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Game Data

General Data
System:Game Boy
Developer / Publisher:Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK
Release:1999 [JP], 2000 [NA-EU], 2001 [ES,DE,FR,IT], 2002 [KR]
Memory Mapper:Nintendo MBC3
Versions:Japan, North America / Europe, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Korea

ポケットモンスター (Pocket Monsters)

Japanese Version
Name:ポケットモンスター銀 (Pocket Monsters)
->Romanized:Pocket Monsters Gin
->Translated:Pocket Monsters Silver
MD5: 1abb25d01dbeb20f104e44364f56fe03
SHA1: fa8c51059c1642faa570db56ef089f54d1d2011f
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters Gin (J) (V1.0) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pocket Monsters Gin (Japan)
Alternative Japanese Version
MD5: 75519c8b57cea3ac91133b3dec7658de
SHA1: a11d5ddc26eb826086593f82370b15d16404d33e
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters Gin (J) (V1.1) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pocket Monsters Gin (Japan) (Rev A)

Pokémon Silver Version

North American / European Version
Name:Pokémon Silver Version
MD5: 2ac166169354e84d0e2d7cf4cb40b312
SHA1: 49b163f7e57702bc939d642a18f591de55d92dae
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Silver Version (UE) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Silver Version (USA, Europe)

Pokémon Edición Plata

Spanish Version
Name:Pokémon Edición Plata
MD5: 2d83fb454dd5687a802425c501854dc2
SHA1: 05bd978ab2cb104b0aff3f696896e30885203a18
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Edicion Plata (S) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Edicion Plata (Spain)

Pokémon Silberne Edition

German Version
Name:Pokémon Silberne Edition
MD5: f1f013cd591bc4ea77305bbc9f8cbb3c
SHA1: 8ecc58d621faaedf2a934bd2583d527220df7bb9
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Silberne Edition (G) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Silberne Edition (Germany)

Pokémon Version Argent

French Version
Name:Pokémon Version Argent
MD5: 72448fe75f534f70cd90469da95ef76f
SHA1: a4a7e8079b7a53e4d9ef43382bbb1090b9d45d1a
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Version Argent (F) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Version Argent (France)

Pokémon Versione Argento

Italian Version
Name:Pokémon Versione Argento
MD5: 9357c3dab850692ac8184ccf655d4efd
SHA1: c9eca9d0a837beb9137bb7d779e469c54e9f8d77
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Versione Argento (I) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Versione Argento (Italy)

포켓몬스터 (Pocket Monsters)

Korean Version
Name:포켓몬스터은 (Pocket Monsters)
->Romanized:Pocket Monsters Eun
MD5: f5e14b069eaddee42735572bd23f7ef8
SHA1: cb22d7e03a74dc3a563fde6be8626626b2b392e7
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters Eun (K) [C]
No-Intro 20080711Pocket Monsters Eun (Korea)


The internal clock has not been tested yet.
Does contain SGB Border, but is not required.
BGB 0.871.00
CBEBoy 0.600.60No color. No sound. No link support.
cingb DOS 0.22A0.70No sound. No link support.
CustomGB 0.0250.85Slow. Minor sound errors.
D-Boy 0.75a0.85No link support.
DreamGBC 2001 Final Beta 50.85No link support.
Game Lad 1.50.90Sound errors.
Gameboy 97 Build 29370.00
GBEmu sound errors. No link support.
GemuBoy 0.030.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
GEST 0.821.00
gnuboy DOS No link support
Hash 1.0 Beta 20.70No sound. No link support.
HeboWin 00.040.95Minor sound errors.
KGB 0.22 Beta 20.70No sound. No link support.
KiGB 1.691.00CGB+SGB supported [minor errors on border?]
MCHE 0.06b0.00
MESS 0.1370.85[gbcolor driver only starts if the UI creates a gbcolor.ini]
-0.15: No link support
No$GMB 2.51.00CGB+SGB supported.
Prototype-D 0.10.95Minor sound errors.
Rew 09LC0.85No link support.
TGB Dual Ver. Vol. 51.00
Virtual Game Boy Color0.70Little slow. Sound errors. No link support.
VisualBoy sound errors. No link support. SGB border support.
WinGBC 0.05c0.85-0.15: No link support
YAME 0.370.85No link support.


North American / European Version
Português v1.4 (100%) by Tradu-Roms
Svenska v? (100%) by Cyndeline Translations


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GameFAQs: Pokemon Silver
MobyGames: Pokémon Silver
Nintendo Database: Pokémon: Silver Version
UVL: Pokémon Silver (ポケットモンスター 銀) Pokémon Silver, also see TradeEd GSC, StartEd GSC, Pokémon GSC Supplment, MartEd GSC, TMMaster GSC, and G2Map