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Game Data

General Data
System:Master System
Developer / Publisher:Sega, Tectoy [BR]
Release:1993, 1996 [BR]
Players:Two, alternating
Versions:Europe, Brazil

Asterix and the Secret Mission

European Version
Name:Asterix and the Secret Mission
->Japanized:アステリックス&ザ セックレトミション
Language:Français, English, Deutsch
MD5: 7cc8be20b0a2ee3941c9846026c287ae
SHA1: de6a32a548551553a4b3ae332f4bf98ed22d8ab5
MEKA 0.80 WIP 20140124Astérix and the Secret Mission/COUNTRY=EU/PRODUCT_NO=9023,9023-50
GoodSMS 3.20Asterix and the Secret Mission (E) [!]
No-Intro 20140508-000156Asterix and the Secret Mission (Europe) (En,Fr,De)
MAME r30476Asterix and the Secret Mission (Euro)

As Aventuras da TV Colosso

Brazilian Version
Name:As Aventuras da TV Colosso
MD5: 8020584caadb664a5924e940b6a9c5bc
SHA1: 1b4f7eca8a3f04ead404e6f439a6c49a0d0500df
MEKA 0.80 WIP 20140124TV Colosso (As Aventuras da)/COUNTRY=BR/PRODUCT_NO=028650/COMMENT=Brazilian hacked version of "Astérix and the Secret Mission", released by Tec Toy. Based on local cartoon series.
GoodSMS 3.20TV Colosso As Aventuras da (B)
No-Intro 20140508-000156TV Colosso (Brazil)
MAME r30476As Aventuras da TV Colosso (Bra)


Ages 0.29a0.90Minor sound errors. Minor error on left border.
BrSMS 1.210.95Minor sound errors.
Calypso Beta 0111.00
DarcNES dn9b03130.95Minor sound errors.
Dega 1.091.00
eSMS 1.010.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
FreezeSMS 4.41.00
Kega Fusion 3.511.00
Massage 1.01.00
Meka 0.64c1.00
MESS 0.142u51.00
Mimic 2.080.90-0.10: Sound errors
Past-O-Rama 0.050.90Sound errors.
SMS Plus


None known


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