Just4Fun 20040125
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy0.01Just4Fun 20040125


Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer LeagueFamicom1.1Farid 20101017


Blood of BahamutDS!0.00mteam 20130506
Breath of Fire [GBA]Game Boy1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Breath of Fire 2 [GBA]Game Boy0.01Nintendencja 20090405
Breath of Fire 3PlayStation0.12Nintendencja 20090405
CastlevaniaFamicomBETA 0.9CastleKeeper 20131031
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow [GBA]Game BoyALFA 0.01CastleKeeper 20131031
Castlevania: Order of EcclesiaDS2.0CastleKeeper 20131031
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.00mteam 20130506
Contra ForceFamicom0.00Dark Archon
Crash Bandicoot Fusion [GBA]Game Boy1.2Ikskoks 20121118
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7PlayStation Portable!0.00Ogród Balamb 20131029
Cyber KnightSuper Famicom1.00mteam 20130506
Cyber Knight 2Super Famicom1.00mteam 20130506
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 [GBA]Game Boy0.10Nintendencja 20090405
ROMStrike 20070811
Dead City, TheWindows/DOS1.0Ikskoks 20121118
Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure [GBA]Game Boy1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Dual Orb 2Super Famicom0.99mteam 20130506
ExciteBikeFamicom2.00bemberg 20111210
Final FantasyFamicom1.00Nintendencja 20090405
Final Fantasy [GBA]Game Boy0.0.1PL World 20070916
Final Fantasy 2Super Famicom1.0Araki & DzinX Translations
Final Fantasy 2WonderSwan0.0.2 beta 4(gotowy)PL World 20070916
Final Fantasy 3Super Famicom1.00 betaRusty_Can 20040127
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom1.00 betaJaro's Final Project 5 20020112
Final Fantasy 7PlayStation1.01Midgar Translations 20111022
Final Fantasy 8PlayStation1.2Ogród Balamb 20131029
Final Fantasy 8Windows/DOS1.2Ogród Balamb 20131029
Final Fantasy 9 CD1PlayStation1.90Nintendencja 20090405
Final Fantasy 9 CD2PlayStation1.40Nintendencja 20090405
Final Fantasy 9 CD3PlayStation1.30Nintendencja 20090405
Final Fantasy 9 CD4PlayStation1.10Nintendencja 20090405
Final Fantasy 10PlayStation 20.42Ogród Balamb 20131029
Final Fantasy 12PlayStation 21.2Spolszczenie Final Fantasy XII 20110820
Front LineFamicom0.00Dark Archon
Front MissionSuper Famicom0.98mteam 20130506
GalaxianFamicom0.00Dark Archon
Golden Sun [GBA]Game Boy1.0vNintendencja 20090405
Harvest MoonN641.10mteam 20130506
Harvest Moon 64Super Famicom0.01Nintendencja 20090405
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA]Game Boy1.20Nintendencja 20090405
Kunio Kun Nekketsu Soccer LeagueFamicom1.0Dr00id88 20070720
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring [GBA]Game Boybeta 0.1ROMStrike 20070811
Love Hina Advance [GBA]Game Boy1.0Dark Archon
Lufia: The Ruins of Lore [GBA]Game Boy0.91Nintendencja 20090405
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom1.20mteam 20130506
Madou MonogatariSuper Famicom!0.00mteam 20130506
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time [GBA]Game Boy0.10Rom Translation 20110116
Mario 64, SuperN641.1Junio_TJT 20070708
Mario Bros., SuperFamicom1.02Dream Force
Mario Bros., SuperFamicom1.00bemberg 20111210
Mario Bros. 2, SuperFamicom1.04Dream Force
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom1.00Dream Force
Mario World, SuperSuper Famicom0.50Dream Force
MediEvilPlayStationBETAIkskoks 20121118
MediEvil 2PlayStation1.0Ikskoks 20121118
Mega Man 3Famicom0.1ROMStrike 20070811
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy1.10M13 20100601
Mega Man Zero 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0M13 20100601
Mega Man Zero 3 [GBA]Game Boy!0.15M13 20100601
Mental Repairs, Inc.Windows/DOS0.55Ikskoks 20121118
Metal GearFamicom1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Moon CrystalFamicom1.0Dr00id88 20070720
OkamiPlayStation 21.0cSpolszczenie Okami 20090926
Berion 20131028
Phantasy Star: The end of the millenniumMega Drive0.95mteam 20130506
Pirates!Famicom!0.00Dr00id88 20070720
Pokémon FireRed Version [GBA]Game Boy0.20Dark Archon
Pokémon RedGame Boy1.10Dark Archon
Quest 64N640.01Nintendencja 20090405
Ranma ½: Tresure of the Red Cat GangSuper Famicom1.00mteam 20130506
Revelations, The Demon SlayerGame Boy1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Resident Evil 2PlayStationLeon 0.9
Claire 0.5
Kamień 20070518
Road FighterFamicom0.00Nintendencja 20090405
ROMStrike 20070811
Sailormoon: Another StorySuper Famicom0.995mteam 20130506
Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 32: Phantasy Star Complete Collection [only Phantasy Star: The end of the millennium]PlayStation 20.95mteam 20130506
Silent HillPlayStation1.1Silent Hill PL 20071105
Spyro: Year of the DragonPlayStation0.30Ikskoks 20121118
Spyro 2: Season of Flame [GBA]Game Boy0.01Nintendencja 20090405
Super Back to the Future Part 2Super Famicom0.96mteam 20130506
Super Mario 64N640.01Nintendencja 20090405
Sword of Mana [GBA]Game Boy1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Tactics Ogre: The Knight of LodisSuper Famicom0.76Rusty_Can 20040127
Tales of DestinyPlayStation!0.00mteam 20130506
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom1.00mteam 20130506
Tenchu: Stealth AssassinsPlayStation1.0 LiteBerion 20131028
TerranigmaSuper Famicom1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Time HollowDS1.00mteam 20130506
VillgustSuper Famicom1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Who Wants to be a MillionaireGame Boy0.02Nintendencja 20090405
Who Wants to be a Millionaire [GBA]Game Boy1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Wonder Project JSuper Famicom1.0mteam 20130506
Worms ArmageddonGame Boy1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Worms World Party [GBA]Game Boy2.0Dark Archon
XenogearsPlayStationRC6.5Midgar Translations 20111022
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Zelda, The Legend of: Majora's MaskN641.1Nintendencja 20090405
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN641.30Nintendencja 20090405
Zelda, The Legend of: The Minish Cap [GBA]Game Boy1.0Nintendencja 20090405
Zero WingSuper Famicom1.00mteam 20130506


For Translation News visit:?
PO.B.R.E. 20131101
102 DalmatiansGame Boy1.00Romhack BR
1943Famicom0.90BR Games 20120717
7th SagaSuper Famicom1.00BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
8 Eye'sFamicom1.00CBT 20000830
8 Eye'sFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
AAAHH!!! Real MonstersSuper Famicom0.00Tecno Tradu BR 20120428
AbadoxFamicom1.00CBT 20000830
AbadoxFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
AbadoxFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
ActRaiserSuper Famicom!0.10GTC - Grupo de Traduções Clássicas
ActRaiser 2Super Famicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
ActRaiser 2Super Famicom1.0aEvil Darkness
ActRaiser 2Super Famicom0.05GTC - Grupo de Traduções Clássicas
Addams Family, TheMega Drive1.4Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Addams Family, TheFamicom1.00K-Traduções
Advance Wars [GBA]Game BoyRevisão 2Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragon StrikeFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Adventures of Batman and Robin, TheMega Drive1.2Romhacker BR 20100520
Adventures of Captain Comic, TheFamicom1.0aMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Adventures of Lolo 3Famicom0.00Games Live 20131231
Aerial AssaultMaster System1.2Renix Traduções 20120815
After Burner 2Mega Drive1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
After Burner 2PC-Engine1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
After Burner 2 Complete [32X]Mega Drive1.1Carlson 20110712
After Burner 2 Complete [32X]Mega Drive1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
After Burner 3 [CD]Mega Drive1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
Air RescueMaster System1.00Emuroms Translations
AirForce DeltaGame Boy1.21Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula KunFamicom1.00Central MiB
AlcahestSuper Famicom1.0Central MiB
AlesteMSX1.0Luiz H. Lugato 20130416
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster System1.20CBT 20000830
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster System1.00BR Games 20120717
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster Systemr2Filipe Engleth 20121209
All-Star Tennis '99N641.0Guto Traduções
Alone in the DarkGame Boy1.0Tradu-Roms 20080226
Altered BeastMega Drive1.00EmuWay!
Andre Agassi TennisMaster System1.0Guto Traduções
ArcanaSuper Famicom1.0Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Arcade Pool 2Windows/DOS1.0BR Games 20120717
ArkanoidFamicom0.98BR Games 20120717
Arkanoid: Doh it AgainSuper Famicom0.50Portuguese-it
Arkanoid: Revenge of DohX680001.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
ArmadilloFamicom1.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
Army MenGame Boy0.9Patryck 20130505
Army Men Advance [GBA]Game Boy0.98Evil Darkness
AsterixGame Boy1.00Guto Traduções
Asterix & Obelix 2 in 1 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Kratos-AM 20110310
AstyanaxFamicom1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Automobili LamborghiniN641.0bNintendo BR 20140503
Avatar: The Last Airbender [GBA]Game Boy0.00Tony Paixão 20100224
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2Mega Drive1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2Master System1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
Baby's Day OutMega Drive1.0Tecno Tradu BR 20120428
Balloon FightFamicom0.90BR Games 20120717
Balloon FightFamicom1.0JM-Traduções 20101121
Balloon FightSupervision2.00Mega Mario 986 20110317
BatmanFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Batman 3Famicom1.00Evil Darkness
Batman Beyond: Return of the JokerGame Boy1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Batman Forever: The Arcade GameSaturn1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Batman ReturnsFamicom1.1Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Batman Rise of Sin Tzu [GBA]Game Boy1.0TransFac Traduções
Batman: Return of the JokerFamicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Batman: The Video GameFamicom1.1PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Batman: The Video Game (Older Beta)Famicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Battle CityFamicom1.0JM-Traduções 20101121
Battle Ping PongGame Boy0.90BR Games 20120717
Battle Soccer: Field no HaShaSuper Famicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
BattletoadsFamicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Battletoads & Double DragonSuper Famicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Battletoads in BattlemaniacsSuper Famicom1.10CBT 20000830
BC Racers [32X]Mega Drive1.1Carlson 20110712
Beyond OasisMega Drive1.40Tradu-Roms 20080226
Biker Mice from MarsSuper Famicom1.10Tradu-Roms 20080226
Bionic CommandoFamicom1.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
Bobby's WorldSuper Famicom0.00Games Live 20131231
Bomber KingFamicom1.00Evil Darkness
Bucky O'HareFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Bugs BunnyGame Boy1.00EmuWay!
