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Game Data

General Data
System:Super Famicom / Super NES
Developer / Publisher:Square
Versions:Japan, North America

Final Fantasy 6

Japanese Version
Name:Final Fantasy 6
MD5: 97bf78e916b80f47cf35edf502be34dc
SHA1: 1c6a6dd90d3463f4532202199885a2c0e9a485f6
GoodSNES 3.14Final Fantasy VI (J) [!]
No-Intro 20110521Final Fantasy VI (Japan)
NSRT 3.4Final Fantasy VI (J)

Final Fantasy 3

North American Version
Name:Final Fantasy 3
MD5: e986575b98300f721ce27c180264d890
SHA1: 4f37e4274ac3b2ea1bedb08aa149d8fc5bb676e7
GoodSNES 3.14Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.0) [!]
No-Intro 20110521Final Fantasy III (USA)
NSRT 3.4Final Fantasy III (U)
Alternative North American Version
MD5: 544311e104805e926083acf29ec664da
SHA1: 057ada1c641e3e0b3ca34e6e4f4eb1b05a87143a
GoodSNES 3.14Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.1) [!]
No-Intro 20110521Final Fantasy III (USA) (Rev 1)
NSRT 3.4Final Fantasy III (U) (R1.1)


MESS 0.1180.65-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.15: Sprite errors
-0.05: Minor error on top border
-0.05: Error on beam weapon
-0.05: Minor text box error
SNEeSe 0.7760.85-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.10: Some effects missing
Snes9x 1.39a1.00
SNESGT 0.1630.95-0.05: Minor error on bottom in intro
ZSNES 1.3370.95Minor screen flickering on bottom border in japanese version.


Japanese Version [with header]
English v1.2 (100%) by RPGOne
Korean v1.0 (100%) by Team Dream
Korean v0.99 (99%) by E.G.T.K.
North American Version [with header]
Dansk v0.08 (8%) by Sago Translation
Deutsch (FF6 Title hack) v1.40 (100%) by ManuLöwe
Español v1.14 rtm (Rev.3) (100%) by Traducciones Crackowia
Español v1.0 (100%) by Sayans Traductions
Italiano v2.1 (100%) by SadNES cITy Translations
Lingua Latina v0.65 (65%) by abw
Polska v1.00 beta (100%) by Rusty_Can
Português v0.95 (95%) by Emuroms Translations
Russian v1.0.8 (100%) by Magic Team
Suomi v0.95 (95%) by Another Gamer
Thai v0.15 (15%) by Alcardaze
Alternative North American Version [without header]
Français (FF6 Title hack) v3.10 Final (100%) by Terminus Traduction
Svenska v3.0 (100%) by
Not Mirrored
Deutsch v1.00 (100%) by Star Trans
Deutsch (Unreleased: ?%) by RPGOne
Español (FF6 Title hack) v1.00 (100%) by Traducciones Magno
Español (Unreleased: ?%) by RPGOne
Français (FF6 Title hack) vG9-V2 (100%) by Génération IX
Français v? (?%) by
Français v1.9 (99%) by Final Translation
Français (Unreleased: ?%) by RPGOne
Greek (Unreleased: ?%) by RPGOne
Hrvatski v0.25 (25%) by CROcOp
Italiano (Unreleased: ?%) by RPGOne
Português (Unreleased: ?%) by RPGOne
Svenska (Unreleased: ?%) by RPGOne
Svenska v1.0 (100%) by General CoolNES Translations and Translations and Stuff


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