Main CPU
Type128 Bit Emotion Engine
Measure frequency296Mhz
Speed6.2 Giga-Flops
Main Memory32MB Direct Rambus
Brandwidth3.2 GB/sec.
Instruction Cache16KB
Data Cache8KB
Co-ProcessorsFPU | VUO| VUI
Graphic Unit
Type128 Bit Graphics Synthesizer
Measure frequency148Mhz
Speed25 to 75 million Polygons/sec.
Video Memory4MB Direct Rambus
Intern Brandwidth48 GB/s.
Max. Resolution1280 x 1024
Output FormatsNTSC | PAL | DTV (Digital TV)
Color Depth32 Bit
Z-Buffering32 Bit
Render-FunctionsTexture Mapping | Bump Mapping | Fogging | Alpha Blending | Bi- and Trilinear Filtering | Mip-Mapping | Anti-Aliasing | Multipass Rendering
Sound Unit
Sound Memory2MB
Sampeling-Rate44.1 or 48Khz (customizeable)
Sound FormatsDolby Digital | DTS
I/O Unit
I/O-ProcessorsPlayStation-CPU with 33.8 Mhz
Data Format
TypePlayStation2 CD-ROM | DVD-ROM | PlayStation CD-ROM
Supported Formats Audio-CD | DVD-Video
Capacitymax. 17 GB
Read Speed3.6 MB/sec. (CD-ROM)
5.4 MB/sec. (DVD)
PortsController (2x) | Memory Card (2x) | AV | Optic Digital-Port | USB (2x) | IEEE 1394 ("Firewire") | PCMCIA (Type 3)
Weight2.1 kg
Published4. March 2000 (Japan) | Fall 2000 (USA, Europe) by Sony
Cost39,800 Yen
Supply PackPlayStation2 | "Dual Shock 2"-Analogcontroller | 8MB Memory-Card | PlayStation2 Demo Disc | AV-Cable | Current-Cable
Link: ODP