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Game Data

General Data
Genre:Action / Adventure
System:Master System
Developer / Publisher:Sega, Tatsunoko Production
Versions:Japan / Europe, North America / Europe


Japanese / European Version
Name:Zillion [NA,EU] / 赤い光弾ジリオン [JP]
->Romanized:Akai Koudan Zillion
Language:English [NA,EU] / Japanese [JP]
MD5: 8de18c864fc9379c27d7430c1f209eeb
SHA1: 6a0a21426cadadb5567907d9cc4cdaf63195d5c3
MEKA 2016/04/19Zillion [v0]/NAME_JP=Akai Koudan Zillion/COUNTRY=JP,EU/PRODUCT_NO=G-1325,5075
GoodSMS 3.20Akai Koudan Zillion (J) (V1.0) [!]
No-Intro 20160331-213351Zillion (Japan, Europe) (En,Ja)
MAME 0.173Zillion (Euro, v0) ~ Akai Koudan Zillion (Jpn, v0)


North American Version
Name:Zillion [NA,EU] / 赤い光弾ジリオン [JP]
->Romanized:Akai Koudan Zillion
Language:English [NA,EU] / Japanese [JP]
MD5: d4bf9e7bcf9a48da53785d2ae7bc4270
SHA1: 3aab3e95dac0fa93612da20cf525dba4dc4ca6ba
MEKA 2016/04/19Zillion [v1]/COUNTRY=US/PRODUCT_NO=5075 ; [EDITOR NOTE] Country listing for all 3 versions are based on what we found so far. It's probable that v1 and v2 were released in both US and EU.
GoodSMS 3.20Zillion (U) (V1.1) [!]
No-Intro 20160331-213351Zillion (USA) (Rev 1)
MAME 0.173Zillion (USA, v1)
European Version
MD5: de62e3fd5411f78dd9d0958eec85bcce
SHA1: 5dbe3ac8c4888298f3f7008ed359d0187cf46695
MEKA 2016/04/19Zillion [v2]/COUNTRY=EU/PRODUCT_NO=5075
GoodSMS 3.20Zillion (E) (V1.2)
No-Intro 20160331-213351Zillion (Europe) (Rev 2)
MAME 0.173Zillion (Euro, v2)


Ages 0.29a0.95Minor error on left border.
BrSMS 1.211.00
Calypso Beta 0110.90Little slow. Minor sound errors.
CHASMS 0.301.00
DarcNES dn9b03130.85Little slow. Sound errors.
Dega 1.090.90-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.05: Minor error on left border
eSMS 1.010.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
FreezeSMS 4.41.00
Kega Fusion 3.511.00
Massage 1.00.00
MCHE 0.06b0.00
Meka 0.64c1.00
MESS 0.142u51.00
Mimic 2.080.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
Past-O-Rama 0.050.95Minor error on left border.
SMS Plus error on left border.


North American Version
Français v1.00 (100%) by Terminus Traduction
For Unknown version
Português v1.0 by CBT
Not Mirrored
Português v1.1 (100%) by PO.B.R.E.


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