BlackPlayStation 2!0.00eskhotline 20080302
Blackthorne [GBA]Game Boy1.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
BlackthorneSuper Famicom1.00Emuroms Translations
Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin ParrWindows/DOS1.1Games Live 20131231
Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin RockWindows/DOS0.00Games Live 20131231
Blair Witch Volume 3: The Elly Kedward TaleWindows/DOS0.00Games Live 20131231
Blaster MasterFamicom1.1PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Bomb JackGame Boy1.0Paulo GCS 20130417
BombermanFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Pitoko 20090916
Bomberman Max Blue: ChampionGame Boy0.00RodrigoX4 20100909
Bomberman Tournament [GBA]Game Boy1.20Hexagon Traduções 20051208
BrainlordSuper Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
Bram Stoker's DraculaMaster System1.00Trans-Center 20130822
Bram Stoker's DraculaFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
BrandishSuper Famicom1.0Hexagon Traduções 20051208
BrandishSuper Famicom!0.05BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
Breath of FireSuper Famicom1.10Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Breath of Fire 2 [GBA]Game Boy!0.00Games Live 20131231
Breath of Fire 2Super FamicomBETATrans-Center 20130822
Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Breath of Fire 4PlayStationBETATradu-Gamex 20101008
Breath of Fire 4PlayStation1.1aNelson Henrique de Oliveira Junior 20130523
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars: The Director's CutDSRevisão 1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
BuffyGame Boy1.00BR Translation
Bugs BunnyGame Boy0.95BR Games 20120717
BulletstormWindows/DOS!0.00Games Live 20131231
California GamesMega Drive0.98Tradu-Roms 20080226
Captain America and The AvengersFamicom1.1PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Captain America and the AvengersSuper Famicom3.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Captain CommandoSuper Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
Captain CommandoSuper Famicom0.90BR Games 20120717
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersMega Drive1.1Carlson 20110712
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersFamicom3.0Carlson 20110712
Captain Tsubasa 5: Hasha no Shougou CampioneSuper Famicom1.0OJ Abreu 20130426
Castle of IllusionMega Drive1.2Renix Traduções 20120815
Castle of IllusionMaster System1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
CastlevaniaFamicom1.00GTC - Grupo de Traduções Clássicas
Castlevania 2: Belmont's RevengeGame Boy1.2Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Castlevania 3Famicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Castlevania LegendsGame Boy1.00Mr.Magoo 20100906
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow [GBA]Game Boy2.1Trans-Center 20130822
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon [GBA]Game Boy1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Trans-Center 20130822
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance [GBA]Game Boy1.1Trans-Center 20130822
Castlevania: Order of EcclesiaDS1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Trans-Center 20130822
Castlevania: Portrait of RuinDS1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightPlayStation1.0Central MiB
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightPlayStation1.0 BETAPO.B.R.E. 20131101
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightPlayStation0.95BR Games 20120717
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightPlayStation0.95Eder Pezão 20070307
ChallengerFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Championship Lode RunnerFamicom1.1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Chessmaster, TheGame Boy1.00BR Games 20120717
Chip and DaleFamicom0.90BR Games 20120717
ChoplifterMaster System1.3Renix Traduções 20120815
Choplifter 3Game Boy1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Choplifter 3Super FamicomALFAMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Chrono CrossPlayStation!0.00Games Live 20131231
Chrono TriggerDSAlpha 1.2alizor 20090916
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.50Central MiB
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.10CBT 20000830
Chuck RockMega Drive0.9Kratos-AM 20110310
Clash at DemonheadFamicom0.2 betaJM-Traduções 20101121
CleopatraWindows/DOS1.0Central MiB
Clive Barker's JerichoWindows/DOS0.95Games Live 20131231
Clock TowerSuper Famicom1.0Denver 20120509
Clock TowerSuper FamicombetaTradu-Gamex 20101008
Cloud MasterMaster System1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
Clu Clu LandFamicom1.0JM-Traduções 20101121
ColumnsMaster System1.00BR Games 20120717
CommandoFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Contra ForceFamicom1.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
Contra: Hard CorpsMega Drive°0.95BR Games 20120717
Contra: Legacy of WarPlayStation1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Cool SpotSuper Famicom0.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strike's Back [GBA]Game Boy1.0BR Games 20120717
Crash Bandicoot 3: WarpedPlayStation1.0Central MiB
Crash Bandicoot Fusion [GBA]Game Boy1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Crash Bandicoot XS [GBA]Game Boy1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Crash Team RacingPlayStation0.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Crazy Chase [GBA]Game Boy1.0Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Crazy Frog Racer [GBA]Game Boy1.0Central MiB
Dr. X Tradus 20060225
Crime SceneDS1.1Nintendo BR 20140503
Crisis ForceFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Cross FireFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Cruis'n ExoticaN641.0Nintendo BR 20140503
Crusader of CentyMega Drive1.20Tradu-Roms 20080226
CrystalisGame Boy1.20Romhack BR
CrystalisFamicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Cutthroat IslandSuper Famicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
CybernatorSuper Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
Daffy Duck in HollywoodMaster System0.00Mega Romhacking 20100125
Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy [GBA]Game Boy1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Darkwing DuckFamicom0.70BR Games 20120717
Daze Before ChristmasSuper Famicom0.00Games Live 20131231
Demolition ManSuper Famicom0.00Makinadomal94 20101218
Demon's CrestSuper Famicom1.10Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Diddy Kong RacingN641.0Guto Traduções
Digimon World 3PlayStation0.30TransFac Traduções
Digimon World DawnDS1.23Nintendo BR 20140503
Disney's AladdinGame Gear1.0Darth Vader 20130416
Disney's AladdinMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Disney's AladdinMaster System1.00Guto Traduções
Disney's AladdinMaster System1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' QuackersN640.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Disney's: The Jungle BookMaster System1.0Guto Traduções
Divi DeadWindows/DOS1.3Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
Central MiB
Donald in Maui MallardMega Drive1.0Central MiB
Donkey KongFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Donkey Kong Country [GBA]Game BoyBETAKratos-AM 20110310
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestSuper Famicom0.99BR Games 20120717
Doom 64N641.1Doom 64 em português 20070614
Double DragonFamicom1.2PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Double DragonGame Boy1.00Evil Darkness
Double DragonGame Boy1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Double Dragon 2Famicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Double Dragon 2Game Boy1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Double Dragon 3Famicom1.2PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Dr. MarioFamicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Dragon BallFamicom1.00CBT 20000830
Dragon Ball Z Card Game [GBA]Game Boy!0.05Evil Darkness
Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya DensetsuSuper Famicom1.00BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
Dragon Ball Z: Gokuden 2Super Famicom!0.26BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionSuper Famicom0.98Evil Darkness
Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiya JinFamicom1.1Central MiB
Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku [GBA]Game Boy1.1aEvil Darkness
Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku [GBA]Game Boy1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Dragon Ball Z: Super BotoudenSuper Famicom0.98E2P Traduções
Dragon Ball Z: Super Botouden 3Super Famicom0.98E2P Traduções
Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure [GBA]Game Boy1.1PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Dragon Quest 1.2 RepriseSuper Famicom1.0RPGOne 20050504
Dragon Quest 6DSBETAfbifilmagens 20110216
Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed KingPlayStation 20.1Angel Forgotten 20110122
Dragon Spirit: The New LegendFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Dragon WarriorFamicom1.10CBT 20000830
Dragon Warrior 1 & 2Game Boy!0.55Romhack BR
Dragon Warrior 3Famicom1.10CBT 20000830
Dragon Warrior MonstersGame Boy0.20Evil Darkness
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2Game Boy!0.05Evil Darkness
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryMega Drive1.0Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryMaster System1.00Guto Traduções
Driver 2 (CD1)PlayStation1.00Central MiB
Duck TalesFamicom1.00CBT 20000830
Duck Tales 2Famicom1.00BR Translation
Duke Nukem: Manhattan ProjectWindows/DOS1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over MystaraArcade!0.00NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
EarthBoundSuper Famicombeta 1.1EarthBound Brasil 20130820
Ecco the DolphinMega Drive1.40Tradu-Roms 20080226
El VientoMega Drive1.0Central MiB
EVO: Search for EdenSuper Famicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
F-Zero Maximum Velocity (GBA)Game Boy1.00Evil Darkness
Fairly OddParents! Enter the Cleft, The [GBA]Game Boy0.00Games Live 20131231
FaxanaduFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Fear Effect 2 CD1PlayStation1.00BR Translation
Felix the CatFamicom1.00EmuWay!
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo PirelliDS0.00Games Live 20131231
Fifa 94Mega Drive1.00BR Games 20120717
FIFA Soccer 2000 Gold EditionMega Drive1.1Disco Voador Romhacking 20120101
Final FantasyFamicom1.30CBT 20000830
Final FantasyFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Final Fantasy 1 & 2: Dawn of Souls [GBA]Game BoybetaMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Final Fantasy 2Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
BR Games 20120717
Final Fantasy 2 USSuper Famicom1.0Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Final Fantasy 3DS17/05/2013JiraspioM 20130517
Final Fantasy 3DS1.0Nintendo BR 20140503
Final Fantasy 3Famicom1.0Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Final Fantasy 4DS1.1Nintendo BR 20140503
Final Fantasy 4 Advance [GBA]Game Boy1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom1.30CBT 20000830
Final Fantasy 6 [GBA]Game Boy!0.00PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Final Fantasy 7PlayStation0.06CBT 20000830
Final Fantasy 7PlayStation!0.00PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Final Fantasy 8PlayStationbeta-pre-alphaTrans-Center 20130822
Final Fantasy 8PlayStation0.98 BETAjdomingos 20110802
Final Fantasy 9PlayStationBetaHexagon Traduções 20051208
Final Fantasy Legend 2Game Boy1.0Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Final Fantasy TacticsPlayStation!0.15Romhack BR
Final Fight 2Super Famicom1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Final Fight 3Super Famicom1.00IPS Point
Final MissionFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
FlashbackMega Drive1.00CBT 20000830
FlashbackSuper Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
Flatout: Head OnPlayStation Portable1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Flintstones, TheMega Drive1.00BR Translation
Flintstones, TheMega Drive0.00Games Live 20131231
Frankenstein: The Monster ReturnsFamicom1.2PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Fritz ChessDS1.1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Front MissionSuper Famicom0.97Tramulação
Front Mission 3PlayStationBETAOsora 20110707
Fuzzical FighterFamicom1.0Hexagon Traduções 20051208
GaleriansPlayStation!0.00PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Game no Kanzume Vol. 1 [CD]Mega Drive0.00Filipe Engleth 20121209
Gain GroundMaster System1.1Renix Traduções 20120815
Garfield LabyrinthGame Boy1.0Paulo GCS 20130417
Garou: Mark of the WolvesArcade!0.00NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
Gekido Advance: Kintaro's Revenge [GBA]Game Boy1.1Trans-Center 20130822
Gex 3: Deep Cover GeckoN640.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Ghouls N' GhostsMaster System1.0Guto Traduções
G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroFamicom1.1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Go Go AckmanSuper Famicom1.00E2P Traduções
God of WarPlayStation 2!1.00eskhotline 20080302
God of War: Ghost of SpartaPlayStation Portable1.10 FINALMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Golden AxeMega Drive1.00EmuWay!
