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Database Updates
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[New:Multi]ares Linux 133 21.07.2023
[New:Multi]ares MacOS 133 21.07.2023
[New:Multi]ares Win32 133 21.07.2023
[New:Multi]ares Source 133 21.07.2023
Arculator Linux 2.2 24.06.2023
Arculator Win32 2.2 24.06.2023
Arculator Source 2.2 24.06.2023
[New]emu64 Linux 5.1.0 24.06.2023
[Moved]emu64 Win32 5.1.0 24.06.2023
[New]emu64 Source 5.1.0 24.06.2023
[New:Lynx]Felix Win32 0.5.0 08.12.2021
[New:Lynx]Felix Source 0.5.0 08.12.2021
[New:Laserdisc]Hypseus Singe Linux 2.11.1 05.08.2023
[New:Laserdisc]Hypseus Singe MacOS 2.11.1 05.08.2023
[New:Laserdisc]Hypseus Singe Win32 2.11.1 05.08.2023
[New:Laserdisc]Hypseus Singe Source 2.11.1 05.08.2023
[New:MZ-800]mz800emu Linux 1.0.8 29.04.2023
[New:MZ-800]mz800emu Win32 1.0.8 29.04.2023
[New:MZ-800]mz800emu Source 1.0.8 29.04.2023
[New:PC-9800]Neko Project 21/W Win32 0.86 rev88 28.01.2023
[New:PC-9800]Neko Project 21/W Source 0.86 rev88 28.01.2023
[New:NUON]Nuance Linux 0.6.4 10.01.2023
[New:NUON]Nuance Win32 0.6.4 10.01.2023
[New:Game Boy]Noufu Win32 1.0 26.08.2021
[New:Game Boy]Noufu Source 1.0 26.08.2021
SimCoupe Linux 1.2.12 01.02.2023
SimCoupe MacOS 1.2.12 01.02.2023
SimCoupe Win32 1.2.12 01.02.2023


(1) Génération IX [20120910->20160421]
Famicom / NESVersion
[New]Action in New York1.0(1)
[New]Baby Boomer1.0(1)
[New]Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja1.0(1)
[New]Bucky O'Hare1.0(1)
[New]Captain Planet and the Planeteers1.0(1)
[New]Code Name: Viper1.0(1)
[New]Cowboy Kid1.0(1)
[New]Frankenstein: The Monster Returns1.0(1)
[New]Freedom Force1.0(1)
[New]Journey to Silius1.0(1)
[New]Knight Rider [K2000]1.0(1)
[New]Kid Klown in Night Mayor World1.1(1)
[New]Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs1.0(1)
[New]King Neptune's Adventure1.0(1)
[New]Monster Party1.0(1)
[New]Operation Wolf1.0(1)
[New]Panic Restaurant1.0(1)
[New]P.O.W.: Prisoners of War1.0(1)
[New]Rush'n Attack1.0(1)
[New]Target: Renegade1.0(1)
[New]The Guardian Legend1.0(1)
[New]The Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper1.0(1)
[New]Time Diver: Eon Man1.0(1)
[New]Toxic Crusaders1.0(1)
[New]Werewolf: The Last Warrior1.0(1)
[New]Yo! Noid1.0(1)
[New]Zen: Intergalactic Ninja1.0(1)
Game BoyVersion
[New]Astro Rabby1.0(1)
[New]Attack of the Killer Tomatoes1.0(1)
[New]Avenging Spirit1.0(1)
[New]Buster Brothers1.0(1)
[New]Kid Dracula1.0(1)
[New]Navy Seals1.0(1)
[New]The Fortress of Fear1.0(1)
[New]The Punisher: The Ultimate Payback1.0(1)
Game Boy ColorVersion
[New]Mickey Mouse: Magic Wand1.0(1)
[New]Project S-111.0(1)
Game GearVersion
[New]Psychic World1.0(1)
[New]Donald no Magical World [Ronald in the Magical World]1.0(1)
[New]Tom and Jerry: The Movie1.0(1)
[New]Vampire: Master of Darkness1.0(1)
Master SystemVersion
[New]Aerial Assault1.0(1)
[New]Air Rescue1.0(1)
[New]Bonanza Bros.1.0(1)
[New]Dinobasher Starring Bignose the Caveman1.0(1)
[New]Double Hawk1.0(1)
[New]Dynamite Headdy1.0(1)
[New]Forgotten Worlds1.0(1)
[New]Line of Fire1.0(1)
[New]Running Battle1.0(1)
[New]Scramble Spirits1.0(1)
Mega Drive / GenesisVersion
[New]The Berenstain Bears' Camping Adventure1.0(1)
[New]The Flintstones1.0(1)
Super Famicom / Super NESVersion
[New]Bebe's Kids1.0(1)
[New]Demolition Man1.0(1)
[New]Ghoul Patrol1.0(1)
[New]Operation Starfi5h [James Pond 3]1.0(1)
[New]Knights of the Round1.0(1)
[New]Mickey's Playtown Adventure: A Day of Discovery1.0(1)
[New]Scooby-Doo Mystery [Scoubidou Mystery]1.0(1)
[New]Shaq Fu1.0(1)
[New]The Itchy & Scratchy Game1.0(1)
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