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Game Data

General Data
Genre:Jump'n Run
System:Famicom / NES
Developer / Publisher:Nintendo
Players:Two, alternating
Versions:Worldwide, Europe, Europe (Alternative)

Super Mario Bros.

Japanese / North American Version
Name:Super Mario Bros.
MD5: 8e3630186e35d477231bf8fd50e54cdd
SHA1: facee9c577a5262dbe33ac4930bb0b58c8c037f7
GoodNES 3.14Super Mario Bros. (W) [!]
No-Intro 20130421-040300Super Mario Bros. (World)

Super Mario Bros.

European Version
Name:Super Mario Bros.
MD5: ba39dde63ab209b1bc751e0535e72b18
SHA1: 0c4992fc08d2278697339d3b48066e7b5f943598
GoodNES 3.14Super Mario Bros. (E) (REVA) [!]
No-Intro 20130421-040300Super Mario Bros. (Europe) (Rev A)

Super Mario Bros.

Alternative European Version
Name:Super Mario Bros.
MD5: e8801742831f528101d8a35faea1dce0
SHA1: db295c6bad1b58bc1170c4b300c1c8d2a6bc1a87
GoodNES 3.14Super Mario Bros. (E) (REVB) [!p]
No-Intro 20130421-040300-


BioNES 0.20.95-0.05: No second player
DarcNES dn9b03130.75Slow. Sound errors. No second player
FakeNES Minor sound errors
FCE 0.10.60Too fast [hardly playable]. Error on top.
FCE Ultra
FreezeSMS 4.40.15Doesn't react on input (?) [unplayable].
G-NES 0.561.00
InfoNES 0.79J0.85-0.10: Sound errors
-0.05: No second player
Jnes 0.40b21.00
Liss NES 1.091.00
MCHE 0.06b0.40No sound. Color errors. Error on scrolling [hardly playable].
MESS 0.1291.00
Mimic 2.020.00
Nester public beta 40.95Minor sound errors.
Nesticle x.xx1.00
Nestopia 1.081.00
NNNesterJ 0.22c1.00
olafnes 1.1f0.80-0.10: Sound errors
-0.10: Error on info bar
RockNES 4.031.00
TextNES 0.10Yes
Unofficial Nester 2001/07/051.00
VirtuaNES 0.921.00
YAME 0.380.95Minor sound errors.


Worldwide Version with header
Arabic v1.0 (100%) by DiDO and Glow Trans
Dansk v1.0 (100%) by Sago Translation
Deutsch v0.99b (100%) by G-Trans
Español v1.00 (100%) by Lady Mariann's Translations
Italiano v1.0 (100%) by TraduGames
Māori v1.0 (100%) by Mäori Translations
Nederlands v1.00 (100%) by Ok Impala!
Norsk v1.00 (100%) by Just4Fun
Polska v1.02 (100%) by Dream Force
Português v1.0 (100%) by Monkey's Traduções
Russian v1.2 (100%) by 2R Team
Svenska v1.00 (100%) by The Translators
European Version with header
Français v1.0 (100%) by Génération IX
Not Mirrored
Deutsch v1.00 (100%) by Star Trans
Español v1.01 (100%) by Traducciones Crackowia
Français v1.00 (100%) by Terminus Traduction
Italiano v1.00 (100%) by ZombiKiller
Greek v1.2 (100%) by Greek Roms
Hrvatski v? (100%) by CROcOp
Norsk v0.9 (90%) by SSJAndy
Polska v1.00 (100%) by bemberg
Português v2.0 (100%) by JM-Traduções
Português v1.00 (100%) by BR Games
Türkçe v? (100%) by knighTeen87


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