Golden AxeMega Drive0.98 betaTrans-Center 20130822
Golden Axe WarriorMaster System1.00CBT 20000830
Golden Sun [GBA]Game BoyBeta2Kyle The Runner 20100409
Golden Sun [GBA]Game Boy!0.00eskhotline 20080302
GoldenEye 007N641.0BR Traduções 20121201
Goof TroopSuper Famicom1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Goof TroopSuper Famicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
GooniesFamicom1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
GP-1 Part IISuper Famicom0.00Jamis Casusa da Silva 20090826
GradiusFamicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Gradius 2Famicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesPlayStation 20.00gledson999 20110821
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City StoriesPlayStation 20.00gledson999 20110821
GrandiaPlayStation!0.00PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The [GBA]Game Boy1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Gulliver BoySuper Famicom!0.10E2P Traduções
Gun NacFamicomU2BR Games 20120717
Gun.SmokeFamicom1.0 Finaldiegaozims 20110128
Gunman's ProofSuper Famicom1.01E2P Traduções
Gunstar Super Heroes [GBA]Game Boy1.0 BetaTrans-Center 20130822
GyrussFamicom1.0aMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Hameln no Violin HikiSuper Famicom1.01Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Hang-On 20FINALFridilipi 20110722
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [GBA]Game Boy0.00Makinadomal94 20101218
Harvest MoonGame Boy0.70BR Translation
Harvest MoonSuper Famicom1.0Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Harvest Moon 2Game Boy1.00Romhack BR
Harvest Moon: Back to NaturePlayStation1.0Denver 20120509
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town [GBA]Game Boy1.4Pinguimbozo 20130918
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling AdventureDS1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Hobbit, The [GBA]Game Boy1.40Central MiB
Hokuto no KenFamicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Hokuto no Ken 2FamicomBETA 1Trans-Center 20130822
House of the Dead 2, TheDreamcast1.0Tradu-Roms 20080226
Hudson's Adventure IslandFamicom1.0aPitoko 20090916
Hudson's Adventure IslandFamicom0.95BR Games 20120717
Hudson's Adventure Island 2Famicom1.0bPitoko 20090916
Hudson's Adventure Island 2Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
Hudson's Adventure Island 2Famicom0.95BR Games 20120717
Ignition FactorSuper Famicom1.0Central MiB
Illusion CityMSX0.50Illusion City: the translation 20050517
Immoral StudyWindows/DOS1.0Central MiB
Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
Immoral Study 2Windows/DOS1.0Central MiB
Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
Immortal, TheFamicomBETATrans-Center 20130822
Incredibles, The [GBA]Game Boy1.10Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Inspector GadgetSuper Famicom1.6PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
International Superstar Soccer 99Game Boy1.30CBT 20000830
Iridion 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0vince_vng 20110214
Iron CommandoSuper Famicom1.0Carlson 20110712
JackalFamicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Jetsons, The: Cogswell's Caper!Famicom1.0aMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Joe & MacMega Drive0.00Trans-Center 20130822
Joe & Mac: Caveman NinjaMega Drive1.00BR Games 20120717
JuJu DensetsuMega Drive1.0Central MiB
JuuoukiFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Jurassic ParkFamicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Justice League: Injustice for All [GBA]Game Boy1.0Central MiB
Kabuki: Quantum FighterFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Kendo RageSuper Famicom1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
KenseidenMaster System1.3PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Killer InstinctGame Boy0.00Nolan 20130721
Killer InstinctSuper Famicom0.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Killzone: LiberationPlayStation Portable1.00Monkey's Traduções 20130824
King Arthur's WorldSuper Famicom1.00Portuguese-it
King of Fighters '94, TheNeo·Geo1.0NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
King of Fighters '98, ThePlayStation1.0Central MiB
King of Fighters 2002, TheNeo·Geo2.0NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
King of Fighters 2003, TheNeo·Geo1.0NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
King of Fighters 2003, TheNeo·Geo1.0BR Games 20120717
Knights of the RoundSuper Famicom1.1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Kolibri [32X]Mega Drive1.2Carlson 20110712
Krion Conquest, TheFamicom1.0vince_vng 20110214
Kung FuFamicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Lady Sia [GBA]Game Boy1.10Central MiB
Land Before Time, The [GBA]Game Boy1.0Guto Traduções
Landstalker: The Treasures of King NoleMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Last Blade, TheNeo·Geo Pocket1.00Tramulação
Legend of OasisSaturn1.10BR Games 20120717
Legend of LegaiaPlayStation0.06CBT 20000830
LEGO Star WarsPlayStation 21.1Angel Forgotten 20110122
LEGO Star Wars 2PlayStation 21.0Angel Forgotten 20110122
Light CrusaderMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Lion King, TheSuper FamicomBETANintendo BR 20140503
Lion King, TheSuper Famicom0.00Arktales 20101117
Little MermaidFamicom1.00EmuWay!
Little Nemo: The Dream MasterFamicom1.00Emuroms Translations
Lode RunnerFamicom1.00EmuWay!
Lode RunnerFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Lode RunnerFamicom1.1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Lode Runner: Ushina Wareta MeikyuuPC-EngineWe canMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Lomix, The Legend ofPlayStation1.00PirateAlx
Love Love H MaidWindows/DOS1.1Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
Lucky Dime CaperMaster System1.00EmuWay!
Lufia & The Fortress of DoomSuper Famicom!0.50E2P Traduções
Lufia 2Super Famicom0.08CBT 20000830
Lufia: The Legend ReturnsGame Boy!0.06Tramulação
Lunar: Samposuru GakuenGame Gear0.95bCentral MiB
M.U.S.H.A.Mega Drive1.1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Mach RiderFamicom2.0JM-Traduções 20101121
Magi NationGame Boy!0.05Tramulação
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom1.01Central MiB
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom0.80Tradu-Roms 20080226
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Famicom0.32CBT 20000830
MappyFamicom1.1Mr.Magoo 20100906
Mappy-LandFamicom2.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
Mario Advance, Super [GBA]Game Boy1.00BR Games 20120717
Mario Advance, Super [GBA]Game Boy1.00Eder Pezão 20070307
Mario Bros., SuperFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Mario Bros., SuperFamicom2.0JM-Traduções 20101121
Mario Bros., SuperFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Mario Bros. 2, Super [JP]Famicom1.0cMr.Magoo 20100906
Mario Bros. 2, Super [US]Famicom1.1Trans-Center 20130822
Mario Bros. 3, Super (PlayChoice-10)Famicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Mario Kart 64N641.0Dr. X Tradus 20060225
Central MiB
Mario Kart WiiWiiFINALTecno Tradu BR 20120428
Mario Land, SuperGame Boy1.00BR Games 20120717
Mario RPG, SuperSuper Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
Mario RPG, SuperSuper Famicom0.99BR Games 20120717
Mario RPG, SuperSuper Famicom!0.00PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Mario RunnerFamicom1.1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Mario Runner 2Famicom1.1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Mario USA, SuperFamicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mario World, SuperSuper Famicom0.85Samus 20090810
Mario World, SuperSuper Famicom1.2BR Traduções 20121201
Marvel Ultimate Alliance [GBA]Game Boy1.0eskhotline 20080302
Master of DarknessMaster System1.1Kratos-AM 20110310
Maze of GaliousMSX0.75Romhack BR
McDonald's Treasure Land AdventureMega Drive1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
Mega ManGame Boy1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Mega ManFamicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man 2Famicom1.00GTC - Grupo de Traduções Clássicas
Mega Man 2Famicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man 3Famicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man 3Famicom0.90BR Games 20120717
Mega Man 4Famicom1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Mega Man 4Famicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man 5Famicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man 5Famicom0.99EmuWay!
Mega Man 6Famicom1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Mega Man 6Famicom1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man 7Super Famicom1.00EmuWay!
Mega Man 7Super Famicom1.0.2Ovelha Traduções 20130505
Mega Man 8PlayStation1.00Eder Pezão 20070307
Mega Man 8PlayStation1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Mega Man & Bass [GBA]Game Boy1.0 BETATrans-Center 20130822
Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Mega Man Battle Network [GBA]Game Boy!0.10Tramulação
Mega Man XSuper Famicom1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Mega Man XSuper Famicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Mega Man X 2Super Famicom1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Mega Man X 2Super Famicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Mega Man X 2Super Famicom2.0Disco Voador Romhacking 20120101
Mega Man X 3Super Famicom1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Mega Man X 8Windows/DOS1.0Trans-Center 20130822
BR Traduções 20121201
Mega Man XtremeGame Boy1.10Tradu-Roms 20080226
Mega Man Xtreme 2Game Boy1.2aTradu-Roms 20080226
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy1.0Tradu-Roms 20080226
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man Zero 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man Zero 2 [GBA]Game Boy0.90BR Games 20120717
Mega Man Zero 3 [GBA]Game Boy1.1Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man Zero 3 [GBA]Game Boy0.90BR Games 20120717
Mega Man Zero 4 [GBA]Game Boy1.0BR Games 20120717
Mega Man Zero 4 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mega Man ZXDS!0.00PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Mega Man: The Wily WarsMega Drive1.0 BETAMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Trans-Center 20130822
Metal GearFamicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake [MSX2]MSX1.0Andre Possebon 20130416
Metal Gear SolidPlayStationBETAMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Metal Gear Solid 2PlayStationBETAXujozer, José Victor e Kingcobra 20110715
Metal Gear VR MissionPlayStation1.0Central MiB
Metal WarriorSuper Famicom1.10Romhack BR
MetroidFamicom2.0JM-Traduções 20101121
Metroid 2Game Boy1.1Trans-Center 20130822
Metroid Fusion [GBA]Game Boy1.2PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Tradu-Roms 20080226
Metroid Prime: HuntersDS2.0Trans-Center 20130822
Lucjedi 20130825
Metroid: Other MWiiBETA 0.2.5Marcelo Foxes 20101124
Metroid: Other MWii!0.00Lucjedi 20130825
Metroid: Zero Mission [GBA]Game Boy1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Mickey ManiaSuper Famicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Mickey to Donald Magical Adventure 3Super Famicom0.00Games Live 20131231
Mickey's Magical QuestSuper Famicom1.00E2P Traduções
Mighty Final FightFamicom1.00CBT 20000830
MinecraftWindows/DOS1.3 BETABR Traduções 20121201
Mitsume GatooruFamicom2.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing Endless DuelSuper Famicom0.80E2P Traduções
MonstaniaSuper Famicom1.02Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Monster World 4Mega Drive1.00BR Games 20120717
Monster in my PocketFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
MoonwalkerMega Drive1.00EmuWay!
