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Game Data

General Data
System:Famicom / NES
Developer / Publisher:Square
Release:1988 [JP], Unreleased [NA]
Memory Mapper:Nintendo MMC1
Versions:Japan, North America (Prototype)

Final Fantasy 2

Japanese Version
Name:Final Fantasy 2
MD5: 374ed97be8bfd628f6b359a720549ecd
SHA1: 070d4ce87eb4abcc9f9d2a97b8010881cb57defa
GoodNES 3.14Final Fantasy II (J) [!]
No-Intro 20120918-221504Final Fantasy II (Japan)

Final Fantasy 2

North American Prototype Version
Name:Final Fantasy 2
MD5: 4d259632662a581f8f80ff3dc1c3498e
SHA1: dc358d47102a7c4e2ace49121b9df3e4c771081a
GoodNES 3.14Final Fantasy II (U) (Prototype)
No-Intro 20120918-221504Final Fantasy II (USA) (Proto)


BioNES 0.21.00
DarcNES dn9b03130.80Sound disharmonies. Little slow. Error on top and bottom border on scrolling.
FakeNES Error on border on scrolling
-0.10: Slow
FCE 0.10.05Graphical mismatch. No sound.
FCE Ultra
FreezeSMS 4.40.50No sound. Minor graphic error in fight. No saving [hardly playable].
G-NES 0.55b31.00
InfoNES 0.790.60-0.10: Sound errors
-0.30: No saving [hardly playable]
Jnes 0.40b21.00
Liss NES 1.090.90-0.05: Irregular screen scramble in battle
-0.05: Minor error on vertical scrolling
MCHE 0.06b0.10Most sections rendered black or scrambled. Hangs in first battle.
MESS 0.1290.95-0.05: Error on vertical scrolling
Mimic 1.090.05Only scrambled intro text.
Nester beta 40.95Little slow.
Nesticle x.xx1.00
Nestopia 1.081.00
NNNesterJ 0.22c1.00
olafnes 1.1f0.00
RockNES 4.030.95-0.05: Error on border on scrolling
TextNES 0.10Yes
Unofficial Nester 2001/07/051.00
VirtuaNES 0.921.00
YAME 0.371.00Graphic Error on Border


Japanese Version
Note: Some patches might benefit from ff2titlefix.ips by Parasyte
Deutsch v1.00 (100%) by Star Trans [Note: I've retaken the patch against the japanese version. The original version required an older English patch]
English v1.03 (100%) by Neo Demiforce
Español v1.0 (100%) by Phoenix's Flame Translations and Dark Devils Translations
Français v1.00 (100%) by Terminus Traduction
Italiano v0.99a (99%) by Weapon Hunter
Português v1.0 (100%) by CBT and BR Games
Svenska v1.00 (100%) by Cyndeline Translations
Not Mirrored
Français v1.0 (99%) by Final Translation, T.R.A.F., and Hroþgar SCRB
Italiano v0.01 (1%) by TraduGames
Svenska (Unreleased: ?%) by Bräkne-Hoby Translations


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