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Game Data

General Data
Genre:Action / RPG
System:Mega Drive / Genesis
Developer / Publisher:Sega
Versions:Japan, North America / Europe


Japanese Version
Note:Indvidual files retrieved by: split combined -b131072 && cp xaa IC1 && cat xae xab xac xad > IC2
CRC32:e400dfc3 (combined)
5ae36ea5 (IC1)
3abb96be (IC2)
MD5: 5def9f18e261692490fd53c1adafcc91 (combined)
e2ca418b1a370894f407de606462fa7e (IC1)
74f3f1174137a1731044a6e90b6f9c43 (IC2)
SHA1: 697fb165051179a2bbca77c8cfd0c929e334f8c1 (combined)
1b7defa4f69d199fffe025b804390cef304b200d (IC1)
d1b02aaa03776ae9426591f7d0cb1476d2d012c5 (IC2)
GoodGen 3.21Sword of Vermilion (J) [c][!]
No-Intro 20131205-150047Vermilion (Japan)
MAME r23623Vermilion (Jpn)

Sword of Vermilion

North American / European Version
Name:Sword of Vermilion
Note:Indvidual files retrieved by: split combined -b131072 && cp xaa IC1 && cat xae xab xac xad > IC2
CRC32:ea1bc9ab (combined)
9a6d1110 (IC1)
793fd7a3 (IC2)
MD5: a742836dc29ee51cf6d985191820ae4e (combined)
7c76214d8b03b469e82a684e55a2b9cc (IC1)
759a110c37f87c909347e9a5607764b2 (IC2)
SHA1: c18fc75e0c5fa0e98c8664903e978ec4f73ef5d2 (combined)
acadd3cf6c1eb346db4f9746134fb8a957e3b147 (IC1)
5a4425727463992fabd0ff3422d1894aaf686b5f (IC2)
GoodGen 3.21Sword of Vermilion (UE) [!]
No-Intro 20131205-150047Sword of Vermilion (USA, Europe)
MAME r27694Sword of Vermilion (Euro, USA)


Ages 0.29a0.90Minor sound errors. Some sounds missing.
Genecyst x.xx1.00
Generator 0.331.00
Gens 2.001.00
Kega Fusion 3.511.00
Megasis 0.06a0.90Slow.
MESS 0.1391.00
Mimic 2.090.00
retroDrive Release 31.00Enable frame skip.
Xega 0.081.00


North American Version [.bin format]
Français v1.00 (100%) by Terminus Traduction


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