Mortal KombatGame Gear2.5Fridilipi 20110722
Mortal KombatMega DriveRC1Trans-Center 20130822
Mortal KombatMaster System1.0Guto Traduções
Mortal KombatSuper Famicom0.80BR Games 20120717
Mortal KombatWindows/DOS0.1PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Mortal Kombat 3Super Famicom0.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance [GBA]Game Boy1.50Dr. X Tradus 20060225
Central MiB
Mother 1+2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0EarthBound Brasil 20130820
Mother 3 [GBA]Game Boy1.0EarthBound Brasil 20130820
Moto RacerPlayStation1.0Central MiB
MTV SkateboardingGame Boy1.00Evil Darkness
Mystic DefenderMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Naruto: Ninja Council 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.1Tradu-Gamex 20101008
NBA Hang TimeSuper Famicom1.0Nintendo BR 20140503
Need for Speed UndergroundWindows/DOS2.0Lucjedi 20130825
Nemesis 2MSX1.00Romhack BR
Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots [GBA]Game Boy1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Nightmare on Elm StreetFamicom0.78BR Games 20120717
Ninja CrusadersFamicom0.9Costa Torres Traduções 20101228
Ninja Five-O [GBA]Game Boy1.0vince_vng 20110214
Ninja GaidenGame Gear1.0Manao 20130416
Ninja GaidenMaster System1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Ninja Gaiden 3Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
Ninja Gaiden 3Famicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Ninja Gaiden ShadowGame Boy1.0Balboa 20130416
Ninja Gaiden TrilogySuper Famicom1.00BR Games 20120717
NocturneWindows/DOS0.00Games Live 20131231
Nuts & MilkFamicom1.0JM-Traduções 20101121
Obi-Wan Adventure [GBA]Game Boy1.00Evil Darkness
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black QueenSuper FamicomTESTENintendo BR 20140503
One Piece [GBA]Game Boy1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Open Season [GBA]Game Boy1.1Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Operation CGame Boy1.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
OsmosWindows/DOS1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
OutRunGame Gear1.0Ti-B0ne 20130416
OutRun EuropeMaster System1.00Evil Darkness
Pac-ManFamicom°0.85BR Games 20120717
Paladin's QuestSuper Famicom!0.10BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
Panic in Nakayoshi WorldSuper Famicom1.00BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
Paper MarioN640.00BR Traduções 20121201
PaperboyMega Drive1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
Paradise HeightsWindows/DOS1.0Central MiB
Paradise Heights 2Windows/DOS1.0Central MiB
Parasite EvePlayStationCD1 0.97 betaPO.B.R.E. 20131101
Perfect DarkGame Boy1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Perfect DarkGame Boy0.20K-Traduções
Phantasy Star 2Mega Drive1.00BR Games 20120717
Phantasy Star 2Mega Drive!0.00PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Phantasy Star: The end of the millenniumMega DriveR5Phantasy Star 4 Translation Group 20041210
Tradu-Roms 20080226
Phantasy Star: The end of the millenniumMega Drive0.22CBT 20000830
Phantasy Star GaidenGame Gear1.20CBT 20000830
Phantasy Star OnlineWindows/DOS1.27Whithil XBR e KIREEK 20101131
Pide DreamFamicom1.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
Pit FighterMega Drive0.00Emuroms Translations
Planeta dos Macacos (GBA)Game Boy1.00BR Translation
Pocket Bomberman DXGame Boy1.00E2P Traduções
Pokémon BlueGame Boy1.20CBT 20000830
Pokémon Crystal VersionGame Boy1.20Tradu-Roms 20080226
Pokémon Emerald Version [GBA]Game Boy08-12-2013Zambrakas 20140515
Pokémon FireRed Version [GBA]Game Boy1.0r2Codinome V 20140330
Pokémon FireRed Version [GBA]Game BoyFullZambrakas 20140515
Pokémon FireRed Version [GBA]Game Boy!0.00Games Live 20131231
Pokémon Gold VersionGame Boy1.20Tradu-Roms 20080226
Pokémon Gold VersionGame Boy0.01CBT 20000830
Pokémon RedGame Boy1.20CBT 20000830
Pokémon SilverGame Boy1.40Tradu-Roms 20080226
Pokémon StadiumN641.0Nintendo BR 20140503
Pokémon Trading Card GameGame Boy1.10Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Pokémon White Version 2DS0.00Zambrakas 20140515
Pokémon YellowGame Boy1.30CBT 20000830
Pokémon YellowGame Boy!0.70BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
PooyanFamicom1.0JM-Traduções 20101121
PowFamicom1.00GTC - Grupo de Traduções Clássicas
Power Blade 2Famicom1.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
Power BlazerFamicom1.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
Power Instinct [JAMMA PCB]Arcade1.0NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
Power Spike VolleyballGame Boy1.00Evil Darkness
Powerpuff Girls, The [GBA]Game Boy1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
PredatorFamicom0.9Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Prince of PersiaSuper Famicom1.01Mattos 20100430
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten SandsDS1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time [GBA]Game Boy1.10Central MiB
Princess Natasha [GBA]Game BoyBETAMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Professor Layton and the Curious VillageDS1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Trans-Center 20130822
PuchiCaratGame Boy!0.10E2P Traduções
PuchiCaratPlayStation!0.20E2P Traduções
PulsemanMega Drive0.9Renix Traduções 20120815
Punisher, TheMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Q-bertFamicom1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
R-Type 3: The Third Lightning [GBA]Game Boy1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Rage of the DragonsNeo·Geo2.0NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
Rainbow Six Rouge Spear [GBA]Game Boy1.0aEvil Darkness
Ranma ½ AkanekodanSuper Famicom1.11Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Rampage 3: Universal TourPlayStation1.0Guto Traduções
RaymanPlayStation1.10BR Games 20120717
Rayman 3 [GBA]Game Boy1.0Nintendo BR 20140503
Rayman Advance [GBA]Game Boy1.00Evil Darkness
Real Bout SpecialGame Boy1.0Matt 20130416
Realms of IllusionWindows/DOS0.00Games Live 20131231
RenegadeMaster System1.00CBT 20000830
Resident EvilPlayStation!0.96Charlie Team
Resident EvilWindows/DOSBeta2Charlie Team
Resident Evil 2Windows/DOS!0.95Charlie Team
Resident Evil 3PlayStation1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Resident Evil 3PlayStation0.2Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Resident Evil 3PlayStation!0.23Charlie Team
Resident Evil 5Windows/DOS!0.00Games Live 20131231
Resident Evil GaidenGame Boy1.00Tramulação
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X?!0.01Charlie Team
Resident Evil: Director's CutPlayStation1.5Trans-Center 20130822
Central MiB
Resident Evil: Survivor?!0.01Charlie Team
Return of the NinjaGame Boy1.00Mr.Magoo 20100906
Revelations: The Demon SlayerGame Boy1.00Tramulação
Revenge of Shinobi, The [GBA]Game Boy1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Ring OutWindows/DOS1.0Central MiB
RistarMega Drive1.00E2P Traduções
River City RansomFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Road FighterFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Road RashMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
RobocopFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Robocop Versus The TerminatorMega Drive1.00Trans-Center 20130822
Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction [GBA]Game Boy1.00Dr. X Tradus 20060225
Central MiB
Rock 'n Roll RacingSuper Famicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Rocket Power Dream Scheme [GBA]Game Boy1.00Evil Darkness
Rockin' KatsFamicom1.00CBT 20000830
RockmanFamicom1.0Carlson 20110712
Rockman & ForteSuper Famicom0.00RodrigoX4 20100909
Rolan's CurseGame Boy1.1bEvil Darkness
RollergamesFamicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Rolling ThunderFamicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Romancing SaGa 3Super Famicom!0.13BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
RygarFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Saint Seiya Paradise: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu HenFamicom1.0 finalMagic Team 20100822
Saint Seiya Paradise: Saikyou no SenshitachiGame Boy1.3aEvil Darkness
Samurai Jack [GBA]Game Boy1.00BR Games 20120717
Scooby-DooSuper Famicom1.10Romhack BR
Scooby-Doo MysteryMega Drive0.29CBT 20000830
Scooby-Doo 2: Monster Unleashed [GBA]Game Boy1.10Central MiB
Scorpion King, The: Sword of Osiris [GBA]Game Boy1.0RDebossens 20111226
Second Samurai, TheMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Secret of ManaSuper Famicom1.40CBT 20000830
Secret of ManaSuper Famicom!0.00PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Seiken Densetsu 3Super FamicomPré-semi-alfaHexagon Traduções 20051208
Seiken: Psycho Calibur [FDS]Famicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Sensible SoccerGame Boy1.00BR Games 20120717
Shadow of the NinjaFamicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Shadow of The NinjaFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
ShalomMSXbeta 12Ricardo Bittencourt 20040527
Shaman King: Master of Spirits [GBA]Game Boy2.0Trans-Center 20130822
Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.0BR Games 20120717
Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 [GBA]Game Boy2.0Trans-Center 20130822
ShantaeGame Boy1.10Central MiB
Shining ForceMega Drive1.0Lobo-FF 20120324
Shining Soul [GBA]Game Boy2.0Mr.Magoo 20100906
ShinobiPlayStation 21.00BR Games 20120717
Shinobi 3Mega Drive1.00CBT 20000830
Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja MasterMega Drive1.00Trans-Center 20130822
Silent HillPlayStation2.1Central MiB
Silent Hill: OriginsPlayStation Portable1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
PO.B.R.E. 20131101
SimCitySuper Famicom1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
SimCity 2000 [GBA]Game Boy0.005Games Live 20131231
SimCity 2000Super Famicom!0.50BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
Simpsons, The: Bart vs The Space MutantsMega Drive0.95BR Games 20120717
Sky BlazerSuper Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
Sky BlazerSuper Famicom1.0Chicoso 20110413
Slave ZeroWindows/DOS1.1Samus 20090810
SnatcherMSX0.99Daniel Caetano 20031222
SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash 2: Expand EditionNeo·Geo Pocket1.0Maggot 20110528
SNK vs. Capcom ChaosArcade!0.00NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash: Capcom VersionNeo·Geo Pocket1.0Maggot 20110528
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash: SNK VersionNeo·Geo Pocket1.0Maggot 20110528
Snoopy ConcertSuper Famicom1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
Snoopy's Magic ShowGame Boy1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
SoccerFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Solar JetmanFamicom1.10Tradu-Roms 20080226
Soldiers of FortuneSuper Famicom1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
SolsticeFamicom1.0Junkatana 20090824
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's CutWindows/DOS0.00Tecno Tradu BR 20120428
Sonic the HedgehogMega Drive1.00BR Games 20120717
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchidzuke o: Watashi no OujisamaWindows/DOS2.0Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
South ParkN641.0 BETANintendo BR 20140503
Space AceSuper Famicom1.0Guto Traduções
Space Harrier [32X]Mega Drive1.1Carlson 20110712
Space Invaders0666Monkey's Traduções 20130824
