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Game Data

General Data
Genre:Jump'n Run
System:Famicom / NES, Master System
Developer / Publisher:Taito
Release:1988 [NES-NA, SMS-JP], 1990 [NES-EU], 1991 [SMS-EU]
Memory Mapper:Nintendo MMC1 [FC]
Versions:Famicom / NES: North America, Europe; Master System: Japan, Europe

Bubble Bobble

North American NES Version
Name:Bubble Bobble
MD5: 629fceec5476cdd3faa371891905ea02
SHA1: c1a8f6a9316080487cfeaca62f3d573cd9d484e9
GoodNES 3.14Bubble Bobble (U) [!]
No-Intro 20120529-021944Bubble Bobble (USA)

Final Bubble Bobble

Japanese Master System Version
Name:Final Bubble Bobble
Language:English, Japanese
MD5: 3573a65921b0506f7124f1f9ffb30974
SHA1: ab585612fddb90b5285e2804f63fd7fb7ba02900
MEKA 0.80 WIP 20140124Final Bubble Bobble/COUNTRY=JP/PRODUCT_NO=G-1362/COMMENT=Japanese version of "Bubble Bobble".
GoodSMS 3.20Final Bubble Bobble (J) [!]
No-Intro 20140508-000156Final Bubble Bobble (Japan)
MAME r30721Final Bubble Bobble (Jpn)

Bubble Bobble

European NES Version
Name:Bubble Bobble
MD5: 8257a5735c0a76a4e78f324ac5770aca
SHA1: 94b8c2af8a57300229ca948e6ba379f01a9275d7
GoodNES 3.14Bubble Bobble (E) [!]
No-Intro 20120529-021944Bubble Bobble (Europe)

Bubble Bobble

European Master System Version
Name:Bubble Bobble
MD5: d79c186a74550876691e97ca830c66c7
SHA1: 44876b44089b4174858e54202e567e02efa76859
MEKA 0.80 WIP 20140124 Bubble Bobble/NAME_BR=Dragon Maze/COUNTRY=EU,BR,KR/PRODUCT_NO=7077,GB-2005/COMMENT=Export version of "Final Bubble Bobble".
GoodSMS 3.20Bubble Bobble (EBK) [!]
No-Intro 20140508-000156Bubble Bobble (Europe)
MAME r30721Bubble Bobble (Euro, Bra)


Famicom / NES version
BioNES 0.20.80-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.15: No second player
DarcNES dn9b03130.00
FCE 0.10.05-0.15: No sound
-0.70: No reaction on input [?]
-0.10: Graphic errors
FCE Ultra
G-NES 0.561.00
InfoNES 0.79J0.80-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.15: No second player
Jnes 0.50b21.00
Liss NES 1.090.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
MCHE 0.06b0.00
MESS 0.1291.00
Nester public beta 40.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
NesterJ 0.51a1.00
Nesticle x.xx1.00
Nestopia 1.081.00
Nintendulator 0.9000.85-0.15: Very slow
NNNesterJ 0.22c1.00
olafnes 1.1f0.90-0.10: Sound errors
RockNES 4.031.00
TextNES 0.10Yes
Unofficial Nester 2001/07/051.00
VirtuaNES 0.921.00
YAME 0.380.85-0.10: Sound errors
-0.05: Minor color errors
Master System version
Ages 0.29a1.00
BrSMS 1.211.00
Calypso Beta 0111.00
CHASMS 0.301.00
DarcNES dn9b03130.95Minor sound errors.
Dega 1.090.80-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.15: No second player
eSMS 1.010.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
FreezeSMS 4.41.00
Kega Fusion 3.511.00
Massage 1.01.00
Meka 0.64c1.00
MESS 0.142u51.00
Mimic 2.080.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
Past-O-Rama 0.050.90Minor sound errors. Minor sprite error.
SMS Plus


For North American Famicom / NES version
Deutsch v1.00 (100%) by Star Trans
Español v0.99 (99%) by Paladin Knights Translations
Français v0.99 (99%) by T.R.A.F.
For Japanese Master System version
Español v0.99 (99%) by Paladin Knights Translations
For European Master System version
Français v? (100%) by Terminus Traduction
Not Mirrored [Famicom / NES]
Français v2.0 (100%) by Lyssal


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