Hardware Profile
CPU:128 Bit Hitachi graphics Engine | 200Mhz | on-board SH-4 RISC
RAM:16MB | 8MB Video Texture | 2MB Audio SDRAM
Graphic Chip:NEC Power VR Graphic CPU (3 million polygons with Texture Mapping)
Resolution:640 x 480 (higher with VGA Box)
Sound:Yamaha Sound CPU (64 channels)
Game Format:GD (Gigabyte Disc, 1.2GB)
Publishes:9 September 1999 (USA)
14 October 1999 (Europe)
Others:Modem (33.6K in Europe and Japan, and 56K in USA) | Yamaha 23X GD-ROM
Link: ODP
Link: Sega Dreamcast Net