SpawnSuper Famicom1.3Trans-Center 20130822
Spell CraftSuper Famicom1.00Tramulação
Spellforce Platinum EditionWindows/DOS!0.00Games Live 20131231
SpelunkerFamicom2.0JM-Traduções 20101121
SpelunkerFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Spider-ManGame Boy1.00Evil Darkness
Spider-ManPlayStation0.00Tecno Tradu BR 20120428
Spider-Man 2 [GBA]Game BoyFIX-3Trans-Center 20130822
Spider-Man 2: The Sinister SixGame Boy1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Spider-Man 2: The Sinister SixGame Boy1.00Evil Darkness
Spider-Man vs The KingpinMega Drive1.0Games Live 20131231
Spider-Man vs The KingpinMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace [GBA]Game Boy1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Splinter Cell [GBA]Game Boy1.0TransFac Traduções
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow [GBA]Game Boy1.10Central MiB
Star FoxSuper Famicom1.00CBT 20000830
Star Wars: Episode 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.00BRTradu
Star Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the Clones [GBA]Game Boy1.00Trans-Center 20130822
Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith [GBA]Game Boy1.10BR Games 20120717
Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith [GBA]Game Boy0.00BR Traduções 20121201
Street Fighter 2, Super: The New ChallengersSuper Famicom0.99BR Games 20120717
Street Fighter 2010: The Final FightFamicom1.2PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Street Fighter 2: The World WarriorSuper Famicom1.00Guto Traduções
Street Fighter 2': Champion Edition [CPS 1]Arcade1.0NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper FightingSuper Famicom0.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Street Fighter Alpha 3 [CPS 2]Arcade2.0NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
Street Fighter Anniversary CollectionXbox1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Street Fighter EX2 PlusPlayStation0.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha [CPS 2]Arcade1.0NeoGeo BR Team 20061226
Streets of Rage 2Mega Drive1.00GTC - Grupo de Traduções Clássicas
Streets of Rage 2Mega Drive1.00BR Games 20120717
Streets of Rage 2Master SystemBETAFridilipi 20110722
Streets of Rage 3Mega Drive1.00BR Games 20120717
StriderFamicom1.1Monkey's Traduções 20130824
StriderMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
StriderMaster System1.00CBT 20000830
Super Bomberman 2Super Famicom1.1Nintendo BR 20140503
Super CFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Super CFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts [GBA]Game Boy1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Super Mario GalaxyWii1.0Nintendo BR 20140503
Super MetroidSuper Famicom0.00Metroid Forever 20110815
Super Robot Wars 3Super Famicom!0.05E2P Traduções
Super R-TypeSuper Famicom1.0Nintendo BR 20140503
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo3DO1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Super Street Fighter 2: The New ChallengersMega Drive1.1Renix Traduções 20120815
SupermanMaster System1.00Guto Traduções
Suzuki Alstare Extreme RacingGame Boy1.0Disco Voador Romhacking 20120101
Sweet HomeFamicom0.70Central MiB
Sylvan TaleGame Gear3.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Tak: The Great Juju Challenge [GBA]Game Boy1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima 4Famicom1.00BR Translation
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom0.30CBT 20000830
Tatakae! Chou Robotto Seimeitai Transformers: Convoy no NazoFamicom1.0aMonkey's Traduções 20130824
Taz ManiaMaster System1.0Guto Traduções
Tecmo Secret of the StarsSuper Famicom1.21BocaFiG's Translations 20020329
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [GBA]Game Boy1.0Central MiB
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFamicom1.00BR Translation
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFamicom1.0Macbee 20050411
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2Famicom1.00GTC - Grupo de Traduções Clássicas
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus [GBA]Game Boy1.0Central MiB
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhatten ProjectFamicom1.3Nintendo BR 20140503
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament FightersFamicom1.0Nintendo BR 20140503
Tekken Advance (J) [GBA]Game Boy0.98Evil Darkness
Tenchi Muyou! Game-HenSuper Famicom2.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Tenchi Muyou! Game-HenSuper Famicom0.5aEvil Darkness
Tenchi Muyou! Game-HenSuper Famicom1.1aCentral MiB
Terminator 2Famicom1.00Emuroms Translations
Terminator 2: Judgment DayFamicom1.2PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Terminator, TheMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
TerranigmaSuper Famicom1.00Comunidade Terranigma do Orkut 20100618
TerranigmaSuper Famicom0.25Tradu-Roms 20080226
TetrisFamicom1.00Emuroms Translations
TetrisFamicom1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Three Sisters' StoryWindows/DOS0.85Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
Thunder FoxFamicomBETAFridilipi 20110722
Time LordFamicom1.0Costa Torres Traduções 20101228
Time SoldierMaster System1.00CBT 20000830
Time Stripper MakoWindows/DOS1.02Central MiB
Tiny Toon AdventuresFamicom1.00CBT 20000830
TokiFamicom2.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Tokkyuu Shirei SolbrainFamicom1.1PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Tokkyuu Shirei SolbrainFamicom1.00BR Games 20120717
Tom and Jerry: The MovieMaster System0.8Kratos-AM 20110310
Tomb Raider: UnderworldPlayStation 2FINALSonicMWS 20110926
Tomb Raider: UnderworldWii!0.00Lucjedi 20130825
Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine ReturnPlayStation1.0 BETATradu-Gamex 20101008
Tony Hawk's American Sk8land [GBA]Game Boy°0.31Disco Voador Romhacking 20120101
Top GearSuper Famicom1.1Mr.Magoo 20100906
Top GearSuper Famicom0.90TEG Brasil Remakes 20090526
Top Gear PocketGame Boy1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Totally Spies! [GBA]Game Boy1.10Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Totally RadFamicom1.3PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Tower of Druaga, TheFamicom1.0JM-Traduções 20101121
Track & FieldFamicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Track & Field 2Famicom1.00Romhack BR
TrojanFamicom1.0vince_vng 20110214
TrophyWindows/DOS0.5Mega Mario 986 20110317
True LoveWindows/DOS1.1Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
True Love '95Windows/DOS1.0Central MiB
TruxtonMega Drive1.0Guto Traduções
Turok 2: Seeds of EvilN640.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Turok 2: Seeds of EvilWindows/DOS0.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Turok 3: Shadow of OblivionN640.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Twisted Metal 2Mega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Two Crude DudesMega Drive1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
UN SquadronSuper Famicom1.0Central MiB
Vagrant StoryPlayStationBetaBR Games 20120717
Valis 3Mega DriveGoldCentral MiB
Valis SYDMega DriveGoldCentral MiB
Valis, The Fantasm SoldierMega DriveGoldCentral MiB
VampireMaster System1.0Renix Traduções 20120815
Van Helsing [GBA]Game Boy1.2Trans-Center 20130822
Vectorman 2Mega Drive1.00E2P Traduções
Vigilante 8: 2nd OffensePlayStation0.00Rangel Oblivion 20130508
Viper M1Windows/DOS1.0Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
PO.B.R.E. 20131101
WarCraft 3Windows/DOSBeta 2.01Central MiB
WarlockSuper Famicom1.00Eder Pezão 20070307
Werewolf: The Last WarriorFamicom2.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Wild ArmsPlayStation0.14CBT 20000830
WillowFamicom1.0Tradu-Roms 20080226
Winning Eleven 2000PlayStation1.0Central MiB
Winning Eleven 2002PlayStation1.0Central MiB
Winning Eleven 6PlayStation 21,0Central MiB
Wolfenstein 3DWindows/DOS1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Wonder Project JSuper Famicom0.99Trans-Center 20130822
World Cup Italia '90Master System1.0Guto Traduções
World of GooWindows/DOS1.0BR Games 20120717
WormsSuper Famicom0.95Tradu-Roms 20080226
X-ChangeWindows/DOS1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Barraco do Tiozinho 20121027
X-Men 2: Clone WarsMega Drive2.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse [GBA]Game Boy1.0Central MiB
X2: Wolverine's Revenge [GBA]Game Boy1.0Trans-Center 20130822
XenogearsPlayStation1.1 FINALjdomingos 20110802
XenogearsPlayStationBETAPO.B.R.E. 20131101
Yo! NoidFamicom1.00CBT 20000830
Ys Eternal: Ancient Ys Vanished OmenWindows/DOS1.00BR Games 20120717
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel StoriesGame Boy!0.50E2P Traduções
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul [GBA]Game Boy2.0 betaPO.B.R.E. 20131101
Trans-Center 20130822
Yume Koujou Doki Doki Panic [FDS]Famicom1.0Samus 20090810
Yu Yu Hakusho 2: Gekitou! Nanakyou no TatakaiGame Gear1.0Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Detective [GBA]Game Boy1.10TransFac Traduções
Yu Yu Hakusho: Tournament Tactics [GBA]Game Boy1.0bMonkey's Traduções 20130824
ZanacFamicom1.00Romhack BR
Zatch Bell! Electric Arena [GBA]Game Boy1.0Tradu-Gamex 20101008
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.0Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.0BR Games 20120717
Zelda 3: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom1.20CBT 20000830
Zelda 3: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom1.30Hexagon Traduções 20051208
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy1.10CBT 20000830
BR Games 20120717
Zelda, The Legend of: Majora's MaskN640.08Zelda 64 BR
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN641.70Tradu-Roms 20080226
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN641.00 BetaZelda 64 BR
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN640.09CBT 20000830
Zelda, The Legend of: Oracle of AgesGame BoyFinalDisco Voador Romhacking 20120101
Zelda, The Legend of: Oracle of SeasonGame Boy1.00Tradu-Roms 20080226
Zelda, The Legend of: Phantom HourglassDS0.9Monkey's Traduções 20130824
Trans-Center 20130822
Zelda, The Legend of: Spirit TracksGameCube!0.00Lucjedi 20130825
Zelda, The Legend of: The Minish Cap [GBA]Game BoyRC1PO.B.R.E. 20131101
Trans-Center 20130822
Zelda, The Legend of: The Wind WakerGameCube0.2 betaTrans-Center 20130822
Lucjedi 20130825
Zelda, The Legend of: Twilight PrincessGameCube1.0Trans-Center 20130822
Lucjedi 20130825
ZillionMaster System1.1PO.B.R.E. 20131101
ZillionMaster System1.00CBT 20000830
Zillion 2: The Tri FormationMaster System1.0PO.B.R.E. 20131101


Adventures of LoloFamicom0.00TRADUS.TK 20071015
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.0Dynamic Designs 20151122
La WaresSuper Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20151122
Rock n' Roll RacingSuper Famicom0.02aE-R Translations
Silva Saga 2Super Famicom1.00Dynamic Designs 20151122
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFamicom0.00TRADUS.TK 20071015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade GameFamicom0.00TRADUS.TK 20071015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhatten ProjectFamicom0.00TRADUS.TK 20071015
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom0.00TRADUS.TK 20071015
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom0.00TRADUS.TK 20071015
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's AwakeningFamicom0.00TRADUS.TK 20071015


Also see:?
