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Game Data

General Data
System:Game Boy
Developer / Publisher:Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK
Release:1995 [JP-GREEN,JP-RED], 1996 [JP-BLUE], 1998 [NA-EU], 1999 [DE,ES,FR,IT]
Players:Two, link
Memory Mapper:Nintendo MBC1 [JP], Nintendo MBC3 [NA-EU], Nintendo MBC5 [DE,FR,IT,SP]
Versions:Japan (Green/Red), Japan (Blue), North America / Europe, Germany, Spanish, France, Italy

ポケットモンスター (Pocket Monsters) Green/Red Version

Japanese Green Version
Name:ポケットモンスター Green Version (Pocket Monsters)
->Romanized:Pocket Monsters Green Version
MD5: e30ffbab1f239f09b226477d84db1368
SHA1: 82c0eef40a5e2423699d9fd8ba15dfaa8b51d196
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters Midori (J) (V1.0) [S][!]
No-Intro 20081015Pocket Monsters Midori (Japan)
Japanese Red Version
Name:ポケットモンスター Red Version (Pocket Monsters)
->Romanized:Pocket Monsters Red Version
MD5: 912d4f77d118390a2e2c42b2016a19d4
SHA1: 0623ad12f48c259447980d68bd85ddbf8204b2cd
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters - Red Version (J) (V1.0) [S]
No-Intro 20081015Pocket Monsters Aka (Japan)
Alternative Japanese Green Version
MD5: 16ddd8897092936fbc0e286c6a6b23a2
SHA1: 4b97cd44aa3f0dd290bfe7b3ac17b7bd8270897b
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters Midori (J) (V1.1) [S][!]
No-Intro 20081015Pocket Monsters Midori (Japan) (Rev A)
Alternative Japanese Red Version
MD5: 4c44844f8d5aa3305a0cf2c95cf96333
SHA1: ef74c79cded14204ac79e77f4964d9cb25003120
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters - Red Version (J) (V1.1) [S]
No-Intro 20081015Pocket Monsters Aka (Japan) (Rev A)

ポケットモンスター (Pocket Monsters) Blue Version

Japanese Blue Version
Name:ポケットモンスター Blue Version (Pocket Monsters)
->Romanized:Pocket Monsters Blue Version
MD5: c1adf0a77809ac91d905a4828888a2f0
SHA1: 0da501e3e5c51ab8fef55b092dcdd7e6b050e424
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters - Blue Version (J) [S]
No-Intro 20081015Pocket Monsters Ao (Japan)

Pokémon Blue/Red Version

North American / European Blue Version
Name:Pokémon Blue Version
MD5: 50927e843568814f7ed45ec4f944bd8b
SHA1: d7037c83e1ae5b39bde3c30787637ba1d4c48ce2
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Blue Version (UE) [S][!]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Blue Version (USA, Europe)
North American / European Red Version
Name:Pokémon Red Version
MD5: 3d45c1ee9abd5738df46d2bdda8b57dc
SHA1: ea9bcae617fdf159b045185467ae58b2e4a48b9a
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Red Version (UE) [S][!]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)

Pokémon Blaue/Rote Edition

German Blue Version
Name:Pokémon Blaue Edition
MD5: a1ec7f07c7b4251d5fafc50622d546f8
SHA1: 20e72dc6f41493eee1fdd0cef54214e6c3389688
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Blaue Edition (G) [S][!]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Blaue Edition (Germany)
German Red Version
Name:Pokémon Rote Edition
MD5: 8ed0e8d45a81ca34de625d930148a512
SHA1: 87d523fe1a0c548db7c5477b451ddec1eb083c06
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Rote Edition (G) [S][!]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Rote Edition (Germany)

Pokémon Edición Azul/Roja

Spanish Blue Version
Name:Pokémon Edición Azul
MD5: 6e7663f908334724548a66fc9c386002
SHA1: 7715e7b133e8634df48918b9138374110212a108
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Edicion Azul (S) [S][!]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Edicion Azul (Spain)
Spanish Red Version
Name:Pokémon Edición Roja
MD5: 463c241c8721ab1d1da17c91de9f8a32
SHA1: fc17c5b904d551b1b908054ccd1c493f755f832a
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Edicion Roja (S) [S]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Edicion Roja (Spain)

