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This site uses (as of 10.07.2012):
XHTML 1.1 (552 files @ 3895 KB; 450 UTF-8; 102 ISO-8859-1) edited with Windows Notepad and a custom XULRunner Application.
PNG 1.0 (1612 files @ 9083 KB) taken via emulator screenshots and modified with the GIMP to create smaller filesizes.
A JPEG Background (13.62 KB) created with the help of TeraLogic Texture Maker 32.
One Windows Icon (1.37 KB) created with the Winicon plugin for the GIMP.
ZIP compressed files (627 files @ 34897 KB)
CSS2 (One external file @ 2.25 KB) with some Mozilla extensions.
ECMAScript 5.1 + DOM Level 3 (equals JavaScript 1.8.5 and JScript 9.0) (63 external files @ 305 KB)
Apache with Perl 5.10.0 and PHP 5.2.17
and the Font Verdana (but looking for another suitable default font).

Geocities~14.12.1998 - ~29.05.1999
Virtual Avenue~29.05.1999 - ~30.08.1999
Emuverse~30.08.1999 - ~20.07.2003 - ~11.05.2005
DreamHost~11.05.2005 - now


Designed for the latest versions by Mozilla, the current HTML Recommendation, and Internet Explorer

Amaya-Some graphic glitches
Dreamkey-Not Tested
Internet Explorer 7.0-OK
Konqueror 3.1-Sidenav is a bit slow
Links-Not Tested
Lynx 2.8.4rel.12004-02-14Seems usable
Mozilla FirefoxEverydayOK
Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.7rc2-OK
Netscape Navigator 7.1-OK
NetPositive-Seems usable
Opera 7.21-OK


Only Myself.


(Won't be updated. Take a look at the html/ directory listing instead.)