Russian Translation Base
1942Game 20140419 20131231 20140419
3 Eyes StoryFamicom1.3Shedevr 20120907
8 Eye'sFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
'89 Dennou Kyuusei UranaiFamicom!0.00Razorvashka 20120121 20131231
AbadoxFamicom0.902R Team 20011231 20140419
Action in New 20131231
ActRaiserSuper Famicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Addams FamilyFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger 20131231
Adult Manga Part OneSuper Famicom1.002R Team 20011231
Adult Manga Part TwoSuper Famicom1.002R Team 20011231
Advance Wars [GBA]Game Boy!0.25Shedevr 20120907
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonlance: Heroes of the LanceFamicom0.30Chief-Net 20140427
Adventures in the Magic KingdomFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Adventures of Bayou Billy, TheFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Adventures of 20131231
Adventures of Lolo 20131231
Adventures of Lolo 20131231
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, TheFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Air FortressFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Airwolf [Japan] 20131231
Airwolf [USA] 20131231
AladdinMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Aladdin [Unl] 20131231
Alien 20131231
Alien SoldierMega 20140419
Alien 20131231
Alien 20140419
Alien vs. PredatorSuper Famicom1.0Magic Team 20120624
Alien³Game 20131231
Alien³Master 20131231
Alien³Famicom0.00Emucraft 20060922
Alien³Super Famicom1.0Magic Team 20120624
Alone in the Dark: The New NightmareGame Boy0.99TAGteam / 20190117
Alpha 20140419
American 20131231
Another WorldMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Antarctic AdventureFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
ArcanaSuper Famicom2.1Chief-Net 20140427
Magic Team 20120624
ArchonFamicom1.0Consolgames 20130212
Arcus OdysseyMega Drive1.00Chief-Net 20140427
ArkanoidFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
ArmadilloFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Asterix and the Great RescueMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Astro RabbyGame Boy1.0Chief-Net 20140427 20140419
AstyanaxFamicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
Atlantis No 20140419
Avatar: The Legend of Aang [GBA]Game Boy0.00Chief-Net 20140427
AmagonFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907 20131231
Back to the 20131231
Back to the Future 3Mega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Babel no TouFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Bahamut LagoonSuper Famicom1.10Chief-Net 20140427
Bananan Ouji no DaiboukenFamicom1.0.0Magic Team 20120624
Banjo-KazooieN640.99.9Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329 20131231
BatmanFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Batman (Older Beta) 20131231
Batman & 20131231
Batman ReturnsFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Batman ReturnsMega Drive0.99V-trans 20101127
Batman: Return of the JokerGame Boy0.99Shedevr 20120907
Batman: Return of the 20131231
Battle 20131231
Battle CityFamicom1.102R Team 20011231
Battle 20131231
Battle 20140419
BattletoadsFamicom1.2Magic Team 20120624
Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamFamicom1.03Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamSuper Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Battletoads in BattlemaniacsSuper Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
BattletechMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
BattletechMega Drive0.95V-trans 20101127
Bee 52Famicom1.0Magic Team 20120624
BeetlejuiceFamicom1.2Magic Team 20120624
Beyond OasisMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Bio MetalSuper Famicom0.902R Team 20011231
Bio Senshi Dan: Increaser Tono TatakaiFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S3DO25.12.2013ПАУК 20131225
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another StorySuper 20140419
BlackthorneSuper Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Blaster MasterFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Blaster MasterFamicom0.00yur 20140210
Blue MarlinFamicom1.0Magic Team 20120624
Blue SahdowFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Bomber 20131231 20131231 20140419
Bomberman GBGame Boy0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Bomberman QuestGame Boy1.00Magic Team 20120624
Booby BoysGame Boy1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Boulder DashFamicom1.0GUYVERperevod 20120329
Chief-Net 20140427
Bram Stoker's 20131231
Breath of Fire [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
Breath of Fire 2 [GBA]Game Boy!0.19Shedevr 20120907
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
IfritZone 20101103
Bubble BobbleX680001.99Shedevr 20120907
Bucky O'HareFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
C.O.R.E.DS1.0TAGteam / 20190117
Caltron 6-in-1Famicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
Captain America and The AvengersFamicom0.00gametranslate 20100525
Captain TsubasaFamicom!0.00Magic Team 20120624
Casino KidFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Castle of DeceitFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Castle QuestGame Boy1.1GUYVERperevod 20120329
Chief-Net 20140427
CastlequestFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.202R Team 20011231
Castlevania Adventure, TheGame Boy0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow [GBA]Game Boy0.00Shedevr 20120907
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon [GBA]Game Boy1.00Magic Team 20120624
Castlevania: Curse of DarknessPlayStation 20131231
Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowDS1.3Magic Team 20120624
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance [GBA]Game Boy0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Cave Story [DSi]DS1.01TAGteam / 20190117
ChallengerFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Chessmaster, 20131231
Chessmaster 2PlayStation!0.00V-trans 20101127
Chip & DaleFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Chip & Dale 2Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Choujin Sentai: JetmanFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom0.822R Team 20011231
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.05Chief-Net 20140427
Chrono TriggerSuper 20110107
Circus 20131231
City 20131231
CliffhangerFamicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
Clock TowerSuper Famicom1.01Shedevr 20120907
IfritZone 20101103
Cobra 20131231
Comix ZoneGame Boy0.99Shedevr 20120907
Commando: Steel DisasterDS1.0TAGteam / 20190117
CocoronFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
ContraFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Contra Hard CorpsMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Contra ForceFamicom1.11Magic Team 20120624
Contra ForceFamicom0.7a2R Team 20011231
Cool WorldFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Cosmo TankGame Boy1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Crisis 20131231
Cross 20131231
Crossroad CrisisPlayStationPatch 2GUYVERperevod 20120329
Crusader of CentyMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Crystal WarriorsGame Gear!0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
CrystalisGame Boy0.00Chief-Net 20140427
CrystalisFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Cyber CopMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907 20131231
Darkwing DuckFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Darkwing DuckFamicom0.9a2R Team 20011231
Day Dreamin' 20131231
Datach: Crayon Shin Chan: Ora to Poi PoiFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Dementium 2DS1.0Owls Group 20140324
Dementium: The WardDS1.1Owls Group 20140324
Dizzy 20140529
Demon's CrestSuper Famicom!0.00Magic Team 20120624
Dick TracyFamicom1.1Magic Team 20120624
Dig DugFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Disney's Ariel: The Little MermaidMega Drive0.99V-trans 20101127
Disney's Toy StoryMega Drive0.99V-trans 20101127
Dizzy AdventureFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Defender 20140419
Desert CommanderFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Destination EarthstarFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Disney's Beauty and the 20131231
Don Doko Don 2Famicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Donald Duck In Maui MallardMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Donald 20131231
Donkey Kong CountrySuper Famicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Doom [GBA]Game Boy1.1Magic Team 20120624
Doom 2 [GBA]Game Boy2.2Magic Team 20120624
DoraemonFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Doraemon: Giga Zombie no GyakushuuFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Double DragonGame 20131231
Double Dragon 2: The RevengeFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Double Dragon 3: The Sacred StonesFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Double Dragon 3: The Sacred StonesFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Dragon Buster 2Famicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Dragon 20131231
Dragon 20131231
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket SlimeDS!0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart [GBA]Game Boy!0.00Magic Team 20120624
Dragon Spirit: The New 20131231
Dragon Spirit: The New LegendFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Dragon WarriorFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Dragon WarriorFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Dragon Warrior 2Famicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Dragon Warrior 3Famicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Dragon Warrior 4Famicom!0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
DREAMS to RealityPlayStation!0.00V-trans 20101127
Drill Dozer [GBA]Game Boy1.0Magic Team 20120624
Driver: You are the WheelmanGame Boy0.99Shedevr 20120907
Driver: You are the WheelmanGame Boy0.95V-trans 20101127
DuckTalesFamicom1.11Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
DuckTales 2Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Duke Nukem 3DMega Drive1.00Magic Team 20120624
Dune 2: The Battle For ArrakisMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
EarthWorm Jim 3 [Unl] 20131231
Earthworm Jim 3DN641.00Shedevr 20120907
EgyptFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Eliminator Boat 20131231
Elnark no ZaihouFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Emily the Strange: StrangerousDS1.0Owls Group 20140324
Eternal EyesPlayStation!0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Chief-Net 20140427 20140419
ExerionFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Extreme Ghostbusters [C]Game 20131231
F-1 20131231
Fantastic Adventures of DizzyFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton OriginalPlayStation0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Fatal Fury 2' [Unl] 20131231
Fatal LabyrinthMega Drive0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Fatal LabyrinthMega Drive0.102R Team 20011231
Ferrari: Grand Prix 20131231
Field CombatFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Fighting ForcePlayStation!0.00V-trans 20101127
Final FantasyFamicom2.0Consolgames 20130212
Final Fantasy AdventureGame Boy0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Final Fantasy Anniversary EditionPlayStation Portable0.30Consolgames 20130212
Final Fantasy 3DS1.01Shedevr 20120907
Final Fantasy 3Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Final Fantasy 3Super Famicom1.0.8Magic Team 20120624
Final Fantasy 4DS!0.00Consolgames 20130212
Final Fantasy 4DS!0.00Owls Group 20140324
Final Fantasy 4 Advance [GBA]Game Boy!0.15Consolgames 20130212
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Final Fantasy 5 Advance [GBA]Game Boy1.0Consolgames 20130212
Final Fantasy 6 Advance [GBA]Game Boy0.10Consolgames 20130212
Final Fantasy TacticsPlayStation!0.35Consolgames 20130212
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the LionsPlayStation Portable!0.35Consolgames 20130212
Final Fight 3 [Unl]Famicom1.1Chief-Net 20140427
Final Fight 3 [Unl] 20131231
Final MissionFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Final 20131231
Finding Nemo [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
Fire 'n IceFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Fire BirdFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Fire DragonFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
FlashbackSuper Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
FlashbackSuper Famicom0.102R Team 20011231
Flashback Legends [Prototype][GBA]Game Boy0.00TAGteam / 20190117
Fleet CommanderFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
FlintstonesMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Flintstones, The: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!Famicom1.0.1Magic Team 20120624
Floating RunnerPlayStation0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Flower, Sun, and RainDS!0.00Owls Group 20140324
Formation 20131231
Franklin's Great AdventuresDS1.20Chief-Net 20140427
Franklin's Great Adventures [GBA]Game Boy1.00Chief-Net 20140427
FrankensteinFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Friday the 13thFamicom1.1GUYVERperevod 20120329
Chief-Net 20140427
From the AbyssDS!0.00Owls Group 20140324
Front MissionSuper Famicom0.70IfritZone 20101103
Shedevr 20120907
Front Mission 5PlayStation 214_03_2010MoxHypKa 20100314
Fuzzical FighterFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Garou Densetsu Special [Unl] 20131231
Gauntlet 2Famicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Gekido Advance: Kintaro's Revenge [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
General ChaosMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Ghoul 20131231
Ghostbusters 2Famicom1.2Magic Team 20120624
Gilligan's IslandFamicom1.02Chief-Net 20140427
Dizzy 20140529
Gley LancerMega Drive1.14Chief-Net 20140427
Go Go Ackman!Super Famicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Go! Dizzy Go!Famicom0.99Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
GoemonFamicom1.902R Team 20011231
Golgo 13: Top Secret EpisodeFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Goonies, 20131231
Goonies, TheFamicom1.992R Team 20011231
Goonies 20131231 20131231
Grand Theft Auto 4: The Complete EditionPlayStation 3betaDageron 20130820
Grand Theft Auto 4: The Complete EditionWindows/DOS!0.00Dageron 20130820
Grand Theft Auto 4: The Complete EditionXbox 360!0.00Dageron 20130820
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsDS!0.00Dageron 20130820
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsPlayStation Portable!0.00Dageron 20130820
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesPlayStation 21.0Dageron 20130820
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesPlayStation Portable1.0Dageron 20130820
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City StoriesPlayStation 22.0Dageron 20130820
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City StoriesPlayStation Portable2.0Dageron 20130820
GryzorFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Guardian Legend, TheFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Gun SmokeFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907 20131231
Gun-NacFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907 20140419
GyrussFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Hameln no Violin HikiSuper Famicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Hammerin' 20131231
