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Game Data

General Data
System:Game Boy
Developer / Publisher:Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK
Release:1999 [JP], 2000 [NA-EU], 2001 [ES,DE,FR,IT], 2002 [KR]
Players:Two, link
Memory Mapper:Nintendo MBC3
Versions:Japan, North America / Europe, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Korea

ポケットモンスター (Pocket Monsters)

Japanese Version
Name:ポケットモンスター金 (Pocket Monsters)
->Romanized:Pocket Monsters Kin
->Translated:Pocket Monsters Gold
MD5: 85be569fe89f58c40f60480313314c67
SHA1: 8814f1039450a5d3684b1389f588ccd7ee7c3436
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters Kin (J) (V1.0) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pocket Monsters Kin (Japan)
Alternative Japanese Version
MD5: 79aece8a042e4fa57aba9455c4d21a97
SHA1: a222402235d484ee8e39f3f31bae57cf13daf585
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters Kin (J) (V1.1) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pocket Monsters Kin (Japan) (Rev A)

Pokémon Gold Version

North American / European Version
Name:Pokémon Gold Version
MD5: a6924ce1f9ad2228e1c6580779b23878
SHA1: d8b8a3600a465308c9953dfa04f0081c05bdcb94
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Gold Version (USA, Europe)

Pokémon Edición Oro

Spanish Version
Name:Pokémon Edición Oro
MD5: 9462bc81907e38c59acccd739690e6f9
SHA1: 162ea54c6a3cff374642e6dd842f9bffac847e7b
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Edicion Oro (S) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Edicion Oro (Spain)

Pokémon Goldene Edition

German Version
Name:Pokémon Goldene Edition
MD5: 7542ec9b695d4fe38adfdaaa57364d83
SHA1: 9254195d461ea942eaaa08cc4b83de3cf82aea0d
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Goldene Edition (G) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Goldene Edition (Germany)

Pokémon Version Or

French Version
Name:Pokémon Version Or
MD5: 9af19423c5fa3dbe4fdcc78d2bc7d1c0
SHA1: c147c0d8c2b71b7628a7233436f5c052b5b17081
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Version Or (F) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Version Or (France)

Pokémon Versione Oro

Italian Version
Name:Pokémon Versione Oro
MD5: 89bb59dc49b59b0cd30b7384d9860bb8
SHA1: 032608fe8947b627584a4a0eccc7bf9ad3588426
GoodGBx 3.14Pokemon - Versione Oro (I) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pokemon - Versione Oro (Italy)

포켓몬스터 (Pocket Monsters)

Korean Version
Name:포켓몬스터금 (Pocket Monsters)
->Romanized:Pocket Monsters Geum
MD5: 82bd1d9171e60f147d9eeea13ef07a12
SHA1: c0ff3999e1093e1af59ef3eea3f1bfd7c1f18a65
GoodGBx 3.14Pocket Monsters Gold (K) [C][!]
No-Intro 20080711Pocket Monsters Geum (Korea)


The internal clock has not been tested yet.
Does contain SGB Border, but is not required.
BGB 0.871.00
CBEBoy 0.600.60No color. No sound. No link support.
cingb DOS 0.22A0.70No sound. No link support.
CustomGB 0.0250.85Slow. Minor sound errors.
D-Boy 0.75a0.85No link support.
DreamGBC 2001 Final Beta 50.85No link support.
Game Lad 1.50.90Sound errors.
Gameboy 97 Build 29370.00
GBEmu sound errors. No link support.
GemuBoy 0.030.95-0.05: Minor sound errors
GEST 0.821.00
gnuboy DOS No link support
Hash 1.0 Beta 20.70No sound. No link support.
HeboWin 00.040.95Minor sound errors.
KGB 0.22 Beta 20.70No sound. No link support.
KiGB 1.691.00CGB+SGB supported [minor errors on border?]
MCHE 0.06b0.00
MESS 0.1370.85[gbcolor driver only starts if the UI creates a gbcolor.ini]
-0.15: No link support
No$GMB 2.51.00CGB+SGB supported.
Prototype-D 0.10.95Minor sound errors.
Rew 09LC0.85No link support.
TGB Dual Ver. Vol. 51.00
Virtual Game Boy Color0.70Little slow. Sound errors. No link support.
VisualBoy sound errors. No link support. SGB border support.
WinGBC 0.05c0.85-0.15: No link support
YAME 0.370.85No link support.


Japanese Version
Português v0.01 (1%) by CBT
North American / European Version
Norsk v0.08 (8%) by SSJAndy
Russian vpatch7 (?%) by RusPokeGold
Not Mirrored
Português v1.2 (99%) by Tradu-Roms


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GameFAQs: Pokemon Gold
MobyGames: Pokémon Gold
Nintendo Database: Pokémon: Gold Version
UVL: Pokémon Gold (ポケットモンスター 金) Pokémon Gold, also see TradeEd GSC, StartEd GSC, Pokémon GSC Supplment, MartEd GSC, TMMaster GSC, and G2Map