Pokémon Version Bleue/Rouge

French Blue Version
Name:Pokémon Version Bleue
MD5: 35c8154c81abb2ab850689fd28a03515
SHA1: 47faa910d0e073c600665bf9c83b6bd17babdf8a
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Version Bleue (F) [S]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Version Bleue (France)
French Red Version
Name:Pokémon Version Rouge
MD5: 669700657cb06ed09371cdbdef69e8a3
SHA1: 47a7622fa30e6402a3891fe65b3a930bf9bd7aec
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Version Rouge (F) [S]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Version Rouge (France)

Pokémon Versione Blu/Rosso

Italian Blue Version
Name:Pokémon Versione Blu
MD5: ebe0742b472b3e80a9c6749f06181073
SHA1: f69ed1a1332f04c24c7db899a09019bb045fa8b3
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Versione Blu (I) [S][!]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Versione Blu (Italy)
Italian Red Version
Name:Pokémon Versione Rosso
MD5: 6468fb0652dde30eb968a44f17c686f1
SHA1: 65b97cf8f2f1cff711a6d08c6c894c8ce65ce522
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Versione Rossa (I) [S][!]
No-Intro 20081015Pokemon - Versione Rossa (Italy)


BGB 0.871.00
CBEBoy 0.014beta0.50No sound. No color. No SGB. Speed problems. Some Z-Layering. No link support.
CustomGB 0.0250.80Little slow. No color.
DBoy 0.740.85No link support.
DreamGBC 2001 Final Beta 50.75Error on SGB. Wrong Colorisation. No link support.
Gameboy 97 Build 29370.00
GBEmu errors. No color. No SGB. No link support.
GemuBoy 0.030.65-0.05: Minor sound errors
-0.15: No color
-0.15: No SGB Border
GEST 0.821.00
gnuboy DOS No color
-0.15: No SGB Border
-0.15: No link support
Hash 1.0 Beta 20.50No sound. Little slow. No color. No Super GameBoy. No link support.
KGB 0.22 Beta 20.50No sound. No color. No SGB. No link support.
KiGB 1.691.00
MESS 0.1160.75-0.05: Minor errors on SGB
-0.15: No link support
-0.05: Graphic error after fights in grass field [?]
MESS 0.1370.65[gbcolor driver only starts the blue versions if the UI creates a gbcolor.ini]
[supergb driver only starts the blue versions if the UI creates a supergb.ini]
-0.05: Minor errors on blue SGB Border
-0.05: Input broken on blue for supergb
-0.10: No saving for supergb
-0.15: No link support
No$GMB 2.51.00
Prototype-D 0.10.75Minor sound errors. No color. No SGB
Rew 09LC0.80Minor sound errors. No link support.
TGB Dual Ver. Vol. 50.85No SGB. Wrong Colors.
Virtual Game Boy Color0.50Sound errors. Very slow. No sound. No SGB. No link support.
VisualBoy sound errors. Colors are a little to bright. No link support.
WinGBC 0.05c0.55-0.15: No color
-0.15: No SGB Border
-0.15: No link support


North American / European Blue Version
Português v1.2 (100%) by CBT
Russian v? (?%) by 2R Team
Svenska v0.30 (30%) by The Translators
North American / European Red Version
Norsk v? (?%) by Just4Fun
Português v1.2 (100%) by CBT
Not Mirrored
Deutsch (Japanese Blue) v0.1 (10%) by DigitalZero
Français (Green) v0.2 (20%) by YF06 Traduc
Greek (Red) (Unreleased: 10%) by Greek Roms
Italiano (Green) v0.2 (20%) by
Polska (Red) v1.1 (100%) by Dark Archon


ODP: Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow
GameFAQs: Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Green, Pokemon Red
MobyGames: Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Red
Nintendo Database: Pokémon: Blue Version, Pocket Monsters Midori, Pokémon: Red Version
The RETRO den: Pocket Monsters Aka - Red Version (v1.1), Pocket Monsters Midori - Green Version, Pocket Monsters Midori - Green Version (v1.1)
UVL: Pokemon Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Red, Pokémon: Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition, see also Silent, Pokemon Red/Blue Palette Editor, GymEdit GB, MartEdit GB, Challenge!, TradeEdit GB, Pokémon Red/Blue Trainer Editor, RBY Wild Pokémon Editor, TitlePokéEdit RB, and PokéText