Hana no Star KaidouFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Harvest MoonSuper Famicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Harvest Moon GBGame Boy0.85Chief-Net 20140427
Hello Kitty WorldFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Heroes of Might and MagicGame Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
Heroes of Might and MagicGame Boy0.90V-trans 20101127
Heisei Tensai BakabonFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Hon Shogi: Naitou Kudan Shogi HidenFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329 20131231
Hudson's Adventure 20131231
Hudson's Adventure Island 2Game 20131231
Hudson's Adventure Island 20131231
Hudson's Adventure Island 20131231
Hunt for Red October, TheFamicom1.1Chief-Net 20140427
Ikari 3: The RescueFamicom1.0Magic Team 20120624
Ikari WarriorsFamicom1.0Magic Team 20120624
Ikari Warriors 2: Victory 20131231
Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu Subette Koronde Dai RantouFamicom0.73a2R Team 20011231
Image 20131231
Image 20140419
Immortal, TheFamicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
Indiana Jones and the last CrusadeFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
International Karate +PlayStation0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Iron Tank: The Invasion of 20131231
James Pond: Underwater AgentMega Drive1.0Chief-Net 20140427
JawsFamicom1.0GUYVERperevod 20120329
Chief-Net 20140427
Jewel MasterMega Drive0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Joe & Mac: Caveman 20131231
Judge DreddMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Jumpin' 20131231
Jungle BookFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Jungle Book, TheMega Drive1.02Shedevr 20120907
Jurassic ParkFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Kabuki Quantum FighterFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Kaguya Hime DensetsuFamicom0.99Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Karate Kid, TheFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Dizzy 20140529
Kawa no Nushi TsuriFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Kero Kero Keroppi no DaiboukenFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2Famicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Kick MasterFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Kid 20131231
Kid 20131231
Kid KoolFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise [GBA]Game 20131231
King Arthur's WorldSuper Famicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
King ColossusMega 20140419
Dizzy 20140529
King's Quest: Quest for the CrownMaster System1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Knight 20131231
Kung 20131231
Kunio Kun No Nekketsu Soccer LeagueFamicom0.902R Team 20011231
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeFamicom2.0Magic Team 20120624
Kyouryuu Sentai 20131231
Langrisser 2Mega Drive!0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Laser 20131231
Legend of KageFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Lethal WeaponGame 20131231
Lethal 20131231
Light CrusaderMega Drive2.8Magic Team 20120624
Lion King [Unl] 20131231
Lion King 1 1/2, The [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
Lion King 3, The: Simon and Pumba [Unl] 20131231
Lion King 5, The [Unl] 20131231
Little Mermaid, TheFamicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
Little Nemo: Dream MasterFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Lode RunnerFamicom0.00Emucraft 20060922
Lone Ranger, TheFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Looney Tunes Collector: Martian Alert!Game Boy0.95V-trans 20101127
Lost VikingsMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Lost Vikings, The [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
Lost Vikings 2, TheSuper Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Lost World, The: Jurassic ParkMega Drive0.99V-trans 20101127
Lupin Sansei: Pandora no IsanFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Dizzy 20140529
Lunar 20140419
Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13Famicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Magic MathematicsFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329 20140419
Mappy KidsFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Mario's Time 20131231
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein [CD]Mega 20131231
Max Payne [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
MAX: Isolated WarriorFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Mega ManFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Mega Man 2Game 20131231
Mega Man 2Famicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Mega Man 3Game 20131231
Mega Man 3Famicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Mega Man 4Game 20131231
Mega Man 4Famicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Mega Man 5Famicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Mega Man 6Famicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Mega Man Zero [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
Mega Man Zero 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's RevengeGame 20131231
Mermaids of AtlantisFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Metal GearFamicom1.20Shedevr 20120907
IfritZone 20101103
Metal Gear 20110617
Metal Slug Advance [GBA]Game Boy0.98V-trans 20101127
Metroid Fusion [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionWii1.0Consolgames 20130212
Metroid Prime: HuntersDS1.0 RC3TAGteam / 20190117
Metroid: Zero Mission [GBA]Game Boy1.0Shedevr 20120907
Mickey's Adventures in 20131231
Mickey's Safari in 20131231
Midnight ResistanceMega 20140419
Mighty Bomb 20140419
Mighty Final FightFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Millipede: Kyodai Konchuu no 20131231
Mini PuttFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Mirai Senshi: LiosFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
MitsumeFamicom1.992R Team 20011231
Mitsume ga TooruFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
MonstaniaSuper Famicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Monster in My PocketFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Monster PartyFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Monster World 4Mega Drive0.98Chief-Net 20140427
MoonDS1.1Owls Group 20140324
Dizzy 20140529
Moon CrystalFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Mortal KombatMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Mortal KombatMega Drive0.99V-trans 20101127
Mortal Kombat 2 [Unl] 20131231
Mortal Kombat 3Mega Drive!0.00V-trans 20101127
Mortal Kombat 4 [Unl] 20131231
Mortal Kombat 5 Turbo 30 20131231
Mortal Kombat Trilogy: MK5 [Unl] 20131231
Mother [Earthbound Zero]Famicom0.9Consolgames 20130212
Chief-Net 20140427
Mottomo Abunai 20131231
Musashi no BoukenFamicom1.5Magic Team 20120624
Naruto: Ninja Council [GBA]Game Boy1.0Magic Team 20120624
Naruto: Ninja Council 2 [GBA]Game Boy1.01Magic Team 20120624
Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Destiny 2DS!0.00Owls Group 20140324
Need for Speed 3: Hot PursuitPlayStation0.73V-trans 20101127
Nekketsu Kakutou DensetsuFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk HeroesFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
NeutopiaPC-Engine1.0Chief-Net 20140427
New Ghostbusters 2Famicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
Ninja CrusadersFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Ninja CrusadersFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Ninja GaidenFamicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
Ninja Gaiden Episode 2: The Dark Sword of ChaosFamicom1.2Chief-Net 20140427
Ninja Gaiden Episode 2: The Dark Sword of ChaosFamicom5.6Magic Team 20120624
Ninja Gaiden Episode 2: The Dark Sword of 20140419
Ninja Gaiden Episode 3Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Ninja Gaiden TrilogySuper Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Ninja TaroGame Boy1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Nintendo DS BrowserDS1.1Owls Group 20140324
Nuts & 20131231
Nuts & 20140419
OverlordFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Pac-Man [Namco] 20131231
Panic RestaurantFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Paper MarioN640.35Chief-Net 20140427
PapyrusGame Boy1.00Chief-Net 20140427
Phantasy StarMaster System0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Phantasy Star 2Mega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Phantasy Star 3Mega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Phantasy Star 3Mega Drive0.702R Team 20011231
Phantasy Star: The end of the millenniumMega 20140419
Phantasy Star: The end of the millenniumMega Drive!0.00Magic Team 20120624
Phantom 2040Super Famicom0.50Chief-Net 20140427
Pilot WingsSuper Famicom0.95IfritZone 20101103
Shedevr 20120907
Pinball QuestFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
PinocchioMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Pirates of Dark WatersMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Pirates!Famicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Pirates! GoldMega Drive3.4Magic Team 20120624
PocahontasMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Pokémon BlueGame Boy0.002R Team 20011231
Pokémon GoldGame Boypatch7RusPokeGold 20021102
Pokémon FireRed Version [GBA]Game Boy1.00Shedevr 20120907
Pokémon LeafGreen Version [GBA]Game Boy0.00Shedevr 20120907 20131231
PopeyeFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Portopia Renzoku Satsujin JikenFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
POW: Prisoners of WarFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Power Blade 2Famicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
PredatorFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Prince of PersiaMega Drive1.06bShedevr 20120907 20131231
Punisher, TheFamicom2.2Magic Team 20120624
Pyokotan no Dai MeiroFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Q* 20131231
R-TypeGame 20131231
Raf WorldFamicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Ranma ½: Treasure of the Red Cat GangSuper Famicom!0.00Magic Team 20120624
Rentou HenGame Boy0.99Shedevr 20120907
Resident Evil 2PlayStation0.00cetygamer 20140316
Resident Evil GaidenGame Boy0.00TAGteam / 20190117
Resident Evil: Deadly SilenceDS2015.09.22TAGteam / 20190117
Revolution Air ForceFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Rings of PowerMega 20140419
Dizzy 20140529
River City RansomFamicom1.10Shedevr 20120907
Road FighterFamicom0.00SMaSm 20131224
Road RashMega Drive0.95V-trans 20101127
Road Rash 2Mega Drive0.97V-trans 20101127
Road Rash 3Mega Drive0.97V-trans 20101127
Robocop 2Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Robocop 3Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Robocop vs. TerminatorMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Rock n' Roll RacingMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Rockin' KatsFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Rocman 20131231 20131231
RomanciaFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
RygarFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack 20131231
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu HenFamicom1.4Magic Team 20120624
Saiyuuki WorldFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Scooby-Doo MysteryMega Drive0.9Chief-Net 20140427
Secret of ManaSuper Famicom1.11Shedevr 20120907
IfritZone 20101103
Secret TiesFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Seirei GariFamicom0.99Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Shadow of 20131231
ShadowgateFamicom1.1Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
ShadowrunMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907 20131231
Shin Nekketsu Kouha Kunio tachi no BannkaSuper Famicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Shining ForceMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Shining Force 2Mega Drive1.0r2Shedevr 20120907
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon [GBA]Game Boy!0.00Magic Team 20120624
Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kunSuper Famicom1.0Shedevr 20120907
Silent HillPlayStation1.1Consolgames 20130212
Silent Hill: OriginsPlayStation Portable0.9Consolgames 20130212
Silent Hill: Shattered MemoriesPlayStation 2!0.00Consolgames 20130212
Silent Hill: Shattered MemoriesPlayStation Portable!0.00Consolgames 20130212
Silent Hill: Shattered MemoriesWii!0.00Consolgames 20130212 20131231
Silver 20131231
Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space MutantsMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Ski or 20140419
Skull & Crossbones [Tengen] 20131231
Snake's RevengeFamicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
SoccerFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Solar JetmanFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Solomon's 20140419
SolsticeFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
SolsticeFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Sonic 3D BlastMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Sonic 3D BlastMega Drive0.99V-trans 20101127
Sonic RivalsPlayStation Portable1.0Consolgames 20130212
Sonic RivalsPlayStation Portable0.00TAGteam / 20190117
Spartan 20131231
SpellCraftSuper Famicom!0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister SixFamicom1.1Magic Team 20120624
SplatterhousePC-Engine1.0Magic Team 20120624
Splatterhouse 2Mega Drive1.0Magic Team 20120624
Splatterhouse 3Mega Drive1.0Magic Team 20120624
Star FoxSuper Famicom0.90IfritZone 20101103
Star FoxSuper Famicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Star Wars [Namco]Famicom0.00gametranslate 20100525
Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith [GBA]Game Boy0.99V-trans 20101127
StargateMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Story of ThorMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior [Unl] 20131231
Street Fighter 3 [9 Fighter][Unl] 20131231
Street Fighter 6 [Unl] 20131231
Street Fighter 6 12 Peoples [Unl] 20131231
Streets of Rage 2Mega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907 20131231
Sugoro Quest: Dice no SenshitachiFamicom1.2Magic Team 20120624 20131231
Super 20131231
Super Mario 64N641.0Shedevr 20120907
Super Mario Bros.Famicom1.202R Team 20011231
Super Mario Bros. 2Famicom0.902R Team 20011231
Super Mario Bros. 3Famicom1.992R Team 20011231
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsGame 20131231
Super Mario RPGSuper Famicom!0.05Shedevr 20120907
Super Star Force: Jikuureki no HimitsuFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427 20131231
Surging AuraMega 20140419
Dizzy 20140529
Sword MasterFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
SyndicateMega Drive1.00Shedevr 20120907
Taiyou no Tenshi Marlowe: Ohanabatake ha Dai-PanicGame Boy1.0Chief-Net 20140427
Takahashi Meijin no 20131231
Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima 4Famicom1.0Shedevr 20120907
Tale SpinFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Tale SpinFamicom0.40b2R Team 20011231
Target: 20131231
Taro's QuestFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329 20131231 20140419
Taz-ManiaMega Drive1.00V-trans 20101127
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [GBA]Game Boy1.7Magic Team 20120624
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFamicom1.0Uruxc 20140428
Teenage Mutant Ninja 20131231
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus [GBA]Game Boy1.3Magic Team 20120624
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade GameFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhatten ProjectFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament 20131231
Tekken 2 [Unl] 20131231
Tenchu: Shadow AssassinsPlayStation PortableFinalTAGteam / 20190117
TennisFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Terminator, TheFamicom1.00Magic Team 20120624
Terminator 2: Judgment DayFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Terminator 2: Judgment DayFamicom0.95V-trans 20101127
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [GBA]Game Boy0.95V-trans 20101127
Tetris [Tengen] 20131231
Theme ParkMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907 20140419 20131231 20140419
Time Diver: Eon 20131231
Tiny Toon AdventuresFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Tiny Toon AdventuresFamicom0.90b2R Team 20011231
Tiny Toon Adventures 6 [Unl] 20131231
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Saves the DayGame Boy0.99Shedevr 20120907
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Saves the DayGame Boy0.90V-trans 20101127
TMNT [GBA]Game Boy1.3Magic Team 20120624
Tokkyuu Shirei SolbrainFamicom3.00Magic Team 20120624
Tom & Jerry (and Fluffy)Famicom0.502R Team 20011231
Tom and Jerry: The MovieMaster System1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Tom Sawyer no BoukenFamicom1.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Top Gun: The Second 20131231
Totally RadFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Toxic CrusadersFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Treasure Island DizzyFamicom1.20Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329 20131231
True LiesMega Drive0.99Magic Team 20120624
Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion [GBC]Game 20131231
Twin 20131231
Twin 20140419
Twin EagleFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Twin 20140419 20131231
Twinkle TaleMega Drive1.0Chief-Net 20140427
UfouriaFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 [Unl] 20131231
Uncharted Waters: New HorizonsMega Drive1.00Dizzy 20140529
Chief-Net 20140427
Urban StrikeMega Drive!0.00V-trans 20101127
Utsurun DesuFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
ValisMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Valis 3Mega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Vandal Hearts 2PlayStation! 20110617
Venus SenkiFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Wacky 20131231
Wacky RacerFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Wai Wai WorldFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
WarsongMega Drive1.02Chief-Net 20140427
WarsongMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
WerewolfFamicom1.00Shedevr 20120907
WidgetFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427
WillowFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Wizards & WarriorsFamicom1.0Chief-Net 20140427 20131231
Wonder Boy 3Master System1.0Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
Wonder Project JSuper 20140419
WormsMega Drive0.99Shedevr 20120907
Wrecking CrewFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
WURM: Journey to the Center of the EarthFamicom1.00Chief-Net 20140427
GUYVERperevod 20120329
X-Men: Wolverine's Rage [C]Game 20131231
Yoshi's 20131231
Yo! NoidFamicom1.10Shedevr 20120907
YsFamicom1.0IfritZone 20101103
Shedevr 20120907
Ys 20131231
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou ToitsusenMega Drive1.0Owls Group 20140324
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.3Zelda64rus 20150810
Chief-Net 20140427
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom1.1Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.1Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: A Link Between Worlds [3DS]DS1.1Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom0.98.5Chief-Net 20140427
Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: Four Swords AdventuresGameCube1.0Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy2.0Zelda64rus 20150810
Shedevr 20120907
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy0.95V-trans 20101127
Zelda, The Legend of: Majora's MaskN641.01Shedevr 20120907
Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN642.32Zelda64rus 20150810
Shedevr 20120907
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of Time 3D [3DS]DS1.0Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: Phantom HourglassDS1.2Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: Skyward SwordWii1.1Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: Spirit TracksDS1.1Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: The Minish Cap [GBA]Game Boy1.00Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: The Wind WakerGameCube1.21Zelda64rus 20150810
Zelda, The Legend of: Twilight PrincessGameCube2.0Zelda64rus 20150810
Shedevr 20120907
Zelda, The Legend of: Twilight PrincessWii2.0Zelda64rus 20150810
Shedevr 20120907
Zen Intergalactic 20131231
Zen Intergalactic NinjaFamicom0.99Shedevr 20120907
Zhong Guo Xiang QiFamicom0.00GUYVERperevod 20120329
Zoids MokushirokuFamicom0.00Chief-Net 20140427
Zombie NationFamicom20120120Razorvashka 20120121


Chicken RunPlayStation1.0mfX's Translations 20060728
Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku (GBA)Game Boy0.98mfX's Translations 20060728
Ecco the DolphinMega Drive1.0mfX's Translations 20060728
Lost Vikings, TheMega Drive0.95mfX's Translations 20060728
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom1.0mfX's Translations 20060728
Mega Man XSuper Famicom0.95mfX's Translations 20060728
Ninja Gaiden 2Famicom1.0mfX's Translations 20060728
Secret of ManaSuper Famicom0.90mfX's Translations 20060728


Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom2.9.8.14Bisqwit 20140426
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom1.15.1Bisqwit 20140426
Final FantasyFamicom1.00Game Addict Studios
Final Fantasy 3 USSuper Famicom0.95Another Gamer
UfouriaFamicom0.99Game Addict Studios
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom1.8Bisqwit 20140426


Adventures of LoloFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Adventures of Lolo 2Famicom0.99Translations and Stuff
Alien³Super Famicom0.95Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Bastard!!Super Famicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
BatmanFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Blaster MasterFamicom0.90Bräkne-Hoby Translations 20010522
Blue ShadowFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Bucky O' HareFamicom2.0The Translators 20040312
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.00MetalHead Hacking Group 20020925
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestFamicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Chibi Maruko ChanSuper Famicom0.90Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom0.1bThe Translators 20040312
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Chrono TriggerSuper Famicom!0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Circus CharlieFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Conquest of the Crystal PalaceFamicom0.99Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Conquest of the Crystal PalaceFamicom!0.05Bräkne-Hoby Translations 20010522
Disney's Chip 'n DaleFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Disney's Chip 'n DaleFamicom0.80Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Disney's Chip 'n Dale 2Famicom0.9The Translators 20040312
Dragon Quest 1 & 2 RemixSuper Famicom!0.58General CoolNES Translations 20030624
RPGOne 20050504
Dragon WarriorFamicom1.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's AdventureGame Boy!0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Duck TalesFamicom1.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Duck TalesFamicom°0.99The Translators 20040312
ExileMega Drive1.0Cyndeline Translations 20080105
FaxanaduFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Final FantasyFamicom1.0General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Final 20211225
Final Fantasy 2Famicom1.0Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Final Fantasy 2Famicom!0.00Bräkne-Hoby Translations 20010522
Final Fantasy 3Famicom0.10Bräkne-Hoby Translations 20010522
Final Fantasy 3Famicom!0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Final Fantasy 3Super 20211225
Final Fantasy 3Super Famicom1.0General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Translations and Stuff
Final Fantasy 5Super Famicom1.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Final Fantasy 6PlayStation!0.00The Translators 20040312
Guardian LegendFamicom0.90Bräkne-Hoby Translations 20010522
Gulliver BoySuper Famicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Gun SmokeFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Hameln no Violin HikiSuper Famicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Hello Kitty no OhanabatakeFamicom1.30Swedish Sanrio Translations 20010807
Hello Kitty WorldFamicom1.20Swedish Sanrio Translations 20010807
Ice HockeyFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Kabuki Quantum FighterFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Kid IcarusFamicom1.1bMetalHead Hacking Group 20020925
Kirby's AdventureFamicom0.99Cyndeline Translations 20080105
LandstalkerMega Drive!0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Little NemoFamicom0.9bMetalHead Hacking Group 20020925
Mario Bros. 1, SuperFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Mario Bros. 2, SuperFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Mario Bros. 3, SuperFamicom1.20The Translators 20040312
Mega Man 2Famicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Mega Man 2Famicom2.0DaOls 20051107
Mega Man 6Famicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Mega Man X 3Super Famicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Metal GearFamicom1.01bMetalHead Hacking Group 20020925
Metal WarriorsSuper Famicom0.95Cyndeline Translations 20080105
MetroidFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Minna no taabou no Nakayoshi daisakusenFamicom1.00Swedish Sanrio Translations 20010807
MonstaniaSuper Famicom1.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Musashi no Bouken: Tadaima Shugyou ChuuFamicom!0.10General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Musashi no Bouken: Tadaima Shugyou ChuuFamicom!0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Ninja Gaiden 1Famicom0.90MetalHead Hacking Group 20020925
Ninja Gaiden 2Famicom1.00MetalHead Hacking Group 20020925
North & SouthFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Pokémon PinballGame Boy0.90Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Pokémon SilverGame Boy1.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Radia SenkiFamicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
RampageFamicom1.01General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Ranma ½: Treasure of the Red Cat GangSuper Famicom!0.26General CoolNES Translations 20030624
RockmanFamicom2.0DaOls 20051107
Rolan's CurseGame Boy1.0Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Rolan's Curse 2Game Boy1.0Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Rush'n AttackFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Samurai ShodownSuper Famicom0.70Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Sanrio Carnival 2Famicom1.10Swedish Sanrio Translations 20010807
Secret of ManaSuper Famicom!0.00The Translators 20040312
Section ZFamicom0.90Bräkne-Hoby Translations 20010522
Seiken DensetsuGame Boy!0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Seiken Densetsu 3Super Famicom!0.75General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Shadow WarriorFamicom1.10The Translators 20040312
SkyblazerSuper Famicom1.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Star TropicsFamicom!0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Super Mario RPGSuper Famicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Super Mario RPGSuper Famicom!0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Famicom1.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
TalespinFamicom1.20The Translators 20040312
Teenage Mutant Hero TurtlesFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Tenchi Muyou! Game-HenSuper Famicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Tenchi Muyou! Game-HenSuper Famicom!0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
TennisFamicom0.90Bräkne-Hoby Translations 20010522
TetrisFamicom1.00Translations and Stuff
TerranigmaSuper Famicom1.0The Translators 20040312
Theme ParkSuper Famicom0.90Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Tokkyuu Shirei SolbrainFamicom1.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Track and Field 2Famicom1.00The Translators 20040312
UfouriaFamicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Unchartered Waters: New HorizonsSuper Famicom!0.05DaOls 20051107
VillgustSuper Famicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Wonder Boy 3Master System0.7bMetalHead Hacking Group 20020925
Wonder Project JSuper Famicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
YoshiFamicom0.99Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Yoshi's IslandSuper Famicom0.99Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Ys 4Super Famicom!0.00General CoolNES Translations 20030624
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom2.0The Translators 20040312
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom0.90MetalHead Hacking Group 20020925
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.10The Translators 20040312
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom1.01MetalHead Hacking Group 20020925
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom0.00Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Zelda, The Legend of: A Link to the PastSuper Famicom1.00The Translators 20040312
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame 20211225
Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening DXGame Boy0.30The Translators 20040312
Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of TimeN64!0.98Cyndeline Translations 20080105
Zelda, The Legend of: The Minish Cap [GBA]Game Boy!0.45Cyndeline Translations 20080105
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Bahamut Lagoon (inactive)Super Famicom0.09Psybuster
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Final Fantasy 2 USSuper Famicom1.02Thai Game 20000216
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Tiếng Việt

Legend of the River King 2 GBCGame
Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective [GBA]Game


Alien³Famicom1.0Shingo 20080525
Captain Tsubasa 2: Super StrikerFamicom0.00knighTeen87 20131123
Clock TowerSuper Famicom0.00knighTeen87 20131123
ContraFamicom1.0knighTeen87 20131123
Double DragonFamicom0.00knighTeen87 20131123
Double Dragon 2Famicom0.00knighTeen87 20131123
Final FantasyFamicom0.99knighTeen87 20131123
Mach RiderFamicom1.0knighTeen87 20131123
Mega Man 3Famicom0.99knighTeen87 20131123
P.O.W.Famicom0.00knighTeen87 20131123
Sky DestroyerFamicom0.90knighTeen87 20131123
Super Mario Bros.Famicom1.00knighTeen87 20131123
Tecmo Cup Soccer GameFamicom0.99knighTeen87 20131123
TetrisFamicom0.99Naito-TanUKi 20110629
Zelda, The Legend ofFamicom0.00knighTeen87 20131123
Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkFamicom0.99knighTeen87 20131123
Zero WingMega Drive0.00knighTeen87 20131123